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  1. Hi Nenad, Catching up on your progress. very nice. Love your photos. You are very talented. Artist, musician, sculptor. Stay healthy, happy, and well! Marc
  2. Hi Harry, Catching up on the build. She looks grand. I like your idea for getting the wiring up the mast. I can't remember which replica tall ship that I visited, but that is the essentially the same way that they dealt with getting the wiring up the sailing mast. cheers. Marc
  3. Hi Harry, Thank you for the reply and encouragement. It really means a lot to me. I hope you and your loved ones are doing well. I trust that you're settled into the new house. best, marc
  4. Hi all, I'm still alive. Sorry I haven't posted in almost a year. I think the whole COVID situation has killed my attention span outside work. I can't seem to stay focused and my energy level is at a minimum. I'm exhausted at the end of the workday or after I've done the necessary chores on the weekend. Even staying connected with friends seems harder. I haven't done a lot of work since my last burst of energy. However, I did accomplish some in small sessions here and there. I completed all of the mizzen deadeye - shroud rigging and finished all of the ratlines. I took a couple of photos on my phone. I'll take better ones and upload them. My phone doesn't do a good jog capturing the details in focus. I've been trying to buy a mill during this whole COVID mess. The dealer will ship everything you want to buy in the crate with the machine and you only have to pay the same shipping charge on the machine. I wanted to take advantage of this great savings, but all of the higher/heavier large ticket items were never in stock at the same time as the Mill. When items came back into stock, the Mill was out of stock for several months. Always two or more items on backorder (not the dealer's fault). Anyway, I broke down and ordered everything that was in stock when the mill was finally back in stock. So here's the new addition to my shop. Happy Mother's Day best marc
  5. Hi Simon, The Cutty is looking good. Nice details. I look forward to seeing how you do with the davits. I made mine out of Brass, but I'd be interested to see how you do with the wood. Be careful in wood not to introduce to much bend all at once, you don't want to split the wood. Also, drastic bends can be very difficult with thicker wood or dowels. At least they are for me ☺️ Good luck! marc
  6. Hi Harry! I'm glad that your move was successful and no damage to the ships!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more building from you. I had more delays on my build. My wife and I relocated to our house in Florida for a couple of months. Tired of seeing the inside of our house in Virginia -working at home from COVID. Back in Virginia again and access to the ship. Vladimir, Thank you for your comments on my build. Your build of the Cutty is wonderful. I impressed on your 1:24 scale!! best, marc
  7. Hi Bill, Mark's right about the sudding sail booms. they were inboard when not in use. Also, note that depending upon the direction and strength of the wind, the cutty wouldn't have had her spanker, mizzen, and spencer rigged. You can see photos where the wind is coming from astern or rear quarters and she is rigged in this manner. These sails would rob the wind from the main and fore. In fact, often the main wouldn't be rigged as well. Just some thoughts.. best marc
  8. Hi Michael, I'm excited to follow the offset bowsprit rigging. Very nice modification. I always wondered about building this model. best marc
  9. Peter, Catching up on the build. She is looking fantastic! All of the details are really taking that model to a high level. Love the deck. best marc
  10. Hi Bob, I been getting up to speed on your build. Great details. She's very impressive! Can't wait to see the sails. best marc
  11. After letting the shrouds and lanyards sit overnight, I adjusted the tension where needed and let it sit again for a few days. Then I checked the tension and alignment of the mizzen against the other mast again. this time I got a better photo. The caps are lined up, the tops are lined up and the royals and sky are lined up. I'm sure that they never were on the actual ship. But I tried to keep the rigging ship shaped For reference, the only square sails set thus far are on the fore mast. thanks for looking!!
  12. With the mizzen stepped. I checked the alignment of the mizzen mast against the other mast and a pumb bob. You probably can't see the plumb bob and string well - it has a white string. I can see if fine in person. Also, I know the photo isn't lined up with the center line. sorry. i took it with my phone instead of my camera. Looks like I need to go back to using my camera. With the mast lined up, I started the mizzen shrouds. I'm using forceps to keep tension on the dead eye lanyards.
  13. On to bending the driver. I wanted to have the driver attached before stepping the mizzen. I made more hanks using the jig described earlier in the log. why I didn't make all of the hanks at the same time, I'll never know! I built the channel for the hanks to slide on as well as attached the hanks to the driver. I used photos of the cutty to make sure of the detail. I have an observation. I shot around 200 photos and still don't have the shots that I need. With the driver rigged, I stepped the mizzen mast. I used toothpicks for the wedges. Thanks for looking!! marc
  14. Work proceeds on getting the mizzen ready to step. Before stepping the Mizzen, I wanted to make sure that the driver was attached and rig. Here is preparing the booms. There are still a couple of fittings and cleat to add. I finished rigging the ratlines and checked and double checked the blocks to make sure that I haven't missed any. A view of the progress on the sails and test fitting the mizzen.
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