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  1. Hi Keith, this is Joe from the show! We packed up and headed home before I got to say goodbye. Again well done and congradulations on your Mary Rose, outstanding finish! I'll see you next year! Joe
  2. Love it, nice touch adding figures. Those sails sure add some work
  3. I spent a lot of time getting the rigging and sails done on this one, hope you like the results. Joe
  4. I was trying to add some pics but keep getting error file too big message. Anyway I have been having great success making right and left hand ropes 3 strand thru as many as you want strands using 'single strand flat waxed nylon' fly tying thread. It's called Ultra Thread by UTC made in the USA. It comes in 70, 140,210 denier sizes and I get it at Sportsman's Warehouse locally. The 70 denier 6 strand, left hand lay is about .025" and is limp and heavy enough to hang in smooth looking curves. This thread comes off the spool with no discernible twist, it looks a lot like dental floss.
  5. Thank you popeye2sea, that is helpful and in line with what I've read.
  6. On the Model Shipways plans for the Prince de Neufchatel the location of the studdingsail booms is shown behind and below the yard. This is opposite of all the resources I have searched through. Does anyone know why this is? Is there undisputable record of PdN that I'm missing? Also the spar dimensions have what seem to be excessively long yard arms. Any insight would be helpful. I am inclined to build my yards to what my references describe as conventional. Thanks, and Merry Christmas everyone
  7. Thanks guys, it is hard to find references specific to tacks on this sail, the sheets are quite clear. I would think two would be better especially with enough manpower, but I'm no expert. I am a maniac who insists on rigging sails though, and what better sail plan than PdN?
  8. Hi, I'm setting sails on my Prince de Neufchatel and am unsure whether the main topmast staysail used a single tack or port/stbd arrangement. Anyone have an understanding of this rigging? Thanks in advance
  9. thanks KimatHm and Floyd Kershner, i'm glad you like my efforts. i think a case can enhance the model a great deal as long as it doesn't distract your attention too much. it is a fun project in it's own right. for me, the size of my models makes a free standing case (like on a table or pedestal base) impractical since i don't have much floor space for something that size. i am very happy with the wall mount and will probably use a similar case for my next build. i would like to see more examples here since the amount of talent never fails to impress me. KimatHm, you are welcome to call me joe, wabass is an old user name from another forum for bass fishin' Floyd Kershner, hail fellow washingtonian! From North Bend
  10. I also use the band saw more often. With a 1/8" blade i can cut 5/16" radius cleanly, quietly, and almost forever without blade breakage. I have a 14" band saw and the footprint is less than 24"x24", with the convenience of standing work height. The band saw also allows you to quickley turn logs and rough blocks of wood into billets and thin sheets ready for the thickness sander and presto!.... scale lumber. I had the same quetions too, now i can live without the scroll but not the band saw.
  11. i have a hardwood flooring business in Washington state, i'm 36 with 2 boys a wife of 10 years and a dog, i build models, furniture, fishing ( as in fishin') boats, hunt and camp. no complaints!
  12. hi everyone, here's a case i made for my Mars, total cost $200.00 mostly for the glass, i used 1/4". it's heavier than needed but since i spent almost 2 years on this build i wanted the display case to compliment the model, not just protect it. i'm very happy with the result. i used a 1/2" plywood base with a cork skin and american cherry moulding with walnut dowels for a detail (left overs from the fore and main masts) the glass sits in a routed groove in the cherry, and the whole case is held on the wall by a metal hanger similar to what you would use for a flat screen tv. great topic, i struggled with what to do about this for a long time. interesting to here about other ideas. happy modelling, joe

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