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  1. Hi Ski Welcome to the Niagara Club There are any number of us at various stages of Niagara builds Once you start your build log we will all be able to watch help and encourage Regards Ken
  2. Hi Laxet Re the " other end " of the anchor rope I ran them along the outside of the hull to the hawse pipe holes Then in through them and at present have them running down the deck Regards Ken
  3. Hi Dennis I don't know whether twisting and bending bulwarks is a good idea Can you cut slots into your deck to accommodate them Some pictures would be helpfull Regards Ken
  4. i Mauro I am sure there are maritime museums in Genova But there is a small museum in Camogli which has models and documents which may be of help to you Regards Ken
  5. Hi Sapphire There are any number of wood fillers around Like the Timbermate water based range But I prefer to use a product like Polyfilla Skim Coat which is meant for plastering but spreads easily and drys hard Regards Ken
  6. Hi Rick I use Sellys Aquadhere wood glue and Loctite Super Glue . Both from Bunnings Regarding blades I have a scalpel blade holder and buy Number 11 Swann Morton surgical blades from Hobby Tools Australia In packs of 100 Regards Ken
  7. Hi Carl I think just about all of us have had similar problems with the fit of the planksheer Also I think many of us paint the planksheer before we go any further Regards Ken
  8. Hi Geoff If you have paid already it might be an idea to get your credit card company to reverse the charge I don't know the company but I don't like the smell of it Ken
  9. Hi Tim I measured my hull ( including stern boat davits ) at 24 in And the bowsprit off the plans at 12in Total 36in Regards Ken
  10. Hi Laxet I installed the spanker sheet horse I used a piece of shaped wire Checking my old damaged Niagara I can see it is used for attaching rigging Regards Ken
  11. Hi Laxet Nice work You saved me I was going to install the anchor chafing blocks on the outside of the hull Regards Ken
  12. Hi Carlmb Welcome to the Niagara Club The best thing you can do now is start your own build log so that we can watch, help and encourage. There are a number of build logs underway at the moment so you should check them for help Regards Ken
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