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  1. Hey Adam- I will be tagging along. I'm a Syren builder myself although lately "summer" has been taking up much of my time. I'm looking forward to your log. Charley
  2. Hey Jim Trying to picture what you are describing. Im not sure which axis you are off on. Are you refering to the sills, the lintels or the bulkheads themselves? Maybe you could post a picture. However, I have found the errors tend to multipy down the line. It might be worth the effort to fix it now. Cant be sure till I understand the problem a little better so please elaborate. I will be happy to help all I can. Also there is a framing question thread you could post your question in and get tons of responses. Their are lots of members that are more than willing to help. As to the stern, dont worry about elaborate filling below the counter, that was just my choice because I liked how it "looked" I dont think it is required to complete a good planking job. Thanks for stopping by the log Charley
  3. Outstanding idea using the brass. I think I saw some at Hobby Lobby. I will file this one away for future reference. Thanks Richard Charley
  4. Good news!. Finally got all the pitures back up that were lost now I just have to organize and post my next update . If silly things would just quit monopolizing my time I am making progress. I finished the upper planking tonight and just have to take a few more pictures. Real life does seem to interfere with my shipyard time on a regular basis. I'm thinking the whole employment/regular job thing (after 32 years) may not have been the best choice for me Hindsight is always 20/20
  5. Hey Robbyn, looking good. You are right back up with me. I finished the starboard side upper planking and am almost done on the port side. I have to get some pictures up on my log. I counted upwards of 60 seperate pieces on my startboard side. Lots of pieces, lots of time. I sure have learned a lot though. However, the starboard side will be the wall side on my Syren. I guess that means I have to start everything on the starboard side just to work the kinks out Charley
  6. Hi John ! good to hear from you. I understand you are getting ready to go on a little trip. Hope you have some fun. The only thing I lost from my log were old photos I had posted. I have them all on my PC so I can repost them when I can find the time. All is well. I have been planking my little heart out. I will have an update soon. Charley
  7. Looks like my log was hit pretty hard by the recent data loss. I should be able to replace everything. I just need to find the time. I was getting ready to post some new updates anyway. Hopefully in the next week sometime. Charley
  8. Hey Richard, very very nice! I had almost given up the idea of doing treenails as my battle with planking has been epic and I have been just slogging along. One plank at a time, but seeing your stuff is reinvigorating. Thanks Charley
  9. Martin, everything looks really good. You are moving right along. I like the effect of the black paper you are using to simulate the caulking. It seems more consisitent than the pencil method I have been using. I have been struggling with that. It looks like a bit of work though. Your templates look OK to me. I believe Chuck intended to allow for some variation- just so you start from the last bulkhead and go forward from there. I had some of the non scale templates initially and they were really messed up yours are probably OK Charley
  10. Martin, glad to see you off to a fine start. Charley
  11. Just starting planking myself. Makes me realize what an accomplishment this is. Everyone else has already said it but I will say it again. Beatiful work Augie. I also now understand the concept of battle damage. Having caused a significant amount of my own in working on my Syren. Oh well, two steps forward, one step back. Charley
  12. I am here also Robbyn. Good luck on the re-start. I am still plodding along on my planking --oh my Charley
  13. Hey John, glad to see you pop up in the content followed list. Looking foward to seeing you continue. Charley
  14. Hello from another Syren devotee. As they say - two heads are better than one - I will look forward to following your log Charley
  15. Hey Meredith- thanks for the info on your waterway problem. I had to read ahead to fully understand. This is something I will keep an eye on when I get to that point. I have been making notes on my instructions where I see other's deal with specific problems. Nice- not having to always "reinvent the wheel" you know? Thanks for posting this. Your Syren looks outstanding. Charley
  16. Thanks for all the -likes- guys. Appreciate you stopping by. Charley
  17. OK. Now filling below the counter. I decided to fill the whole space. I dont know why. I guess I just like the way it looks. Using 3/16 x 1/4 inch basswood again, I just stacked them up and glued them I carved the basic shape then started sanding. Once I was happy with the overall look, I used some filler then sanded again. Here is the result. I am not sure. The compound curves give me fits. I guess I am kind of a straight line kind of guy. Anyway if anybody sees anything I can do better let me know. That brings me up to current state. So, I turn the page and what does it say?......Hull Planking....oh great...... I think I will give everything a once over, maybe fine tune the sanding. I still have to paint the gun ports....but sooner or later I have to glue that first plank
  18. Continuing Stern framing- Chapter 4 Using 3/16 x 1/4 basswood sills and lintels are added using the template provided The rest is cleaning up and sanding smooth. Next will be filling below the counter
  19. Ok, here we go - Chapter 4 - Stern framing. Just following Chuck's great directions. I, like everyone else, have discovered how absolutely fragile these parts are. Do not even look at them very hard- they will crumble. Other than that just A, B, C ........... Now just let the glue dry- Sills and lintels are next
  20. Finally, an update. Real life seems to keep interfering with important things, like working on my Syren, but I have made some progress over the last few weeks. First, a picture of my MicroLux pen sander which has become indispensable to me. I love this tool. It has really taken away much of the drudgery of sanding for me. Just my opinion of course. And a few more pictures of my more completed framing. I can not seem to stop tweaking, here and there, but I am almost satisfied. Now it is on to stern framing. Actually it is already complete. I just have to catch the log up to current state. More pictures in a few minutes
  21. It looks much more precise than the filler method. No spread through the grain of the wood. Nice close up's. Hmmmm..... I just dont know if I have the patience. Really looks cool Meredith. What gauge of needle did you use? Charley
  22. Todd- Checked my kit for you and I see what you mean. I have 5 pieces total for the boat and in the picture it looks like there should be 5 lifts plus a bottom. Hmmm.... inquiring minds want to know........ As for the variation in the vertical framing.. I just made sure that the framing plan was lined up on the last bulkhead and then made small adjustments as I installed all the remaining frames. I think it came out ok for me. Ive been working to much the last couple weeks so I havent been around as much as I like but your Syren is looking good! Charley
  23. Thanks for sharing your process, Richard. In reading ahead in the instructions- I have gone over this several times but still was not sure. Your pictures help. Syren sure looks fine when she gets her cap on. Looks great. Charley
  24. Dont worry Robbyn I stole the idea for the spacer from someone else , Dirk- I believe. I was using the syringe that day for alcohol because I had to redo those frames. It didnt work very well, too big of a syringe and needle, I think. I subsequently switched to insulin syringes with 31 guage needles and am able to control flow much better and get the alcohol right where I want it. If nothing else, I am getting really good at taking things apart after gluing them together Floyd- I am going to check out that Chopper thing

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