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  1. Wow! Nice work! Detail to the max! You need to tell me how you did all that detail - ever want to do a tutorial build? 😀 I guess references are half the battle? Is that all eduard detail stuff or do you use wire,solder etc to enhance?
  2. Thanks guys, I have been watching all kinds of vids on it and our own James H. Did a step by step build for a modeling book on typhoons and for Scale Modeler International’s mag, got the cover of both! I found a copy of the book plus some other great resources on a subscription service Scribed.com - that guy can build!! I am waiting again for stuff for the P40 so I am going to start the Airfix P-51 till I get the mr.surfacer and masks I got for the P40.
  3. Look what the Amazon Man just brought! (Disinfecting wipes not included) 😎 Build log coming soon!
  4. I know what you mean Edward, I’m stuck at home working and my P40 is just calling out to me..... nice looking paint job there.... is that with an airbrush?
  5. Hmmm - on that pic those wing gaps look huge! Do I need to fill them before I primer it? They don’t look that big sitting on the bench but I guess there wouldn’t have been any gap on the real thing right? I just hate to have to sand it with all that nice rivet detail so close to the gap..... ideas please?
  6. Man! What a nice kit this is! I can’t believe how everything fits together, light years different than the stuff I used to build.... very little filler needed and all the seams matched up really well. I am amazed at how the wing roots, fillets and fuse to wing joints were just a pleasure to fit and fair. I might just be swayed - might have to try a new release armor kit too! 😁🤯. Here’s a few shots before I spray it with primer - all my mistakes are right out in the open....
  7. Thanks Lou, yeah looking at some other builds online I’d say they should have been 1mm wide but as fiddly as the little wire buckles were at 2mm I would probably still be doing them at 1mm. Appreciate the good word though, maybe on my next build I’ll try something smaller or PE... I’ll have a 1/48 eduard set by then - I can probably make them work on the P 51 I have waiting...
  8. and this is how they look with the cockpit sides on - they really are a focal point since that’s about all you’re gonna see when you look in the cockpit.... definately need to make the next ones smaller or use some aftermarket- but these guys are only 2mm wide - I don’t know if I can handle them smaller .... need a bigger scale!
  9. Well the C-Vi must be taking its toll on Amazon too, I just got word that my seat belts are delayed and the 1/24 Typhoon got lost somewhere between the model shop and USPS.... so I had to re order it and now it won’t be here till next week or the week after. I decided I have waited long enough for the P40 harness so I tried my hand at making some out of asking tape and annealed wire. They are a bit out of scale (unless they were made wider than I think they were) but they look ok for my first attempt... and this is my learning mule after all! Here’s some pics .....
  10. I’m liking your Dauntless Edward, it’s got me thinking....
  11. Got the instrument panel painted and decals and prepped a few air intake pieces and the wheel wells, still waiting on my belts so I can put the cockpit together and close up the fuse....pretty cool the way those screens show up with a wash.... I don’t think you’ll see em in the model though....
  12. Thanks guys for the kind words, and all the likes! Didn’t do anything on it tonight, wife and I just hung out together on the couch and watched some movies.... trying to de stress and chill from all the strange days lately.... hoping everyone stays safe....
  13. Hey OC! Your Mossy and CDW’s TBM are a big reason why I thought I would give plastic a whirl again! That and our illustrious Admin James H. - I checked in on a few of his builds and reviews and asked him for input on a large scale build. I was considering the 1/24 Airfix Hellcat and he pointed me to the Typhoon - I really like the look of that one, probably cause of the huge “mouth” intake... reminds me of the A7E’s I used to work on during my Navy days back in the mid 70’s - made two Westpac’s on the USS Coral Sea and the USS Kitty Hawk as a flight deck troubleshooter aviation electricians mate. Best job I ever had! Looking forward to learning the nuances of plastic with you guys!!
  14. And here dry fitting together and in place in fuse....
  15. And here is the cockpit built up and my first try at weathering/wear....

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