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  1. seems to be a problem with the way the small bulkheads are depicted on the drawings. It seems to me that they should be placed outboard to cover the gap instead of toward the inside. If nobody has any reason I think I will install them to cover the gaps.
  2. Time to update this build a little. One of the problems I have with useing a dark stain on the deck is that the lines for placement of the bulkheads have dissappeared. tried to place them even and checked the other parts in order to locate them in the proper place. Hope it works out ok later. may have to adjust.
  3. I will be following this build. I built the kit from bluejacket a few years ago. I like your scale much better.
  4. Hey Clare, Great work , I have been a machine shop supervisor in my past and have seen many attempts that don't come close . Terry
  5. Hi janos, It takes a lot of memory to use splines and surfaces. If you have 8 gig on your machine it is slow but works. The machine that Antony probably has may not have enough to create a hull as you have described. I have also modeled the olympia this way and could create bulkheads where ever I wanted but had to leave the room to wait any time I made new geometry. Glad I could help Antony ! Have fun with it. Terry
  6. Hi Antony, Use the mirror function , you will need to draw a center line first for it to work, don't use the solids mirror but the sketch entities one. If you use the center line sketch entity it wont show up when you generate a solid. Terry
  7. Antony, I use solid works 2005 every day at work. I use it for parts used in blowout preventers here in houston. If you have any specific questions I will be more that happy to help.
  8. I am looking foreward to your build log, I hope you will start one!
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