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  1. Bob, I really feel for you guys. My Son lives in Portland and it’s been really bad there too. Hopefully as you get into the winter rainy season it will clear up. All we have to deal with here are hurricanes. This year we’ve had more than we normally get but we’re about 250 miles inland so by the time they get here, it’s mostly rain with some occasional strong gusts. Now, Katrina was a whole ‘nother thing - we had many hours of constant 70+mph wind and many tornados, it was scary. Look forward to updates on your build when when you can get to it. I’m really interested in your
  2. Brian, Those lanterns are incredible! Very impressive! I am very much looking forward to seeing them lit on the finished model! Don
  3. Thanks, Bob. I’m very lucky to have a finished basement and a Wife doesn’t like stairs so She never goes down there😉. My oldest Son also did a stint as an apprentice cabinetmaker and built a desk that fits me like I wanted. It’s simple but has some good storage space and cutouts for power, etc. Thanks again, Don
  4. Have pretty much finished Chapter two - lots of sanding/fairing in the immediate future😽
  5. I use a lot of CA and have had no problems with the exception that I have had a partially used bottle that seemed to lose its ability to work properly after sitting for an extended time. You can probably write a book on applicators and methods but experience and following the various logs here is a good start. I’ve used it successfully on wood, plastic, ABS, resin, photo etch brass, and combinations of all the above. Yes, I occasionally glue my fingers together or to whatever I’m working, and this can cause some heartburn, but if you’re careful this will not cause too much damage other than a
  6. Bob, beautifully done! I’m about a month behind you and really enjoying your posts! Don
  7. I, too have the Artesania Latina scraper and used it on my Medway build - it worked great! Unfortunately, AL is out of business and a brief check with Ages of Sail and a couple of other sources didn’t show any in stock. Hopefully someone else will pick up on this. Don
  8. Thanks, Bob! Your Pen Duick is gorgeous - I’m deeply impressed with how you’ve painted it and finished the deck! First rate! Don
  9. Thanks, Chuck, I really appreciate it! Your design and instructions, as well as the excellent build logs and other information here, have made this doable here in the wilderness of north Alabama😸. Don
  10. Thanks, Bob! I’m really enjoying your build and getting a lot from it - you’re making great progress! Thanks also for the likes, I appreciate it! Don
  11. A bit of an update.......... l’ve started the planking process and have completed the portion from the wales up. While it’s not anywhere near the level of some of the other builds here, it’s starting to look like a ship - lots of cleanup in the future! Don
  12. B.E., Thanks much for the kind words, I really appreciate it. Your work sets the standard that I that I try to emulate! Don
  13. Fuji, Thanks much for the kind words, I really appreciate it! Good luck with your build and start a log, I would very much like to see some pics as you move forward with it! I used Micro Kristal Klear from Microscale on all the portholes and windows, applied with a toothpick. On the larger cabin windows, I first glued the acetate that was supplied with the kit using the Kristal Klear, then backfilled the opening once the acetate was firmly in place. It takes several hours for the Kristal Klear to set up and actually turn clear (it is opaque white at first) and it is not
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