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  1. Russ, You’re correct of course, the margin board would be alongside the covering board and nibbed, but you can also not have one and nib directly into the covering board. I think it depends on the size of the vessel and whether its naval or merchant and a question of the strength required. I’m thinking of a pilot boat. I really should be calling it a covering board.. Kurt
  2. Russ, I looked at Pete Jaquith’s Newsboy and Eagle build and it appears he has butt joints and he is a marine architect and both ships are from the 1850s. I shot him a PM so I’m hoping to hear from him. I think it depends on the size of the vessel, larger ones are scarfed for sure. I’m hoping it’s butt joints for obvious reasons. Kurt
  3. Rusty, You went and did it again! Well almost. This one is better, but then it’s the same because every time they get better and better and better! For the moment this is the betterist. Until the next one which will be more betterer. And yes I yam kolege edumacated. Kudos, Kurt
  4. The only place I’ve seen herringbone is on yacht’s (pictures only).
  5. I have a question concerning making up margin planks or covering boards for a schooner from 1850. Would the joints be scarfed or butt joints. In this diagram from Chapelle's Boat Building page 321 it would appear that a butt joint would be appropriate, especially with a nibbed deck. Would this be appropriate for 1850?
  6. Doris, By leaving a momento In your model. I have heard of some people signing their name in hidden place or leaving a coin or something unknown to others. The emotion and love you put in your models certainly isn’t hidden. Personally, I usually leave a few drops of blood, but it has never been intentional, just by accident. Kurt
  7. Doris, In every trade and craft there are people who are extremely talented and way above everyone else. But, Doris you are scary good! You must have inherited an amazing set of genes and all planets must have in perfect alignment. It’s a shame that most all of us at MSW cannot see your masterpieces only by computer. On behalf of us all, thank you for that privilege. I especially like the illuminated scenes. Two questions if I may. How long have you been modeling in this media? And do you ever leave a personal hidden momento of some kind on or in the model? Kurt
  8. Michael, Will the engine be able to function at a reasonable scale speed? Or is that totally out of the question? I know even less than nothing about miniature engines ( along with quite an array of other things too actually). All the miniature RC stuff seems to go at a scale couple of hundred miles an hour (or knots I guess I should say).> Kurt
  9. Frank, I have a very difficult time figuring which pictures are your model and which the real thing. (Except yours is neater and cleaner). Kurt
  10. Amalio, I love the subtlety and softness of the painting of the figure head, it's just perfect. Often they look like a piece of candy. You are an amazing artist. Kurt
  11. Mike, Glad to hear you’re still with us. I’m happy your family are getting settled into its new home, that’s always an adventure. How does Daria like her new school? Did you actually get to spend Christmas in the new place? Looking forward to seeing more of your creations. Congratulations, Kurt
  12. My guess with the peashooter is that they where trying to play fair since the the Albermarle is only 3/8 the size of the original. Did you notice the weird shape of the stack on the picket boat it tapers in toward the bottom but asymmetrically, only on the aft side. Kurt
  13. I can't believe something like that would disappear. Actually in today's climate maybe I can. The only thing I could find was two pictures of the boat on Pinterest. It's not exactly like picket boat no 1, but it gave the idea. This is very disappointing. I wonder if Gettysburg has just disappeared, during the middle of the night. Kurt
  14. I’m sorry that video was not the one I had in mind. ( I was searching at work (( during an offical break!)) ) Just last year there was one that showed the picket boat with the extended torpedo, fully manned and also at night. The history channel link about it seems inactive. Maybe it went the way of the statues. I’ll keep looking. Kurt

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