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  1. Hi Harry! I'm glad that your move was successful and no damage to the ships!!! I'm looking forward to seeing more building from you. I had more delays on my build. My wife and I relocated to our house in Florida for a couple of months. Tired of seeing the inside of our house in Virginia -working at home from COVID. Back in Virginia again and access to the ship. Vladimir, Thank you for your comments on my build. Your build of the Cutty is wonderful. I impressed on your 1:24 scale!! best, marc
  2. Hi Bill, Mark's right about the sudding sail booms. they were inboard when not in use. Also, note that depending upon the direction and strength of the wind, the cutty wouldn't have had her spanker, mizzen, and spencer rigged. You can see photos where the wind is coming from astern or rear quarters and she is rigged in this manner. These sails would rob the wind from the main and fore. In fact, often the main wouldn't be rigged as well. Just some thoughts.. best marc
  3. Hi Michael, I'm excited to follow the offset bowsprit rigging. Very nice modification. I always wondered about building this model. best marc
  4. Peter, Catching up on the build. She is looking fantastic! All of the details are really taking that model to a high level. Love the deck. best marc
  5. Hi Bob, I been getting up to speed on your build. Great details. She's very impressive! Can't wait to see the sails. best marc
  6. After letting the shrouds and lanyards sit overnight, I adjusted the tension where needed and let it sit again for a few days. Then I checked the tension and alignment of the mizzen against the other mast again. this time I got a better photo. The caps are lined up, the tops are lined up and the royals and sky are lined up. I'm sure that they never were on the actual ship. But I tried to keep the rigging ship shaped For reference, the only square sails set thus far are on the fore mast. thanks for looking!!
  7. With the mizzen stepped. I checked the alignment of the mizzen mast against the other mast and a pumb bob. You probably can't see the plumb bob and string well - it has a white string. I can see if fine in person. Also, I know the photo isn't lined up with the center line. sorry. i took it with my phone instead of my camera. Looks like I need to go back to using my camera. With the mast lined up, I started the mizzen shrouds. I'm using forceps to keep tension on the dead eye lanyards.
  8. On to bending the driver. I wanted to have the driver attached before stepping the mizzen. I made more hanks using the jig described earlier in the log. why I didn't make all of the hanks at the same time, I'll never know! I built the channel for the hanks to slide on as well as attached the hanks to the driver. I used photos of the cutty to make sure of the detail. I have an observation. I shot around 200 photos and still don't have the shots that I need. With the driver rigged, I stepped the mizzen mast. I used toothpicks for the wedges.
  9. Work proceeds on getting the mizzen ready to step. Before stepping the Mizzen, I wanted to make sure that the driver was attached and rig. Here is preparing the booms. There are still a couple of fittings and cleat to add. I finished rigging the ratlines and checked and double checked the blocks to make sure that I haven't missed any. A view of the progress on the sails and test fitting the mizzen.
  10. Hi Marco! thank you for your comments! I'm learning as I go. I was originally going to build the large Revell model. By the time I was ready, I couldn't find it and was told that they stopped producing it. I was intimidated with the wood, but it's been fine. i spend a great amount of time trying to research the ship. Wish I was closer to the actual ship. If I can help in anyway, please let me know. Also, do you have a build log I can follow? best marc
  11. Boat time again! I had previously attached the boats to the chalks and checked it's location and fit of the supports with the pinrails. I continued with adding the lines and chains, fastening the boats to the eyebolts. As you can see, I did the work off the ship using some plastic containers to allow me easy access to all of the eyebolts. The next step will be adding the studding sail yards, spars, and accommodation davit. If I can fit all of that stuff on the beams.
  12. Beautiful work. Beautiful work space. I look forward to following your progress! best marc
  13. They are available in several different sizes. I have sizes ranging from 3 inches to about 9 inches long. really nice. the scissors have saved me a few times. Like all tools, they range in quality and costs. You get what you pay for. More important with the scissors in my experience. cheap ones weren't too good- cutting edges had some irregularity when the two surfaces met. the expensive ones were razor sharp and perfect alignment.
  14. Wow Harry! What a great build! Your cases are also works of art! You should do a tutorial on building cases. very jealous of your skills. best, marc
  15. Love this model! Very interested to see the sternpost and rudder assembly in place and articulated. cheers marc
  16. Sorry to hear about the water!! Very nice work on the ship!! I'm always inspired seeing your creativity! best wishes marc
  17. hello everyone, thanks for your support Harry! I've been learning to use the lathe. I've been accomplishing turning threads at the correct pitch and turning rods to the correct diameter within a 1/10000 of an inch. I have a way to go to before tackling anything of substance. working on skills. I'd like to make some parts for my tiny wood working lathe (like a following rest) and make some jigs for modeling. Eventually I want to turn the ships bells, stanchions for the rails, sheaves and maybe cannon and belaying pins. Sorry, I haven't posted. Unfortunately, I've
  18. Great progress, Nenad! she is looking wonderful! So much to be proud of. Take your time with the rigging. Always check the placement of your hands and your lines. No long sleeves. You'll be fine! Are you going to rig her with sails? best Marc
  19. Hi Harry, Tim, and Grant! thank you for your kind comments. Grant, your comment hits close to home. The first time that I oiled everything and fired up the lathe to make sure everything was working, I was dismayed to see the gleaming surfaces become covered with oil.😲 I finished the table in January. So back to the ship!!! I've been doing some rigging during this month. Thank you for your patience! Marc
  20. Hi everyone, here is the reason that I haven't been working on the ship since June. Here is the lathe when I started. I was just going to clean it up some and put it on a bench. Here is what it looked like five months later I started by just doing some cleaning. Then, before I knew it, I had disassembled the lathe down to the bed!!! It become one of those projects where the more you get into it, the deeper you get. I took just about everything completely apart, stripped it to the bear metal. Here is the apron.
  21. Hi Harry! Merry Christmas and new years! (belated) to answer your question about the Cutty, she is sitting there unhappy for lack of attention. All of my time from July until Christmas was taken up with that lathe from my post in June. What began as work to just clean up the lathe and get rid of the chipping paint turned into a complete tear down to the bed frame. All disassembled, striped, cleaned, repainted, and reassembled. I'll post some photos soon. Now that the rebuild is finished and a table built to hold the over 450lbs (don't know the kilos) of iron, I
  22. Grant, Harry, Michael, Peter, thank you for the kind words about the lathe and the model! I really appreciate the words of encouragement!! I'm currently working on the ratlines for the lower main mast. the rest of the main mast ratlines are in place. I'll send photos soon. best Marc
  23. Hi Joushua, The plans are still available. They just moved the page: https://shop.rmg.co.uk/collections/maritime-gift. I went to the sight and I just copied this link. They currently have the prints in stock. They are pretty large 3/32" scale if I remember correctly. Just for info you can always check the cutty sark gift shop, if the link doesn't work anymore. The plans are great! Also they are copyrighted. Best Marc
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