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  1. Three guys sitting on a park bench, One says " windy today", next one says, "no I think its Thursday", Third one says, "yeah, me to lets go get a beer".
  2. An old man was out fishing one day when he heard a voice say " Kiss me and I will turn into a beautiful woman" Looking around the old guy spots a frog on the creek bank. Picking it up, he puts the frog into his shirt pocket. and again, the frog says. "Didn't you hear me? Kiss me and I will turn into a beautiful woman, who will do your every bidding" The old fellow looks at the frog and says. " at my age, I would rather have a talking frog."
  3. Do ya know the difference between a fairy tale and a sea story? Well... A fairy tale starts with "Once upon a time" And as Sea story starts with "Now this is no S###!"
  4. In Arizona they call it "Cowboy Cool aid"
  5. As they say at the dog sled races, If you are not the "lead Dog" the scenery never changes.
  6. Boogie Woogie Bugle boy (of Company Andrew Sisters.
  7. Count me in. Have one on the shelf waiting to go on the ways. Mind if I pull up bar stool and watch and learn?
  8. Loggin in from Las Vegas, Nv. A little warm here, been that way for couple of weeks. But like I told an old friend in the Seattle Area, " don't be concerned, it will warm up later" Currently 109, Mostly overcast, wind from the SSW @ 11 kts. Glass at 29.81. Got down to 91 this morning. I know, quit complaining, Its the end of June and In Las Vegas, I was expecting maybe a little frost?
  9. Afternoon (here) all, I don't know what is in the budget, but for what its worth, I have been considering a couple of inexpensive base cabinets from "Home Depot" and using a solid core paint grade door as a top. The base cabinets have doors and drawers, set far enough apart, one would have a knee space, and the ends of the door might be a good place to mount a vice. Base cabinets are usually about 24 inches deep and I think about 32" inches high. I think one could mount power tools, ie. drill press, sander, etc. to the solid core door. The doors are made in a variety of widths, and usually 6'8'' tall. Just thinking
  10. Not a puritan village, just so poor, no one had a dime.
  11. I am working on the same model. Same Co. Some of the instructions included are a little hard to understand. Probably as a result of translation. So. having said that one book that, as far as I know, that might be of great help. Absolutely great book by John McKay, The Armed Transport Bounty. It has been of a great help to me. Beautifully drawn, Great Detail. Bought mine at Amazon.com hope it helps. Thanks Ted
  12. I'm late in making a comment as well. I have been watching along, and am quite impressed. I have one on the shelf and am very interested in the process. She is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. Hope I am able to do as well when I get a "roundtuit" Thanks
  13. Greetings, A suggestion for another "game" in perhaps Shore Leave, How about funny, silly, or otherwise creative auto phone answering machine messages?? Just thinking.

  14. Keep 'em coming Describing someone with really tight pants. "If they had a nickel in their pocket, you tell if it was heads or tails" or Describing a slice of Ham or sandwich meat. " sliced so thin, you can see both sides from the front" Bald man, "chrome dome"
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