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  1. Chuck, I empathize. My house was built in 1898, and has a myriad of issues. Between work and renovation on the house, I really have not had time in the past two years work on ship modeling. Hopefully, these projects will go quickly and you can get back in the workshop. - Tim I.
  2. Bob, Late to the party, but she is looking great! I hope you and the family are healthy and safe. Tim I.
  3. Bob, Your carronades turned out great! What did you send to Shapeways to get them 3D printed? Thank you, Tim I.
  4. Rusty, Thank you for bringing your barge to our ship group meeting this past Saturday. It was great to see it! - Tim I.
  5. Bob, It looks good. Are you going to do anything special with the lintels and the sills of the gunports? I left them as the directions called for. I think it is something that if I had to do it over again, I would dress them up a bit. Thank you, Tim I.
  6. Doug, Good luck on your new companionways. I really enjoy Philip Reed's book, with all the illustrations and depictions of extra detail. I have been picking at my PdN for close to four years now. It was the first ship kit I purchased, and over the years have built other ships, but this one continues to be a challenge for me. I am enjoying following your log, and am looking forward to seeing how your new companionways come out. - Tim I.
  7. Chuck, I am glad to see this project underway again. I am eager to build this when the kit becomes available! - Tim I.
  8. Bob, I used the tape. I cut out 1,800 plates, but only applied 840 to the hull of my PdN (I counted them for you). Of course, some were discarded because I was not happy with how they turned out (blemishes or how they laid on the hull). If I was to give you a round number, I would suggest planning for a 1,000. - Tim
  9. John, Pulling up a seat. I really enjoyed reading your Kate Cory build log, and am eager to see what you do with the Syren. Tim I.
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