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  1. Ekis, Do you have any future plans to build a stand alone building such as the seigneurial dwelling say in a larger scale, like maybe 1/50? That would be something grand to see. Or have you got the “building of buildings” bug out of your system and now is the time for something completely different? I’m sure we all would follow whatever comes next. Kurt
  2. Ekis, Truly wonderful. You never answered one of my questions. Is there an area of the village or a particular structure that you are most pleased with or that you saved from disaster? The entire project must have been a rewarding one for you. It was certainly an enjoyable one for us despite those guys hanging from the rafters. Kurt
  3. Maybe we can book virtual vacations there. It certainly looks inviting enough. Kurt
  4. I love scale modeling of any type, and I stumbled upon some YouTube videos that must be seen. When it comes to master modelers I love to watch them do their magic regardless of the genre. This particular gentleman builds amazing plastic model cars. I haven't built a plastic car kit in decades. His site is called A4Garage. I couldn't figure how to post a direct link, or I would have. Any way the videos are beautifully done, there is no vocal, just music. He builds 1/24 scale plastic model cars. They appear to be from regular kits, but he improves them 1000%. He makes most of the detail himself from plastic sheet and rod, wire and thin aluminum sheet. There doesn't seem to be any use of photo etch at all that I could see. The results have to be seen to be believed. Like all masters, he makes it look so easy when you know its anything but. He is from South Korea and is also on Instagram that's about all I could find out. They are well worth watching though whether you like cars or not. Kurt
  5. Ekis, So much to like! It is very difficult to find new ways to say how wonderful it is with each installment. But do not let that slow you down, keep it coming. Kurt
  6. Ekis, It is amazing how much your landscaping improves what was already such a wonderful project. You definitely know what you’re doing. Is there one particular area you are most happy with the way it turned out so far? I am a little annoyed that I was patiently waiting for the weekend update and you sneak one in during the week! Thats not nice. Kurt
  7. I’m gonna be 70 the end of next month ( really not sureI how that happened) I do know its not my fault. Any way at this point I guess there's no point worrying about how that happened, it’s done. I guess it makes things easier. I never have to worry about what do when I grow up. it’s just not gonna happen. I guess I have PeterPan syndrome? Best part, it’s not my problem!! Kurt I really am just being silly. No intent in being obnoxious.
  8. Ekis, Where the streets that formally laid out the majority of the time during that period? I always was under the impression things were more haphazard with regard to smaller and less important structures. I’m just asking. Also, will the sections of the village be permanently joined together, or left unconnected for portability? You may have already mentioned this when I was distracted by the guys hanging from the rafters dropping things on us. They’re kinda childish. Kurt
  9. Ekis, I know you are most likely thinking the opposite, but I’m fairly confident in saying that most of us will be sorry when this project is complete ( to your standards ). I for one would follow it until the shopping mall has been completed ( or close to that ). This has been a great journey. Go slow! Kurt
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