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  1. As of this date, Aug 8, 2016, nothing has been done sine I said I was going to get back to the build. In truth I got hooked on genealogy, I have traced my linage back to early 1600's in Germany and have been working on it and other members of my family and friends. I REALLY DO NEED TO GET THE SHIP FINISHED. someday John
  2. Oh good, another ship by Ed T. I was beginning to have withdrawal pains for lack of a good build by Ed to follow. runner63 John
  3. Albert, Nice work, I will follow you with interest. runner63
  4. I love seeing your build, someday maybe mine will look like that. Again excellent build Rinner63 John
  5. Assuming the door opens inward the hinge probably would not be visible. Just my two cents worth runner63
  6. I am with Crackers, retirement is the only way to go. Been retired for 6 years runner63
  7. Friends, today I will add pictures of the contents of the box that Santa Ana came in. At the back of each picture are the precut bulkheads of Santa Ana. Construction pictures will follow.
  8. Thank you all, as I said I started this on MSW1 and am now about to start to finish it. Thanks again for the encouragement. Runner63 John
  9. This is a place holder for my Santa Ana build that I started on MSW1. The build was started in 2011 and the last construction was in January of 2012, the ship is patient and has been sitting in my shop since then waiting for me come back and finish it. When I stopped work in January of 2012 I told my self it was because I wanted to work on my genealogy, which I did. In reality it was because I could not see the work due to cataracts in both eyes, over the last month I have had surgery to fix this problem and am now going to start work on and finish Santa Ana. Runner 63 John
  10. Congratulations Ed, a great project to have followed, and much appreciation for redoing it here after the crash of MSW1. runner63 John
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