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  1. Aren’t meadow muffins and road apples supposed to bring good luck, along with fewer intimate encounters?
  2. That’s a relief, from what I’ve heard “it's a good thing cows don’t fly, ‘cause the world is full of so much bull, it’s a good thing cows don’t fly!” Sorry, just couldn’t resist that, it took me back to 3rd grade.🤣
  3. Just remember, we’re all supposed to meet at the tavern ( including those rafter hangers ) to celebrate some guy named Ekis and his accomplishments. I hope with all the straw on the floor a fire doesn’t “accidentally” get started. Hopefully no one would be hurt. It could however mean the entire village would have to be rebuilt. Look at what happened to Chicago in America. I wonder if they would allow a cow into the celebration, they’re letting rafter hangers and I’ve never heard of cows voluntarily hang from rafters. Kurt For those unfamiliar with the story
  4. Ekis, I would love to see the mill as a larger, maybe 1:50 scale, stand alone model, with all the stops pulled out. Of course with the lord’s permission when he deems the village is completed to his exacting standards. Maybe he has some connections with the current government to find sufficient monies to fund such a project. He could be a powerful patron. It’s your civic duty to the greater glory of France. I he won’t help, I’ll have a word with them. Back to reality. Which part gives you more pleasure, the stone work or the carpentry? Or is it just what you happen to be doing at
  5. Ekis, I was waiting for this one and it was well worth the wait. To totally misquote Winston Churchill, this is not the end, It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is perhaps the end of the beginning. As far as we’re concerned you have a lot more building to do. So you best get busy! You have no one to blame but yourself. Like in Little Shop of Horrors “ Feed me!” ( I’m not sure at all if that translates transatlantically.) If that made no sense PM me and I’ll try and explain. At any rate keep up the wonderful work. Kurt
  6. Ekis, It’s beautiful. How many villagers are required to drag that gigantic coin to all the current work sites? I like the trestle tables, they are very delicate looking. Kurt
  7. Ekis, Are you building one structure at a time and see where that leads to next.? Or is there a more formalized plan? Or I’m guessing a mixture of both. Have you had any surprises at the direction things have proceeded that you had never envisioned? Too many questions, I’m sure a historical village was haphazard to a point. One final question (at the moment) does the lord have to approve building ALL of the structures in the village or just the more substantial ones. Again I’m guessing it depended upon the opportunity of financial gain. Kurt
  8. It”s interesting OC mentions smell. Yesterday I was listening to the BBC program on public radio. There was an interview with a British scientist who is trying to recreate odors that existed in prior times. This would add to the visual and sound experiences for a fuller understanding of history. He didn’t explain the recreation process though. Kurt
  9. It always amazes me how some things take off and others die immediately in any forum. I would never bet on which do or don’t. I would like to thank Ekis for patience with us. We do have to fill in the time before his next update though. I kinda hope he goes a little around the bend with this project and just keeps going and going. I’m sure he does not feel that way, though. Maybe we can start a new forum, MMVW (Model Medieval Village World). Kurt
  10. We can keep up the gastronomic discussion in this forum if we talk in code or French or something.
  11. My stepbrother lives way upstate New York near the Canadian border. He does pig roasts in a pit, roasts it about 10 hours. Fantastic,
  12. Do you think they have a proper barbecue sauce for the ‘pulled boar’? If they do, that’s what I’m having too!
  13. Hey, Why don’t we all meet at the Inn to get pissed before Ekis takes us on tour of the village? He must include those hanging upside down in the rafters or we will be done with him. There are other villages out there, or so I think. They might not be anywheres near so splendid, but he can’t take us for granted, People have told me that this Ekis is a very very fine fellow. He is definitely an architect of extraordinary talents. However, if he excludes our rafter hangers this should not be tolerated no matter how splendid this village maybe. This is my opinion alone and should not re
  14. Ekis, A windmill would be so cool. You can always build it as a stand alone and in a larger scale too. Please don’t look to any of us to help curb your addiction. We’re only going to feed it.😁 Maybe you can keep going and compete with Denmark’s Legoland as a tourist attraction. If I ever get to France, I’d definitely come to see it! Kurt
  15. Ekis, Truly amazing. You keep out doing yourself every single time! How many years would you guess it would have taken for the village to get to stage it is presently at? Also will any of the village extend outside of the wall? Kurt
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