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  1. Charles When’s the “new” WINNY stem kit go on sale? (lol) I would buy one - throw in some laser board draught marks and a suggested paint/finish scheme (for those of us who like that kind of stuff) and you’ve got a another winning offering Samuel
  2. An interpretation of the QUEEN ANNE BARGE from Syren Ship Models
  3. Sorry Bob (Let's not hijack Wayne's thread) Wayne, I actually did drawings of the masts and yards based on Prebele's notes/logs . I don't know if I have them anymore Sam
  4. Bob Sorry about the "under development again" line that was / kinda an inside joke when I put it on m y profile. I was doing some design work for a couple of different manufacturers on spec. I've got to take that thing off. I did want to do ESSEX larger but my bosses wanted it at 1:76 (scale conversions) were just a pleasure to do - lol Sam
  5. The scale was requested by Eric Snow (who was managing ME at the time) It is the same scale as the CONSTITUTION. He felt the same scale would (obviously) give a sense of size and proportion to a contemporary vessel and might even spur multiple purchases - Sam Cassano Jr Wayne, the kit is based on the original launch appearance so the best source of masts & yard sizes would be Prebele's notes / logs that list them. After that you've got to decide what year / era you're going to present and research to that time frame as there were considerable changes made to the rig as was the actual appearance and armament Sam
  6. I've added two like new condition AOS book titles to my library reduction sell-off THE NAVAL CUTTER ALERT THE SHIPS OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS Each is in like new condition Each is $35.00 plush shipping or both for $60 plus shipping Other titles can be found on my earlier thread I'm also adding the entire runs of MODEL SHIP BUILDER and SHIPS IN SCALE magazines PM me with questions or order(s) I'll be updating the list next week Thanks - Sam
  7. To everyone who responded - THANKS! I've been experimenting with a few different solutions and I'm leaning towards the less is more philosophy. The scupper lining is a great detail if subtle enough - too much and it looks like a gaping hole in the waterway. I'm either going to go with Druxey's acrylic paint solution (thanks David) or just a thin paper for for the lip. The issue other than size is the consistency of the shape. Thank's again to everyone Stay well Sam
  8. Hi I'm working on a commission project in 1/4" scale and am looking for a good treatment/method of the internal lining of the scuppers. I've got (I think) the exterior discharge under control but am looking for the inboard / intake (waterway) side. I recently saw a thread where the builder did a nice job of it and I can't remember the thread. It wasn't focused on the scuppers, it was just one of the details illustrated. Any help and/or direction would be appreciated. Moderators, if this should be in on deck thread please move Thanks! Sam
  9. First off I'd like to thank everyone who inquired and purchased books - THANK YOU! Attached is the remaining inventory - still some really great titles available. I'm running a special sales promotion - spend $20.00 dollars and get your choice of any $5.00 book for free (just pay s/h charges). Spend $35.00 or more and get your choice of any two $5.00 books for free (just pay s/h charges). Book selection is based on availability - first come - first sold. Please PM me with any questions Thanks again - Sam BOOK INVENTORY 111219.pdf
  10. Fernando Hello. Thanks for checking the list unfortunately the BEAGLE was sold already - sorry. I'll be posting an updated list next week when all the transactions are completed. If anything changes I'll let you know. Thanks! - Sam
  11. Lou Thanks for your interest, unfortunately BELLONA has been sold. I'll be posting an updated list sometime next week once the first "round" of sales are paid for and shipped. I've sold quite a few books. If anything changes I'll let you know Thanks - Sam
  12. Thanks Lou! I didn't realize that not everyone would not be able to open the EXCEL file. My apologies to those who couldn't Sam
  13. I've got a number of projects in front of me and have come to the realization that the library I've accumulated is no longer necessary. The books are "graded" on the scale used by Amazon (I've tried to be as objective as possible). The prices listed do not include shipping as I'll use the least expensive method dependent on weight. distance. etc. Just as an FYI - Live in Western New York State I can accept paypal Please PM me with any questions. Thanks! - Sam BOOKS FOR SALE AMENDED 101819.xlsx
  14. Thank you to all for the "likes" through the project and for the words of encouragement. It's not always easy (or comfortable) not following the crowd. Michael, I am an unapologetic kit basher and have several on my work bench in various states of completion. I just don't know where I'm headed next. Also I've been given the opportunity to throw my hat in the kit design ring (again) by one of the Manufacturer/Sponsors of MSW. I've stated the initial beta testing of bulkheads )so far - so good) and will know in the near future if we're going to move forward with the project. Sam
  15. Well this is it. The BARGE is complete and on it's permanent base. For my purposes as I've said there will be no flags, sweeps or internal decorations. Thanks to everyone for checking in. On to the next project ............................................
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