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  1. Hope you had a pleasant vacation. It’s good to have some time away from a project. Coming back with a fresh point of view can make a major difference. Things you didn’t notice before all of a sudden become so obvious. That’s one of my problems , knowing when put things down and walk away. That seems to be an American problem, supposedly more than half of us don’t take the full amount of vacation we’re entitled too. Not sure if Canadians suffer from the same quirk, but I doubt it. Anyway we missed the BE magic show. Kurt
  2. What would be the best cutters to get to make up a beginners set for a mill with regards to a ship modelers needs? Ones that would likely be most often used? Kurt
  3. If you can find a copy of Larry Arnot’s instruction manual for BlueJackets kit of the Constitution, it would probably be a good read with a lot of good info. He did quite a bit of research into her. I read it a number years ago and if I remember correctly he discussed her original configuration. When I visited the Constitution, I just couldn’t get over how small she is. My head cannot wrap around the idea of the number of people that could fit, live and function in her. She is a beauty though. And I agree, I think her original appearance was her best. Best of luck with your build of her. Kurt
  4. As for the Mayflower being hired by Pilgrims. I don’t think they would have approved very much of how the ship is usually thought of now. Kurt
  5. Gregory, I couldn’t figure out how to create the link. Kurt
  6. Check this out. A guy named Ryan McAmis from Brooklyn, NY is making a model of a gothic cathedral. It’s pretty cool. It’s at Ryanmcamis.com (naturally) Kurt
  7. Chris, Maybe you should have 1 or 2 other people build the kits as a trial first to see what problems arise. You already know how you intended it to go together, it’s a little bit different when someone else attempts it. Like BE had said earlier about the stern frames, in the instructions they appear different. Two are shorter. If the builder is a real newbie, or not a member of a forum like this. It could discourage them as far as the hobby goes. Some people just cannot visualize things, although I can’t imagine someone like that lasting very long in this hobby. Kurt
  8. Dirk, Glad you’re back! You are an artist! The one picture with the glasses next to the model really shows how small and jewel like it really is. Kurt
  9. I haven’t worked on my kit in several days but that’s good to know about the stem, though not good for you. I’ll probably preclamp my stem when I get there. I might put something in the area where an extra bulkhead should be. If you can’t get the proper shape to the hull the entire project really suffers. I know you’ll over come it. Kurt
  10. BE, It would be interesting to know how closely plans were actually followed in those days and how much leeway the builder had in carrying out the actual construction. In the end we’ll never know. The models could have been built before the actual ship was and have quite a few differences from the real ship. What really does matter is what satisfies you. Kurt
  11. BE, Is the Admiralty plan of the Alert or the Rattlesnake? I trust you and I, but some of those others........ Kurt
  12. BE, I was thinking of maybe raising the platform deck like Roger Cole did to have the tiller come out from below it. But I’m not sure yet. I do want to move the forward hatch to starboard as he did, because it makes so much sense to be clear of the bowsprit when it’s run in. Structurally I don’t think it would matter. Kurt
  13. You must feel less anxious now that the platform deck is in place to support those frames. Kurt

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