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  1. I've started planking the main deck and cambering the beams for the upper decks. I went with a three plank shift. I wasn't quite sure what the correct way of doing it was, so I settled on the 3 plank. I looked at the drawings and there was no organized shift, it seemed random. Now the question..... do I treenail the exposed sections of the deck?? Richard
  2. Some work has been accomplished today. I fitted and glued the fore deck and bulkhead and cut and fitted the 6 beams for the other decks. Now I just need to put the camber into them and glue them in place. Currently I'm trying to identify the woods I have in the kit. I've found the color chart on the inside of the box top and also the initials in the instructions calling out the different types. But as I look at the wood it looks like I'm missing the type called out for the deck planking. As I look at the photo on the box, it doesn't seem like the same. My lack of identifying wood types is
  3. Thanks Scott, it's my first Mamoli kit. I have a question for you if you don't mind me asking. I noticed that there is no mention of cutting a rabbit or creating bearding at the stern. Is it needed for a double planked hull? Thanks, Richard
  4. I've finished gluing all the bulkheads and filler pieces in place. So far the build has been enjoyable. I'm really liking this kit.
  5. Welcome aboard. You should find lots of help here from the members. Richard
  6. I've glued the bulkheads and false deck to the keel after some sanding to fare up the small bits and remove the charring. Also I noticed that some of the keel was interfering with the hole for the mast so I trimmed the slots on the false deck so it cleared the keel and aligned it with bulkhead 11 toward the stern. I used the "lego" method to square the bulkheads and it worked very well. I would recommend it to anyone. But I did use my square to double check and found it to be correct. Wow, all that money I spent on my son is coming back to reward me. I've test fitted the fill pieces
  7. I have found that the bulkhead plan drawings are for reference only. I used the center of the top of the slot in each bulkhead as a centerpoint. from there I made perpendicular lines to set my base. Then I took measurements at all major points on each bulkhead and found that all my bulkheads are even and symmetrical. Now I feel comfortable enough to start gluing the bulkheads.
  8. Beautiful start Rob, I wish you the best. I too am a first timer with a Mamoli kit. Did you make any changes to the bulkheads when you discovered that they didn't align with the plan drawings? Richard
  9. Thank you Kevin, and yes I agree, 1:54 is very unusual. I'm not sure how or why they came up with it. I made some progress today, I was able to get the bulkheads and false deck shimmed, trimmed and dry fitted. My worry at the moment is with the drawings, specifically the parts sheet. I'm not sure if its for reference only or if the bulkheads should fit in the lines. If they are to fit in the lines then I'm in for a lot of reworking. I aligned all the bulkheads using the center groove. I've tried to show the discrepancy's in some photos. Sorry about the camera work, I t
  10. I received this kit as a present from my son. Currently I'm working on my US Syren, but work is slow due to the fact that I've developed a cataract and trying to see the blocks for rigging is virtually impossible. So I've decided to work on something bigger until I get my eye fixed. Looking thru the kit and the instructions I've found the quality of the kit to be very good, the bulkheads, keel (bulkhead former) is of good strong plywood and the laser cutting didn't leave a slight angle as I've experienced with my Syren. The only problem I ran into was with the stern pie
  11. I managed to get some work done on my masts. I sanded and stained the cheeks, added the bands and attached the front frogs. Once I sand down and stain the front frogs I can attach the bibbs, cleats, chocks, etc.
  12. Thank you Mark & Gregory, I have to admit I do like the detailed instructions with Modelexpo kits. I'll read thru the tutorials and research the build logs suggested. Thanks again for your help Richard
  13. I recently received the Mamoli Sao Miguel kit as a present and as I was looking thru and reading the instructions I noticed that there is no instructions as to the planking of the hull. There is no mention of cutting a rabbet or how to start with the garboard. I'm reaching out to all the members here to help me begin to plank the hull properly. I'm currently working on my first ship by model shipways so I'm a bit in the dark on a Mamoli kit. This kit looks like a fun one to build and I got it from my son so I want to build it for him Thanks to all in advance for any hel
  14. Sanding and staining of parts has been completed. Finished assembling the tops and sanded down the masts and added the cheeks. I'm not very happy with the squaring of the masts but I think once the tops are on it will look ok.
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