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  1. Hello I am actually in Perth as well and doing the same kit but a lot more heavily bashed. At the point now where I am putting the Standing rigging on and attaching the sails to the yards Just a quick shot taken just before Christmas of the ship with the mast dry fitted temp.
  2. Hello Salil I am sorry do not have a build log for this model. The sheets are ok for the masts and spars take the measurements off of the plan sheets and you should be ok. I had problems with the hull being too shallow and had the extend it to fit the stern post and rudder which meant a complete hull alignment but it turned out well. It is a nice ship with the timber colours contrasting. If you have any questions about it just ask me through this forum Rob
  3. These are some photos of the completed Le Hussard kit by Artesania Latina. It has been somewhat bashed a bit as Original kit could not be built per instructions and timber supplied.
  4. Very Nice piece of work. I have yet to build this ship. Have the kit in dry dock and now have something to aspire to. Again a very nice build and the painting would have taken a very long time.
  5. Hello Rodrigo I have laid the keel for this kit and am in the process of Building the Endeavour and A different A/L version of the Bounty (one with the two decks and single plank walnut hull. Would be interested in anything you can pass on about the Berlin as Like our friend I find the booklet good but mostly in Italian. When I start planking I will post a build log and looking at starting one for the bounty as I have not seen a log for this kit as yet. (it was purchased in the 90's and was a new revamp of the bounty at the time. Only ever saw 1 of them so they may be a rarer version from
  6. Hello I see the forum on bees wax for the rigging. I do not use wax but actually use Scandinavian timber oil. Which I spray in the entire boat after it is completed and let it dry for weeks before moving to the display area. I use a hand sprayer and generally give the rigging and ship and good soaking in the oil. I use this as the final sealer on my timber work (after it has been sealed with varnish and turpentine mix) This keeps my rigging nice and it also is handy when you need to get the dust off as it water tights the rigging and ship so you can wash the model with a fine mist to
  7. Nice looking build how did you do the deck planking looks interesting with the brown instead of the traditional black
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