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  1. Thanks for the info about the index. I'll certainly put it to good use.
  2. Hi everyone, I just finished my build of the Friesland, and am looking for my next build. I narrowed my choices to either Amati's Revenge or Mamoli's Sao Miguel. Has anyone out there built either one (or both) of these? I'm looking for information about the kits such as quality of parts, completeness of plans, etc. Any help I can get will be greatly appreciated. Steve
  3. Hi Tadeusz, Thanks for the pictures. They'll be a big help. Have a Merry Christmas. Steve
  4. I'm building Mamoli's Friesland (Dutch 80 gunner from 1663) and I'm wondering what color scheme was used on Dutch ships of this era. I remember reading that the Dutch lion was red, but that's about all I know. Does anybody have any knowledge about this, or perhaps give me a reference that I can look up? I'm especially interested in the colors of the metal decorations. Thanks, Steve J
  5. I had the same issue a model I bought from Mamoli through Model Expo. They gave me the address: Mamolimodel@mamolimodel.com. I contacted them and they sent the missing parts to me through ME.
  6. I'm really disappointed that there won't be any more updates to your build, but I don't blame you for taking the money. I would, however, like to follow up on a couple of items: how do you make the ornamentation look so nice and shiny, and what is JB Weld, the stuff you use to attach the ornamentation? Where can I get it? Many thanks for your excellent posts and pictures. I'll miss the updates. Steve J
  7. Hi Greatgalleons, I got my Friesland kit recently and have started to work in it. It's only my second build, so I'll be relying heavily on your posts to guide me along. The quarter galleries look especially challenging. Mamoli has made some changes to the kit because the first thing I checked were the lower deck cannons, and they appear to be the correct length. There may be other improvements but I don't know yet. The one obvious disappointment is that the mast dowels are not made of walnut but some light wood that I'll have to stain, although I'll probably just buy some walnut dowels. At any rate, keep the posts, especially the pictures, coming. If my build comes out looking anything like yours I'll be extremely happy. Steve J
  8. Thanks for the responses, guys. I will follow Great Galleon's build for sure. Steve J
  9. I'm expecting delivery of this kit within the next week or two, and I'm wondering if anyone out there has built this model. I'd like to have any comments, pitfalls to avoid, etc. regarding this kit. Also, being a history buff, I'd like to make this model as historically accurate as possible. Can anyone guide me to any resources that may help me in this regard?

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