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  1. I have used several brands (and no name brands) and had the same problem with all of them. It's not really important though as they are relatively cheap and do enough work before breaking.
  2. Real life kept me away from the workshop for a while, but I am ready now to finish this little ship. I have to finish her until the winter is coming. I don't have any pictures to post right now, as I am looking for a way to build a display case. I want to do something simple and decent and I will soon start adding pictures.
  3. That's a good suggestion. Just don't try to design your model in Fusion or any other similar app from withing the virtual machine. The problem with virtual machines is that they don't use the full capabilities of your video card. VirtualBox does install a pseudo card driver, however it can be hardly used for the software we are talking about. We are using VMs for almost anything at work, but when it comes to CAD design, they simply cannot handle it. Ben is right, do your design in Mac and do the milling in a VM.
  4. I'm a big fan of Sketchup. However it might prove cumbersome when it comes to ship design. I know it can be done but I have a feeling it's not the best tool for this. If you ask me, I find it unacceptable to NOT have a built in splines engine after all these years. The extensions you find are kind of old and, as I struggled with them a few time ago, buggy (unless they've fixed some issues in the meantime). You don't need only the 2D tools to draft a plan. You also need surfacing smoothing possibilities, spline curvature analysis and so on. I'm using Sketchup for every project, but when I tried drafting a ship plan I went for something else.
  5. There were tough moments you lived there. I feel you because even here in Romania the news were full of information about the Irma and the devastation left on it's path. A few days ago, in a Romanian city with 320 k inhabitants (the 3rd in my country regarding the population), a storm hit leaving 8 deads and 137 wounded. That's a lot around here, we don't have extreme weather conditions, it's a moderate climate (you know, hot in summer and cold in winter). Sad thing, someone died after the entry city gate fell on him. That entry gate was restored by the local authorities last year. Yea. The wind was 90 km/h. Quite a lot. The main general rage after that event was that there was no warning system in place. Only on TV. No SMS messages, nothing. People died visiting the zoo. However, in Bucharest (the capital) they launched yesterday a red code for heavy storm. Schools were closed at 5 pm as the storm was announced for 8 pm. Yes, no SMS, but Facebook does a pretty god job spreading the word. The traffic was paralyzed as everyone rushed to take the kids from school and get to their homes. It was madness. The storm came indeed at 8 pm. And.. some nice lightnings and 10 minutes of heavy rain with some hail. That was about it. I'm not sure what the problem was. Incompetent weather specialists.. authorities overreacting to show they care (probably that). Anyway, the joke around here after this "storm" is: I am well aware that the global climate change is responsible for this extreme weather (I am physicist by formation). Responsible? No, we are the ones responsible. Me, and you reading this. Anyway, stay safe as for the moment this is all we can do.
  6. What a wonderful work you did so far, Marc... (I've seen your work on the french forum so keep this one updated as well). SR is one of my favorite ships. I'll certainly follow your build log. In two or three words, can you tell me why Tanneron's model is false? I was always fascinated by that model (never saw it in real life though) and to me it looked like a real reference (after all, it's displayed in a naval museum).
  7. There is also Autodesk's Fusion 360, which is pretty much the Solidworks. You can download it and register as an enthuziast or hobbyst and you get free access to it (unless you work in a business above 100k/year). You must renew the register every year.
  8. You can find plastic gears of about any size if you just pay a visit to a local printers service. They always have a pile of broken printers and there you can find such goodies The technicians there will think you're nuts, but hey...
  9. I'm at the stage of mounting the sails. The upper and middle ones of the both masts (I know they have designated names but I prefer the save the time searching for it) will go nice I think. I am thinking now about the lower ones. I don't like in particular the way it looks in the box picture. I'm also considering making them furled but I have a problem with the sails I made because I've impregnated them with diluted PVA and are quite stiff. I think I have to experiment with them for a while. Alex.
  10. The Union tries some new dresses. She got so excited about this her hair got fluffy again. A quick haircut and all is fine again.
  11. I finally finished the rigging. All the rigging lines are strong and nicely stretched. The only thing I don't like about it are the knots, not that they are visible but crowded around the masts in a manner I don't like. I will place a note near the displayed model to read "Magnifiers are not allowed near this model." This little fella keeps reminding me that there is no time to pause the work. He built his own rigging lines between the masts, showing way better skills than mine. I was indifferent enough to not follow his techniques.
  12. Here is a closeup of those parrels. And here is the Fluffy Union. I will cut all the ends after I finish the rigging so all the threads will stay in place. As they are now, I still can loose them or tight them in place so the masts stay perfectly aligned.
  13. Regarding the transom: don't try to do it perfectly but the best you can. Some glass paper and wood filler will sort it out. The whole area will be painted and the inside of it can be planked with veneer strips.
  14. Thank you for the likes and the comments. The shininess went away after the black paint dried, so it's ok. I'm sure you can find plastic beads, I would search in supermarkets in the toys section, where the girl's stuff is (I did find such beads but they were like 3 mm in dia). Another shot would be in some markets or stores that have really cheap "jewelry". Cheap, so they would be made of plastic instead of any other material. Anyway, I would explore the stuff made for little girls, I am sure you can find them. Before I found those earrings, there was an online store in my country selling all kind of beads. Yes, most of them were glass, but I found some metallic ones also. I really need to improve my skills in making knots. Unfortunately the scale of this ship is so small it's almost impossible to control the knots. To get an idea, there is a 1 mm space where 8 shrouds are to be tied. I'm lucky my phone zooming capabilities are so poor. I have practiced some knots on the workbench before I would try them on the ship. All good and nice, but doing them on the ship in those tiny spaces... different story. So many clove hitch knots turned into overhand knots with the help of CA to hold them. Alex.
  15. While I was checking every jewelry box I could find in the house, the Admiral remembered she has some earrings she never wore. And voila, they had beans, around 1.5 mm in diameter. After I fixed them, I realized I didn't even need a pin, a thread through the holes would have been just as fine, but well, it was too late. I am not pleased with the way it looks, it's kind of over sized, but I'll take it. The beads are still a little too shiny, even after they were painted with mat black. I will varnish them later with some mat varnish I have, I hope their shiny look will go away. Now it starts to look like a real ship. After rigging the lower spanker, the whole thing is very strong. I will rig the upper one later because I saw there is a tendency of the mast to twist a little, so it will be done after the sails on the main mast will be tied. Alex.

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