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  1. You could try by visiting a local repair store in which, a non functional CPU might be given for free, related Fb pages where you can find them also for free or by an exchange and finally from the ebay starting from around 2 euro-dollar. Thx
  2. Hi all. I really admire and appreciate whoever scratches everything on his model... As about me, I prefer the shortcuts whenever I can. I have placed it also somewhere...For those who think alike take a look inside of an old pc. Every processor (CPU) can give you many tiny nails with round head. It depends on how sharp eyes you have, to work with them... Thx
  3. Hi. I wouldn't say "suddenly" (we are old)... It took us some models like scratched tally marks, showing us how long was the way to become old (actually adults...) Keep making tally marks !
  4. Hello. Another source of small nails is an old pc processor... It's surface are covered with pins, which can give you up to 100 "nails" by setting up a small fire in your backyard and take out the last offer of it …. I use these nails as “keys” for my shackles. Just to notice that many of those pins come out with some lead on their head. Just keep them with a tweezers over a lighter's flame… Thanks
  5. Thanasis

    1st Prize.jpg

    Many Thanks Steve...! cu Thanasis
  6. Thanasis

    1st Prize.jpg

    Thanks for your comment Jack... Have you seen the rest photos in my gallery...? Thx
  7. Thanasis

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    Many thanks Nils. Thanasis
  8. Thanasis


    Thanks for your comment Richard. Thanasis
  9. Thanasis

    1st Prize.jpg

    Thank you all for your kind words. Dave. You're right about the shape of the hull...She used to be a fast trade coastal vessel of the Northeast Aegean sea, transporting any kind of goods. Her rigging is the typical sacoleva shape. Those side wooden bars used to be placed so that side canvas can be set up, extending this way the side of the hull -protecting a deck cargo. Thank you for your comment. Thanasis
  10. It's a scratch built model at 1:24 scale, of a small double ended vessel (Tserniki type) which used to be built in Lesbos Island. It was used for coastal trading, often rigged with a sacoleva sail (sprit sail).
  11. Hi Kostas. Although we didn't meet each other in that contest, I've been there and I saw your model from close. It is exelent. Congratulation for your prize. Keep on the good work. Thanasis
  12. This Summer ended for me, with two losses.. Some broken blood vessels, cost me the loss of about 30 percent of my left eyesight. But more important is that because of cancer, I have lost my beloved modeling partner... For the moment, I'm not in the right mood to start ship modeling. I wish health to you and your pets. Thanks
  13. Hi Nails. I would be ungrateful if I stayed still silent... I didn't dare to make any comment until now, thinking that it would be like if I was judging you on every step of you built. And I don't have the right since I'm not even close to your level. So, you have built a beautiful model that has been created through an inspiring modeling school for all of us. Congratulations Thx

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