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  1. Kay,


    I've been advised by others that you might be able to put me in touch with Karl Heinz Marquardt? He and I corresponded in 1996 about my work examining the origin of Chaleur (1763-1768) and I would like to give him an update of my book progress. You may have seen my post about this earlier, and in fact you may have already replied (there were so many kind replies that I have not kept track of all of them!). Please give Karl my very best wishes, and that I am very eager to hear from him.


    I can be reached directly at windships@earthlink.net  Thanks very much.



  2. Hello Jan, The letters I have made with the fretsaw, sawn from 2 mm pearwood. Regards Kay
  3. Hello, long, long ago, but to my excuse I must say, it does not go faster. I make every plank one by one, it must bend, let dry and then glue. This takes a while. Here are some pictures. The underwater hull is almost finished. The windows at the rear are also in it. The next images are then, if that's underwater hull finished. Regards kay
  4. The cannon is designed as a pattern and was turned free hand. The wood is only clamped in a drill. The wood at the stern is pear. I had forgotten to show that I had already cut the gunports. Work was also done at the stern. The "Hennegat" was again made and the gunports were moved still somewhat direction sternpost. Some of the gunports on the cow bridge are still missing, as the position is not yet clear. Regards kay
  5. This is roughly the state of the building. I then made the windows at the stern, where a friend said they looked horrible. So I again made it new. And further I have built a 18 pound cannon, which is to serve as a model for pouring. @zoly, yes, Robert Volk write a book, only in german https://www.amazon.de/Arbeitstechniken-f%C3%BCr-Schiffsmodellbau-Robert-Volk/dp/3881807047/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1477856285&sr=8-1&keywords=arbeitstechniken+im+schiffsmodellbau Regards kay
  6. And it went on with grind, grind and grind again. Now the beam of the stern were prepared and inserted into the whole structure. Next, the keel, the stem, and the sternpost were made and glued. In these the rabbet was incorporated. Regards kay
  7. And it goes on. The outer edge of the frames has been blackened to have a reference point when grinding. Now the hull was filled with plywood, according to the method of Robert Volk / germany. The method yields a very solid hull. @Elijah: With the jigsaw, handwork ! @sjors : Yes, the Black Forest is a very nice area, I like to live here! @all: Thanks for your comments !
  8. hi Guys, The construction started with the marking of the keel from the plan. The plan is a construction drawing, it is not made for model building. All dimensions are in 1:1. As always, everything is then sawn out and put together. Pictures say more than 1000 words, so see! Regards kay
  9. Hi Guys, At the beginning of the year, I began to build the Dutch flagship De Eendracht for a good friend. My friend Werner has been reconstructing the ship for about 16 years, and has been traveling a lot in the Netherlands in the archives. He gave me the manuscript of his book and the plans of the ship. The Eendracht was built in Rotterdam in 1654 by the shipbuilders Goossen Schalck van der Arent and Jan Salomonszon van der Tempel. The ship had a length of 152 feet and a width of 38 feet. The ship was armed in 1654 with 58 guns.
  10. Hi Guys, again a life sign from me. Here, the most recent Royal William. A small film about them. I will pause with William now that I, the Eendracht, a Dutch flagship 1654 1:50 am building for a friend. I then start also an building report on the Eendracht. Regards Kay
  11. It continued at Galion. See for yourselves. And yet a side view of the vessel. Regards Kay
  12. Hi Guys, Long, long ago's, but now it goes on. The Galion was built again apart, it was too narrow and the horses too fat. So it looks now, and I think I can leave it.
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