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  1. Thanks for the comments, mtaylor - It does look futuristic, It was at least twice a big as the RN equivalent
  2. Here's an update. The breech for the torpedo tubes as done, even though most of it will be covered by the bridge armour. The hull and deck are together. still need to paint the hull to complete this section of the build
  3. Steve I think that they are good, a mixture of brass and resin. They make a nice replacement for the Tamyia molded box with 4 barrels. I did not use it in the end, but that was because I was getting bored with the model and wanted to get the model finished as quickly as possible, not because of anything wrong with the gun kit. If you do use them you will need to invest in a 0.2mm drill bit to drill out some of the resin for the barrels.
  4. The interior of the bridge is complete. I have to put some decking on the rear of the bridge, but I need to paint it first, which will happen once I have completed the PE on the exterior of the bridge.
  5. A bit of progress on the bridge and the main and fore decks. The main deck needs a bit of TLC as the raised part of the deck did not fit too well as I removed too much plastic, so there is a lot of filler.
  6. More photo etch done. The hatch has been replaced as has the ridge around the gun tub and lined with photo etch. The torpedo rails, I have made 8 brackets and 4 centre supports, and one completed torpedo rail​
  7. Here is some progress on the deck superstructure which is replaced totally with photo etch. I have burnished all the PE as it means you do not have to use a primer. The decking is only placed on for the photos. The colour of the deck was done by 1 coat of pale umber (artist acrylic paint), a thinned down Tamiya deck tan, then a wash of wood brown (walnut), followed by a wash of dark grey. I only let the base layer dry, before putting the rest of the layers on in quick succession.
  8. A new build for the S-100 torpedo boat. Enjoy the pictures so far. Here are the sprue and photo etch pictures. This is using the Griffin Models PE. The first picture is of the torpedoes
  9. I have completed the bismarck now here are the rest of the build log. I had to buy extra PE to do the bits that were missing from the Eduard PE. All I can say is that the amount I spent on PE for this model I could have bought the Revell Bismarck and one lot of PE.
  10. Thanks. I'll have a look at your build. I wouldn't mind doing the 1/200th scale one, but it is a bit big for my bench!
  11. And finally the bridge, it needs a bit more photo etch attached to the gun tubs
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