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  1. Thank you Martin, I see your Fly is turning into a swan. Ah, and I have to admit that my wife had the idea with the walls Cheers, Mihai
  2. Thank you Yves, glad you like it, I don't know what to say about "museum piece" but I appreciate it
  3. Hey Nils, thank you! I had a glass casing before for my ships, but after I renovated my place, the wall stands that I have can't handle too much weight, so i'll use a brush from time to time to clear the dust.
  4. Hey guys, I'm glad to report that I finally finished my Pegasus. Hope you like it
  5. Hey Scott, thank you, glad you like it. I painted them white based just on the picture on the box. In real life probably white would not be the color of choice, but it looks nice
  6. Ahoy there mates, after a long, long time I finally managed to make some progress on my Pegasus. Hope you like it
  7. Hello Martin, Thank you very much, the color was a bit of a gamble, because the side with the decorations was supposed to be blue according to the plans and most of the other colleagues who built the Pegasus before me also opted for blue, but black was my choice and i'm glad I got some positive feedback. Cheers, Mihai
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