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  1. That is some really fine work there, Peter. What adhesive did you use to attach the photo-etched and cast parts? The transom looks so neatly done. The MKK worked well for the panes. I have some ready in my supplies for when I get to that point,it is good to see what it looks like when applied. John
  2. Hi Boris, I watched an interesting show on TV last night about finding the wreck of the Scharnhorst in the depths off of Stanley. After following your build I could identify every part of the ship the ROV was filming. What a pity to see such a fine looking ship torn to pieces by 11" shells laying on the bottom. I was thinking of the lost lives of all the sailors shown on your posted photos and those on the program who went down with the ship......What a waste.
  3. Hi Mike, I think this is great. One of my all time favorite cars. A friend had the van version in Morocco,nothing could stop it.
  4. Your Confederacy looks great Peter, I have enjoyed following your build. I am awaiting photos of your final sanding thickness of the inner bulwarks. Comparing what you have already done to my more or less untouched ones,it looks like I better stock up on sandpaper.
  5. I use a Micro-Mark table saw (non tilting). It is made in Japan and with a Proxxon fine blade it has served me well. If I am careful setting the fence and feed slowly it can make a cut with an accuracy of .004" when measured with a caliper. This surprises me somewhat for the price paid. Maybe I got lucky,but I certainly have no complaints
  6. I couldn't use the 1/16" basswood strips for the moldings,so I used boxwood supplied by a Luthiers supply which I cut to size on my Micro-Mark table saw. The black painting used was mars black artists acrylic,very diluted and many coats applied. I first used golden oak Minwax oil based stain,but didn't like the result. I sanded it down,used a really diluted shellac mixed from flakes as thin sealing coat. This I sanded lightly and used General Finishes water based oak stain wiped off quickly. I finally ended with more or less blotchy free look...
  7. Greetings to all, Whilst being under house arrest and inspired by the other Confederacy builds on the forum,I have at long last finished the planking above the main wales. As I'm about to flip her over on her deck to carry on with hull planking,I thought I would share a few photos. I have included a few of the jig I used for bending planks for the stem and the building board and adjustable height stand. I have another building board made to support the deck to hold her steady for the lower planking.
  8. This is a forum for model ship building...Please let us leave politics off the forum,there are other venues available for that purpose.
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