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  1. can't say anymore that hasn't already been said..........your village is coming out superb! some really nice shots too..........sweet!
  2. I own the living room.......I am having a bit of trouble throwing the furniture out though she won't let me you have quite a collection there.........I don't have near that many! ....now........if you want to talk about active projects.................well............
  3. gett'in pretty good with painting the figures look'in sweet!
  4. thanks OC and Ed.........thanks to all who hit the like button I finally painted the horizontal stabilizers...I ended up painting it completely flat black. I don't like the way they present the color scheme diagrams....half the plane is the upper, the other half is the underside. I didn't realize that the topside of the stabilizer was to be painted half black and the other half white. not to mention that when I painted it the first time, I had bleed through from the underside paint. it would have been hard to hide. the rudder will still be flat white.
  5. thanks Egilman.......as long as the decals work. so far so good the differences in the top wings is the aileron issue I've been looking into. Jacob's plane has the single rib curvature also........just something I have to live with I believe that this was a modification change they made when they rolled out the Dr 1. later Dr1's produced had the single rib curvature.
  6. hope you can save it.........the body looked darn good
  7. such a superb model Grant..........if I could afford one of these cars! looks absolutely gorgeous!
  8. if you read the blog, I have made the choice as to whose plane to model. I was test fitting decals from the Roden kit, and Ltn. Josef Carl Jacob's plane is a good fit. looking at the ailerons, it can be seen that they have the single wing rib curvature. what the probability gods giveth, they also taketh away.........the good with the bad. a comparison between the two planes does show a visible difference in size the fuselage seems a good fit.
  9. I went ahead and put the top wing on the plane..........I'll touch up the upper cabling later.
  10. clean up of the parts has been the task of the day. with most of the parts being off the sprues, it made me leary of dimples and pitting......but it hasn't been too much of a problem so far. fitting the main parts, like the bottom and middle wings to the fuselage....doing it now will cut down on the handling later. the mold stamp date was on the bridge of the bottom wing........I sanded it off. the middle wing has the fuselage cap molded to it. it took a bit to get it to fit. one thing I noticed was that the four corners of the cap drape over the fuselage, but have gaps underneath. perhaps some putty will fill them in........................ now........for the problem at hand........the ailerons. I only have one option here........ taking a piece of paper, the starboard aileron was traced out. I went further down, to use the edge as the guide. it was then taped over the port aileron, which will expose how much material needs to be removed. using the convex nail clippers, the excess material was cut off, and then sanded to shape. I think it passes muster painting has begun as well........
  11. I did something yesterday, that I haven't done in quite a while..........I wrote a blog! https://popeyesquadron.wordpress.com/2020/07/09/the-fokker-dr-1/ I'm sure that a lot of folks have bought a kit, only to find that it either doesn't fit the subject, or that it's riddled with inconsistencies. to be able to repurpose the kit or make it correct are the options one has. I've had quite a few myself the next update will show what I'm going to with the aileron dilemma.......

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