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  1. 1/32 is the same scale as mine. As far a amount of wood needed, I had a friend give me a pile of cherry. I just resawed, planed and sanded as I need. So I don't really have a good list for amounts. Looking forward to more.
  2. yep, just a little south from you Something happen to them and with work I have not had the time to get them reloaded, hoping to get to it soon.
  3. Jolly, That one was Un-bear-able😁
  4. Jim, Just as soon as I am able to find some time, Work is keeping me out of the ship yard and little time to do anything else. ☹️
  5. Just checked other forums that I have posted pictures in. They are still there and visible
  6. I do not know if this is a site problem or one on my end. In just the last few days all the photos in my Triton Cross Section build log have disappeared. Anyway someone could look into this and just let me know if it is on my end or not? See example below on how it appears. Next I started building my buildboard. Using some 3/4 MDF and some shelving brackets (taken from a shelf in my garage) I used spray adhesive to attached the frame locations to the buildboard.
  7. Welcome to the build. Looks like you are getting a great start with the tools. Looking forward to you build.
  8. Welcome to the build. Looks like your off to a great start. Looking forward to more
  9. Not today but yesterday.... To replace the one that was worn out And one I get done using this, try to find some time for the crosscut sled from Jim Byrnes Very well Made
  10. Hope he has lots of these in stock, just ordered me one.
  11. Congrats Derek, very nice build, something to be very proud of. Enjoyed watching your build log.
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