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  1. I had registered there just to look around from time to time a while ago, same as I look at the Russian sites without bothering to try and translate. I requested to withdraw from the site, but I don’t know if that will happen. I didn’t see anything to do it by clicking here or there. I suppose I could post some really inflamatory stuff and let the powers that be take care of it. Kurt
  2. Hi, Welcome to MSW. I love tramp steamers. The model looks like it was very well built originally and seems to be still in relatively good shape from the pictures. You should really have an enjoyable journey bringing it back to its glory days. I know I would. Do you plan to try and keep her with vintage electronics or up to date equipment? Have you tried any of the reverse image search’s that can be done with your computer? It may just bring you closer to what you’re trying to find out. Regardless, you’ll enjoy your time here. I does get addictive though. I hope there’s no cure. Kurt
  3. Ekis, That is a handsome structure. It looks like it will blend in with the the rest of the village perfectly. Each structure gets better than the last, but I guess it should. In the evolution of a village like yours, would the entire perimeter wall be built simultaneously, or in sections tower, gate, etc? And do you think the church building would have been the first thing constructed and the rest followed? Actually I guess what I’m really asking was a fortified village built with that purpose in mind in planned steps from the onset, or just sort of just developed over time? My guess would be both. Kurt
  4. The lighting fixture is ingenious!. I never knew things were that advanced back then. Kurt
  5. It’s really village idiot here too. I just didn’t know how that would translate. Does that mean I qualify? Kurt
  6. They’ll be a town fool won’t there? What self respecting village would be without one. I have some spare time if need be. . . I meant to help locate one. Kurt
  7. Marc, The pictures of the hull in post 1218 looks like pool noodles were part of the main armament. I guess for close engagements. Kurt
  8. Ekis, I really like the way your design for the door is progressing! It might just be my favorite part of the village. Kurt
  9. Ekis, Thanks for the explanation. If you’re using a translator, it works very well. Everything sounds very natural and flows well. It’s not the least bit awkward. I only know a few phrases in a couple of languages, and of course they would definitly get me trouble using them. Kurt
  10. Ekis, Okay. I’m glad. In your mind what is the rank of the local lord who’s town you’re creating and did you name the village as yet? Kurt
  11. Kinda tight at the bottom of the staircase. Can the stable be moved to the left a little bit? Maybe it’s just the angle of the pictures. I love all your woodwork. Kurt
  12. Beautiful work. I would like to find about how they’re are going about the actual restoration work of the cathedral after the fire. If you happen to know any specific resources, please let us know. I would think the restoration would also turn up previously forgotten information about Norte-Dame. Have you been there in person? It’s interesting you seem to be working from the top down. I just have to say corny as it may sound, Follow Your Dream. It’s definitely a beautiful one. I wish you a bon voyage. PLEASE send us many post cards along the way. It is a journey I would really like to follow. Kurt
  13. I love seeing things like this. It’s superb! How much time have you spent to get to the point you’re currently at? Kurt
  14. I just received a used book from a used book store in Maine. Took a month to get to me in NJ. It took the USPS! Take The American Grand Tour service. Went from Maine to NJ (briefly) then on to North Carolina, then Kansas, then Iowa, then back to NJ ( an hour from where I live) and 4 days after that, bingo at my door. Easy Peasy! Anyway the book is used, looks like new. It is Seamanship in the Age of Sail by John Harland. My challenge to myself is to read it cover to cover every word so I finally understand what’s what. Should be easy being on lockdown alone with nothing else to do, but I have been known to be devious at times. We’ll have to wait and see. I’m already on page 11 ( actual text starts page 10 ). I’m gonna nail this suckka, oorah!! Kurt
  15. On a privateer like Fair American the window in the quarter badge, would it more likely be real or false? Does anyone know the common practice of the time which was 1780? Kurt

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