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  1. Thanks Wefalk. started working on the tops. At least one of the pictures is the right way up. I need to figure out why the pictures get inverted between my folder and the uploads.
  2. Lower masts are ready for next step. I'm hoping the pictures load right way up this time.......which they did. It seems which side of the camera is up makes all the difference. Grant.
  3. Thanks John, good to see you're still here. Tony, thanks. I tried the link, the only response: "An error has occurred" above a blank page. I tried going to the digital collections and searching the books name, and received a no response message. Looking a bit further, it appears I need to become a member. I'll go down that route later. Thanks again. Regards, Grant.
  4. It's only been 5 years. Happy new year to all. I've started on the masts. There were some other photos, but they kept uploading upside down. Anyone know why this would happen? Grant.
  5. Alexandru, the jig for the wheel spokes is genius. Thanks for the pictures. Regards, Grant.
  6. The dead eyes were rough formed with a shaped cutting tool and finished off with small files. I initially tried drilling the dead eyes in the traditional fashion, without much success. The mill provided a solution, using the dividing head with timber posts turned to fit inside providing support whilst drilling. The top of the post are a slightly smaller diameter than the dead eyes, allowing the jaws to hold them firmly. The larger dead eyes are 4.9mm dia, and the smaller 4.1mm dia.. Grant.
  7. The dead eyes are made from lemon wood harvested from a tree cut down 7 years ago to make way for an extension to the house. It was quarter sawn, the ends dipped in wax, then left to dry in my workshop. The pieces used didn't warp too much, and were surprisingly easy to roughly square with a hand plane, then finish on the table saw. "Rounding" the square section timber was done in a simple jig using a thumb plane. The pieces ended up as 16 sided, and rounded enough to fit into the collets on the lathe.
  8. Thanks Nils. The cap rails are now fitted and pinned in place. Like the pin rails, they were made in 3 sections with scarfed joints. These won't be permanently fixed until the slots to accommodate the deadeye straps have been cut in. I'm thinking this might be easier done off the model. I have made a prototype deadeye/strap assembly. Currently busy making deadeyes. Grant.
  9. Thanks Nils. The pieces were cut from a sheet of copper foil and stuck on with contact cement. Regards, Grant.
  10. I thought it prudent to make and install the bulwark fairleads for the sheets from the main and fore courses before fixing the pinrails. The sheaves are 1.4mm dia x 0.9mm thick, turning them on the lathe was not difficult, finishing them off proved to be quite fiddly. Holding them in a wire eye in pliers made things easier. I am not sure as to the correct size of the fairlead assembly, lacking any specifications. I have tacked a prototype to the bulwark (prior to cutting it in), to get an idea of the proportions. Could anyone with knowledge of these things let me know if it looks about right.
  11. Bob, John, thanks, it's good to be back in the workshop. Regards, Grant.
  12. Been off with the fairies for eight months, thanks for the comments, my apologies for not responding earlier. Hey bolster55, thanks for the information, is the book about the Harriet McGregor, or is she just part of it? Pin rails were made up in 3 sections a side with scarfed joints. Grant.
  13. Mark, thanks for your thoughts. Anton, you detailed reply is much appreciated. Thanks, Grant.
  14. Anton, thanks for the interest. I couldn't fit enough of the plan to get everything, however, you can see the main & fore sheets going through bulwark fairleads. There is an issue with the main sheet fairlead, it is obstructed by the ladder to the poop deck. This has given me pause to speculate that the rigging plan is drawn as 'typical' for the period, not on the known rigging plan of the ship. Or it could just be a drafting oversight? I am using Underhill's "Masting & Rigging......" book as a guide for this model. He does mention that the book is a general guide only, that there we
  15. Anton, thanks for that, however the rigging plan shows bulwark fairleads for both. Plans are by Harold Underhill. Another Perth resident, cool. Regards, Grant.
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