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  1. Activities of this weekend. Finished lower deck and started with Hull part. Replaced plywood part with walnut lookalike
  2. Overview of the contents of the kit. Started with assembly next step will be the planking of the deck
  3. After long period of no model building due to moving to new house and renovations I decided to restart with a standard kit. In the mean time build some RC kits (Hovercraft and DF65 Sailing boat) fo use within the Modelclub Selection was made for this small Battle station from Panart. Once this is finished I will restart with the Wasa I need no to check how I can share pictures. Log will follow shortly
  4. Looks very good Andre. I will review your log, when I start finishing my model after a stop of more than 4 years.
  5. Hi Michael, This is a very nice lantern. It will be a challenge to come close for all other Vasa (Corel) builders😀
  6. Hi Michael Just found your build log for the first time (had a long break due to work in our new house) I noticed the same high quality like with your Vasa. You got me very good idea's which I also might use, I am planning to make an Cross Section of an Dutch 17Century ship from scratch. Log to follow during 2019.
  7. just before Christmas finished my new workshop area. now to build an special table for sawing and sanding tools including automatic vacuum cleaner which start automatic when I start one of the tools I will make some pictures when Vasa returns to the workshop.
  8. Finally received the new bookcase with a nice place to show the Vasa already. and also on an other bookcase a nice spot for my Statenjacht
  9. Michael I have enjoyed your build and have learned a lot for modifitications I have/am going to copy on my Vasa also. Looking forward to your new build log.
  10. That lantern looks great. I myself decided to skip this for the time being, but I will try to search some archives from Maritim Museums in the Netherlands to find pictures of paintings from that period which might give a good idea, but when I am in this stage that will take some years. I can further agree with you concerning the quality of the blocks provided in the kit, these are perfect to start the BBQ in the summer, and I bought the same type of blocks a few year back at a shop in Poland, which was easier for shipment within Europe and no risk for extra custom charges.
  11. We have completed the renovation of our living and kitchen Just an impression with the Vasa already present. Just waiting now for a final cabinet on which a place is reserved already for the Vasa (even in progress) Further I have re-organised my wood. This is an old cabinet used for drawings (aged back to 1960) and will be used also by my wife for the storage of her hobby paper for Origami.
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