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  1. Watching a craftsman at work in any area is always such a pleasure! I can’t imagine the amount of satisfaction it brings you. Especially when you perfect areas you weren’t satisfied with. You must spend as much or more time planning and building in your head than with your hands and those ”a ha” moments must feel great. Keep it coming. Kurt
  2. Dirk, Your work is always such a pleasure to see. Truly a beautiful piece. Kurt
  3. Okay, maybe in 6 weeks. You’ll be halfway through the build after the next.
  4. They were boxwood. I used to carve. They were amazing. No Foredoms with grinders and such. It’s just amazing what some people are capable of. Your catching up to that elite crowd. Probably in a month, maybe sooner.
  5. I agree on the 3D printing, no way I could get the satisfaction that I would building it myself. I was just reminded of seeing a show on TV a few years ago about 16 century carved wooden prayer balls. They’re about the size of a tennis ball, but open like a Faberge egg to reveal an intricate scene in 3d inside, with figures behind figures. A museum in Canada was trying to recreate one with a 3d printer and couldn’t figure how they did it. I don’t think Optivisor was in business yet. Make sure we get to see the next creation, in a month!! Kurt
  6. Sorry, Your last post appeared just as mine sent. Well one question down.
  7. Is the case your craftsmanship also? If so, do you have the same style for the rest of the family’s jewels? Approx how many have you completed counting this one? And lastly do you also create other forms of eye candy? So very many questions!!!! Kurt
  8. Joe, She’s a beaut!!! How many hours would you say was invested in its construction? What’s your next project? Hope it’s in that time period. Kurt
  9. Mike, When I was very young (1950’s) I used to devour my father’s Mechanic’s Illustrated and Popular Science magazines over and over until they fell apart. Reading all your threads brings back those moments. Thanks. I always take great pleasure in anyone doing something that they are really a master at. I always think of the bazillion small steps it required to get there. The main problem with you is you are the Master at so many things! Thanks again for sharing all of your talents with us. Kurt
  10. Druxey, Several of Joe's examples are done that way. Personally I think I prefer that setting. The ship in it's element. Kurt
  11. Joe, Is I possible that you explain/show some of your rigging and other techniques used at this scale? Perhaps in a separate thread. Kurt
  12. Joe, When you say extremely small belt sander, how small? I have a lot of space restrictions and am always interested in small tools for modeling. Kurt
  13. Joe, The main guns are fully functional of course. You’re too much! Do you have any build pictures. I’m sure there are some techniques that we could apply to any scale. What made you decide on 1/1500 as a scale? Kurt

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