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  1. Very very nice... what did you do for the copper?
  2. Alexandru, I am not sure where the small project comes in but this is some incredible work. This type of work is done by a craftsman of the highest order. Beautiful.... I could look at these all day.
  3. This is superb. If I didn't know this was a model I would think it was full scale...
  4. Are there any good books on making sails for models? I am building the Peregrine galley what should they look like what are all the little ties hanging off pictures I see of them ect . any help would be great. I want them to look accurate. good books on rigging too. Thanks Bill
  5. T37- I assume it is a Tippecanoe Boat, I have been looking at these. I have no sailing sailboats experience. This looks like one of the better ones. Very nice .. Bill
  6. Is this a tippecanoe boat? I have been looking at getting one. any tips Bill
  7. trying to make the cannon riggion but it is very small. the wooden blocks are about half the size of the ones in the kit but are still to big, the others i used a small piece of plastic but still looks out of scale.I think I will just tie the lines to look like a block position. The rings I resized from what was provided, I cut in half and reformed them. Any tips Bill
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