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  1. I agree with Allan; about 10", but slight variations depending on total rise without any uneven step in the run!
  2. A very respectable result for a first outing. That is not a simple model for an absolute beginner. Well done for persisting, Bill!
  3. If I may ask, Henry, what resolution does such a printer run at? It looks to be extremely fine.
  4. Finds keep turning up! Thanks for this, Mark.
  5. I agree with Greg, Kevin: the port side outer timber appears to be (in the photo at least) too vertical. This throws the spacing of the inner timbers and will affect the stern gallery lights. Best check this before you commit to further construction.
  6. Perhaps this style of wheel was never actually used! The model was, after all, only a proposed one.
  7. A curved spoke would provide a little more shock absorption over rough ground.
  8. Thank you for clarifying the early date for reef points, Steven. Why then, I wonder, were bonnets in use until so much later?
  9. Reef points back then? I thought that this was a later invention and that a bonnet or bonnets were used.
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