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  1. Al I don't own a black powder cartrige gun but it's on the list. I have fired them many time though at silouette matches. Mark
  2. All my muzzle loaders are traditional flintlocks. A 40 cal rifle and pistol made by Allen Sandy with silver hardware, a 58 jaeger I made and a 45 pistol I made. All of them will make one ragged hole at 50 yds the rifles will do about 4 inches at 100 yds on a good day. Mark
  3. Finally found a place to shot close to home (25 miles)!!!! And they have muzzleloading matches every month. If you've ever shot muzzleloaders you know that sulphur smell is addictive. Now is I can find a rev war reenactment group here all will be well. Mark
  4. Port side cabin interiors. I don't know if the are really correct but the are as close as I can guess from the plans. All the interior structures are made from 1/16 basswood sheet. It's what the local hobby shop has available. Thanks for watching Mark
  5. It's been a long time since my last post and not a lot has been done. Actually all I've gotten done was the starboard side front and install the port side. I was diagnosed with diabetes in November and have been dealing with that and finally have it under control with minimal meds and hopefully none in the future. First knee and interior wall installed. Starboard side cabin outside wall. Port side cabin and one starboard interior wall installed. Of course while doing this work I had a lot a supervision from the newest member of the family (don't you just hate having someone look over your shoulder while your working). She was later found doing a close up inspection and assured me that the ship was free of rodents. Now that life is a little more settled work can continue at a more even pace. thanks for watching Mark
  6. Got a gift certificate from my brother in law.(He makes Portuguese aircraft models) Ordered them tuesday and they arrived today. The Panavise is very steady.
  7. I have not been totally idle. I have finished the port side cabins. These will be under the deck so there is no interior construction. It is made of basswood and the doors and mouldings are bamboo pulled thru a draw plate and then scraped one side flat. The door frames are size 53 and the other parts are drawn down to size 40 on a Jim draw plate. The hinges are thread dipped in a gold acrylic paint, the latches are foil from a wine bottle. Progress is slow (life keeps getting in the way) but it's getting there. Thanks for watching Mark
  8. Christian thanks. I have finally gotten some work done. I got a new toy for my birthday thanks to she who must be obeyed and http://www.proxxontoolsdiscount.com/ I ordered it on the 17th and it arrived on the 19th. Very fast. As you can see I have been trying it out. You can see I've also started the gun deck beams. The first things I made on the lathe were supports for the deck beams. I tried them freehand first. No good. I needed some kind of guide. I can't find a ready made one so I had to make something. It turned out to be very simple to make but will take some practice to make anything complicated. This is the guide for the shape I need. It is cut from a piece of plastic (an old credit card). The center of the rest holder has line scratched in at the center line. The pattern is aligned with these lines. My tool holder. Very simple, the chisel is made from an allen wench and the guide is a paper clip. A stiffer piece of wire would have been better but this is what I had on hand. These are the first pieces of the lathe using the duplicator. Not bad but I will get better. I found I had to work slowly or the chisel would grab the wood and go under the work. Also it is very easy to bend the work piece which throws off the alignment. They still need some cleaning up but they are MUCH better than the freehand attempts. As always thanks for watching. Mark
  9. Next the liners for the hole in the deck the anchor chain passes through. I started with a hard wood dowel and drilled a 1/4" hole through it. Then it was cut into four pieces and each piece finished with an exacto and files. She who must be obeyed was not at home so I had to use my phone for these two pictures. These are about as good as it will do close up. A little flat black paint and two boards and the first two they are installed. It's been awhile since my last update, life keeps getting in the way. Thanks for watching Mark
  10. Also people wait for the light to get a darker shade of green. Mark
  11. When I was in the Coast Guard I had some friends who saw this and decided since they had nothing better to do they would teach a lesson. First you have know these guys where bikers. I mean leather, tats, chains on their wallets, someone you didn't want to mess with. Well they parked their bikes around this car then went inside a got a couple of six packs. When the owner of this special car came back there where 4 bikers sitting on their bikes around his car drinking bear. He said would they move their bikes????? NO we're to dunk!!! You'll have to wait until we sober up. I can't remember how long they made him wait but that night in the barracks everyone loved their story. Just because your a biker doesn't mean your not socially conscious. Mark
  12. Saw our first humming bird yesterday. Now I know it's spring. She who must be obeyed says I'm building beds around the patio this week. I didn't know we needed them. Shows you what I know. Mark
  13. Kenny be careful when gluing the patterns to the frame blanks. When the paper gets a little wet with the glue it may stretch (mine did). It changed enough I had to redo about five frames out of twelve. Mark
  14. Went down to Florida this weekend on family business and this managed to find it's way into the car. Jim is a very nice and quite man. Showed us around his shop. Some of the model shops I've seen on this forum are larger than were Jim makes his machines. The back room had over 20 machines ready to ship our this next week alone. He is a busy man. Now I can make what ever size strips I need. Mark
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