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  1. On the subject of Fowlers traction engines,here is a photo (from The British Tanks 1915-19 by David Fletcher) of an 1899 armored traction engine with armored trailer for transporting field guns. There were 3 trailers in the train. The heat in the cab must have been overwhelming.
  2. Hi Joe, Somehow I missed this build in the past. Once again extraordinary and meticulous work you have created. I look forward to the updated photos. John
  3. Well done Mike,that is some outstanding modeling work there.The finished destroyer is miniature masterpiece. I would have had trouble just seeing the parts,even with Optivisors with the highest magnification. John
  4. I find with photo etch parts,the resist used to protect the area not to be etched,remains in various residue amounts depending on how well the sheet was cleaned (with solvent) after the process. Sometimes the brass sheet or part itself has a anti-tarnish coating. I use some of my wife's old baking trays to wash the sheet with acetone,rinse in water and then in diluted white vinegar for 15 minutes. I then rinse again in hot water and place it in the diluted Brass Black it several times,removing the scale that forms on the surface before reimmersing. Like Roger,I touch up with black paint and Dulcote. John
  5. Bossman,you are being way too critical of your head work. I've enjoyed looking in on your log and think you have done a really fine construction job of the Confederacy.
  6. Thank you,druxey,much appreciated advise. I was feeding from the opposite side of the plate,using the wrong part of the bamboo. John
  7. Greetings to all, I received my draw plate form Model Machines today,a finely made tool indeed. I am at a point on my Confederacy build where I have to decide whether or not to trunnel the hull. I do intend to do the deck planks when I get to that point. I have never used a draw plate before,so any advise on the right way to use this tool and suitable wood would be appreciated. I tried using a split bamboo skewer as material and judging by results I'll be spending the winter (my build season), just making trunnels. I also have no idea of the diameter these would have been on a frigate sized ship. With the 1:64 scale of the Confederacy an Inch is .015". John
  8. There is some thing my analog brain can't figure out and I have a question about accessing new posts on the forum since the update. When I click on "All unread content since my last visit",it takes me to the listings, when I then click on the subject I always end upon page one. Why doesn't it direct me to the newest post? What am I missing here?
  9. That is some really fine work there, Peter. What adhesive did you use to attach the photo-etched and cast parts? The transom looks so neatly done. The MKK worked well for the panes. I have some ready in my supplies for when I get to that point,it is good to see what it looks like when applied. John
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