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  1. John, that “pointed plank” is a half showing plank on the first layer of planking and the second, pinkish, pear layer is the second layer of planking so I doubt he has a pointed plank. Pretty sure all the planks have been pre spiled and come that way as part of the kit. His problem must have been he cut the second layer planks too short and didn’t take them all the way to the stem “rabbet”?
  2. ASAT

    Hobby Mill

    That saw and his thickness sander will take you a long ways in improving your models and your modeling capabilities.... I’ve had mine over 20 years and they are still my most valued modeling tools. They have payed for themselves many times over and I am amazed that they are still as accurate and powerful as when I bought them.
  3. Looking good Ron, I’m always glad to see your updates, I know I’m going to be impressed or inspired or in awe.... I think your log is just so indicative of perseverance and commitment, I’ve seen your tenacity and the results speak for themselves. Nice work on that gammoning slot, see now I would convince myself I need a mill to do that well.... those head rails are a 3D challenge too, and have the potential for multiple iterations....
  4. Looking great Jeff, Lots of little details that add up to that overall look of awesome results. I really like the copper caps, I wonder if that was unique to U.S. ships? Probably to keep the end grain from rotting out? Your gun rigging is awesome too!
  5. Beautiful work Captain, very skilled execution..... is that Fasching you are referring.to? I remember celebrating in Wiesbaden as a boy with my Parents. Dad was US Air Force.....
  6. The aft bulwark pieces at the gallery platform area....
  7. So I think I’m done with decks for a while, I installed and planked the lower aft decks, I had to temp install the side ply pieces to get the outline of those to fit in between the gallery platforms. Pretty tedious with small planks and getting my hands between all the bulkhead uprights. Next up are some internal cabin bulkheads that I am considering remaking with Pear - especially the very aft gallery/ stern piece. We’ll see...
  8. Thanks guys for the kind remarks and all the likes! Nice to have you guys looking in, Y.T. - I didn’t think I was working that fast, I think a lot of it is the great design, it assembles very accurately and I haven’t had to spend days (or weeks) sanding the bulkheads or fairing everything together. I did use a few shim strips on a couple bulkheads and basically pre faired the first few and last couple of bulkheads just like the manual shows and it comes out great - so kudos to Chris Watton and Amati for implementing his great design. Makes me excited looking forward to even better designs coming from Mr. Watton with his new company - Vanguard Models
  9. Installed the rear gallery decks after building the “whipstaff” an early form of tiller actuation device I gather.... the decks are waiting for the side ply bulwarks and rear bulkhead to be placed and marked around then they are removed and the gallery decks are planked and bulkheads are added. Getting closer to prep for planks....whipstaff assy....
  10. Continued installing the rest of the upper deck beams after painting the ones that *might* be seen....
  11. That pic of Slim Pickens straddling that Gun? Are you referring to him in Dr. Strangelove riding The Bomb to thermonuclear glory?😎
  12. Nope, when I tried that it said it was going to delete the album..... I have the same question....
  13. Sweet! Still think this is the best LSS FA out there!
  14. Hey Glenn! I just saw this post, yes indeed, I was inspired by your cool deck and had a bunch of nice woods.....
  15. I still have one about 75% done but I want to add rigging to it - link in my sig..... Glenn Barlow just posted pics of his FA in the gallery - one of the best examples of this fun kit I have ever seen!
  16. So I got to looking at my capstan and thought it was over sized - looked at some resources on line and the whelps are all wrong, so I re worked it a bit, still a little big but it’s better and like I said, it’s practice for the one you will see. I know some of you guys looked at that thing and laughed, I give everyone permission to tell me if something isn’t right. At least then I’ll have the option of doing it over - constructive criticism is always good.....
  17. Wow - now that would have been a lot of fun! You just knock that out in a weekend or two? Great Chris, now every one is going to be let down as they see my tiny little Revenge take shape. I think it’s cool to see how your designs developed- actually build them better and better....
  18. It’s gonna look great Vane, I’m using maple on my Revenge build and I’m loving the flame figure coming through on the planks. Adds some extra dimension and just looks rich! I’ve seen a lot of clear grain/white maple decks on here and they all look great!
  19. And here it is on the model, and a pic of what the non modified capstan would have looked like, probably won’t see this one after all the decks go on but it was good practice for the one that’s going to be seen....😀
  20. So the whelps are what’s bugging me the most so I re made them and made a new platform that it sits on, I think the capstan is supposed to be mounted on planking material that is a lot thicker? Anyway that’s what I did..... hers a comparison of the whelps and what I ended up with......
  21. Today I added a few deck beams, planking support pieces at the bow and built the lower capstan. I didn’t like the kit offering much so I modified it to look a little more real? I hope... I think it looks better at least - here’s a pic of the kit supplied pieces ( only two whelps but you get the idea)
  22. Thanks Masa, this was a fun build but frustrating at times....
  23. Geraddm, One of the BEST vendors, in any genre. it would be hard for me to decide who treats us better Jim or Chuck..... I’ve never met either one but I consider them both a friend. you’ll see..... Lou

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