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  1. Hi Kerry Wow, this is an interesting history ! I didn't know that there were others published plans of the HMS Enterprise. I understood that Tom had to check the NMM plans against others plans to achieve an accurated plan in order to make his work. 'Course, may be the own NMM plans may be a bit incorrect because they were made by hands on. Even they were very precises, a CAD is much more an can point out those inconsistencies. Moreover, the paper may suffer variations due to factors like umity, the quality of the paper, etc. That's ok, I thank you. I'll wait for CAF Models answer. Alex
  2. Thanks Kerry ! I've alread sent the e-mail. Regarding to the Polish company, is it the Shipyard ? If so, that card kit was based in the same plans of the NMM ?
  3. Hi Kerry Excelent review !! Other excelent news is that we may order by box. You have suggested to contact Tom. Do you have his contact ? A doubt: this kit was based on which set of plans, do you know ? Alex
  4. Hi all First of all my sincerely apologies. Mostly for not answering before. Moreover, I apologize for not informing more details. I'm doing the USS Spruance, a Arleigh Burke class destroyer, Flight IIA, 1:350. I know that the scale seems too small to reproduce exactly the deck but I think that it's possible to reproduce something similar to the texture, just to get different from a plain deck. I've appreciated all the tips. Now, I will study the possibilities very carefully. Course, any tip else is welcome. Tks !
  5. Hi all First of all, sorry if this isn't the correct place for my matter. I've researched in the stores looking for some texture to cover decks of modern destroyers. I had no success, though. What I need is to reproduce the deck in the picture. Notice that the deck isn't plain. Any idea where I could find such as deck texture or how may I reproduce it ?
  6. So am I And I agree with Mark: a copy changes everything. Probably, it must be the only remaining copy. Since there's copyright questions, they can't make new copies. Oh my...
  7. Hi Wayne After your post I did myself the same question "Why didn't I order this plan ?" Then, I went to review the e-mails with the Mystic Seaport Museum in 2011. Yeap... I tried to order it in that time. Here you go their answer: "My apologies for the delay in replying to your email for the ENTERPRISE plan. Unfortunately, that plan in our Collections is for research purposes only. It is under copyright and we can not reproduce the plan. It is possible that you may be able to acquire the plan from another source. Please see the attachment for potential contact information: Peabody Museum: http://www.peabody.harvard.edu/collections or the National Archives: http://www.archives.gov/research/ . > Best of luck in your search." Well, two points here: 1. I've tried with the Peabody Museum and the National Archives too: "water". 2. "Copyrights" ?! It's a museum ! IMHO, the content of a museum is for anyone, public domain. Am I wrong for thinking out of the box ?
  8. I agree with you Frolick that there isn't any plan of the Enterprise... and never has existed. In my research some years ago someone told me that the Baltimore schooners were ordered by "similarity". I mean, one has ordered like this "hey, I want a ship like that one" and the naval carpenters started building. I believe that Enterprise and Experience were ordered by the fresh US Navy in this way. No drawings, no plans. However, I'm still curious about how is the remaining of the plan in the Mystic Museum. Why don't they share the plans easily ? I'm sure that is not due a authoral rights, it's a museum. By getting this plan and comparing it to the Vixen or even Nautilus and Algerine plans could enable to reach a very accurate mixed plan, likely close to the actual Enterprise.
  9. Great model ! And the author exposes the frames, giving us a "taste" of PoF. Indeed, the Enterprise may have been too similar to Algerine. We have up to now the plan showing the bow and it is very similar to the Algerine's bow. By the by, I think that the Constructo's model of the Enterprise (already mentioned here - and I've already assembled one too) is based on the Mystic museum plan. However, if this is true there's a interesting point: in the Constructo's model, there's a poopdeck and the Baltimore schooners - and the Algerine - do not have for aught I know. This is one of my main curiosities about the Enterprise: did she have a poopdeck or not, and with two cannons under the deck of the poop, like in the model by Constructo ?
  10. Please, be our "blessed soul" and send us news after.
  11. Exactly Charlie ! My "fight" with the Mystic museum (I've tried to get the plan without going there in loco several times in these years) is that such material should be shared. I don't know how accurate or real is this drawing or even its origin. However, someone made it not for play, sure that it was based on something - and this "something" may be lost... the plan not... yet.
  12. Hi all For some reason I've stopped receiving the warnings about this topic. So, let me revive this specific post regarding to the Mystic museum. When I've contacted them years ago, in their answer to me I've received, sure accidentally, a PDF file. The content of this file I put in the image below. Now, the work consists in some blessed soul go to Mystic and get the other half.
  13. Hmm... interesting Jud... I have to think a little bit about your comment because I've never had seen in this way.
  14. Hi Mark Yeah, it had an airplane dismounted - a Benson, I think - in its small hangar - in the image I've posted this hangar is shown. Regarding to the plans, I've found them, but they aren't enough to solve my doubts. Alex
  15. Hi Pat The Hobby Boss has a plastic model of the Surcouf. The gun turret is not movel, though. In fact, the gun turret, its basis etc. is all part of the same piece, in the hull and in the main deck. Yeah, the idea is very interesting. In my research I haven't find the reasons for the Surcouf design yet. What I know is that, althought all this "good intention", in the practice, the sub was slow under the sea and it was used almost all the time for scout. Alex
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