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  1. Hi Try DeltaCad. Simple, inexpensive and used widely for what you are doing and ship modeling to boot. see:https://www.deltacad.com/ It has been used widely here as well. Guy
  2. Hi Nic, I am not too far in shaping the hull. It would be nice to have a hull with a bit more meat at the front end if you are willing! I had stopped trying to shape the hull trying to figure a way around not using bondo or filler... I'll send you an email! brg Guy
  3. Nic, I just have not had a chance. I posted before you answered. I am going to try to build as best I can. I am still going to try to add wood to the bow and work it into a smooth shape. Apologies if I came across the wrong way. Models are just that .. models.. not EXACT replicas. Thanks for the reply. Guy Eric, I am not going to try to re-drill the masting holes. I am going to adapt the existing. This will make the ship a bit shorter but who actuallly measures a completed model? Except of course the builder who prides himself/herself in a job well done and the joy in the journey. :-) Guy
  4. Charlie, Yup.. And a lot cheaper to boot... next time! At the least, Bluejack "could have left the hull a lot larger than they did .. sure would have saved a lot of head ache... and starting over. Guy PS.. Your Sultana is coming along great!
  5. Hi Eric; I just sent a note to Bluejacket as I have the same kit as you know (I am frustrated a bit with it being an engineer and wanting prints to match the wood in the kit). 1. The prints do not match the wood provided in the kit. a. the hull does not match the drawings b. the templates as defined in the instructions if used with the prints will not work, especially at the stern. c. The deck (nicely done) does not match the prints (the stern post hole is about 3/8" off toward the bow on the wood) And seems to be too far forward on the wood given. The prints seem more correct and if one looks at page 191 in "The History of American Sailing Ships, Chapelle" The Stern post is almost at the Transom. On the wood it is way too forward. 2. At the bow of the wood hull given, using the deck wood, I would have to ADD wood to the hull, about an 1/8" each side, a painful operation and I was hoping to have a very smooth hull.. I am very careful never to remove too much wood. As you noted, you would have to shave the deck down... Being as this kit came from bluejacket and the amount paid... gosh I am more than a bit disapointed... I wished for a "real" set of prints and lines.. there were none. I have written to bluejacket. Perhaps a better option would have been the Lively... or? This was to have been a "quicker" build for my brother and I hoped for something a bit more accurate (at least for prints that matched the wood... not necessarily historic)... -Guy
  6. Hi Wedj; Instructions very basic and if one were to follow them blindly, they would be in trouble. This is a new kit for bluejacket. I started to cut out the Hull templates and back them with posterboard, all good. Then, they provided 2 templates for the bow and the stern to set the general hull profile so that a center line could be drawn so that while sanding the hull one could maintain a flat so that a false keel could be mounted in a later step. The templates were 1/8 Laser plywood nicely cut. The Stern template made much sense and looked right. However when I tried to test fit the bow template something just was not right... There is a "water line" marked in each template which aids in the placement. The bow template just did not fit right. Went to the VERY basic prints provided. The Stern template matches perfectly. The Bow template does not. The base of the template in reference to the waterline and the hull profile does not follow the keel run. I sent Bluejacket a note. I think I can modify the template to work. I was expecting a bit more from Bluejacket as to prints and documentation though.. one pays a premium for their kits.. for sure. Guy
  7. Hi All; Finally have a bit (a little bit) of time on my hands. I am still working on another build, need to post photos. but this one is going to be a gift for a friend. I purchased this excited to see Bluejacket had done a new kit of a revenue cutter based on William Doughty's design for a 31 ton cutter. There is much discussion on these cutters and this kit should be fun. IT is an "Ensign" build. I purchased the "Ensign Kit" curious as to the paints and tools they provided. It is a small ship.. and picked specially for a small area. Here's the Box: Here's what was in the Box: Here are the Tools that were included in the Ensign package: All tools from Excel 1. Swivel Head pin vise 3 x #75 bits 1 x #67 bit 1 x #55 bit 2. 5" Needle Nose Plier with Cutter 3. K18 Grip-On Knife (with blades) 4. Sharp Point Tweezers 5. SIG SCS643 White Super Stripe tape 6. 4 sheets P60 Grit 4.5x5.5 7. 5 sheets 220 Grit " I Ordered the Paint Kit as well Here are the Wood Parts for the Ship and the Britannia Parts which look great Here is the Rough Hull: And the First Page of the Manual I did not have the two books referenced on the first page. They will be here later this week (used). I have most of the other books from Chapelle and have been reading them for years now. The prints that came with the model are very basic. 1. 17 page booklet + 4 pages of parts listing 2. General Arrangement 1/4"=1' 3. Standing Rigging 4. Running Rigging 5. Hull Templates There are no sheer or profile plans (these are what I ordered the books for). I will also be looking for full sheet plans elsewhere as well. There are details that I will be wanting to add to this model. I think that this cutter may have been copper platted as well. I am also VERY interested in solid hull models. Especially very detailed ones that can go in smaller spaces. Not much room on the home front. More later! Guy (Tom's my Alter-Ego!) Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!
  8. Hi all, Things have been busy at home, not much time for fun things.. but! I did get the Keel made and put together and the forms for the hull. i have not put together the whole hull jig yet. I am getting ready to cut the rabbit but wanted to look at some close up pictures. It appears the rabbit has to be cut at an angle from the rabbit line to the middle line and then from the bearding line to the middle line.. this is pretty fine stuff.. any tips? I also ran into problems glueing the keel as one of the pieces for the bow fell apart removing it .. I patched it. I thought of making one from scratch but I think this will do. I will fill the gap with wood filler. I have noted this with a red arrow in the images I am still figuring out this forum software and the uploading of images. For now I am using Evernote to store current work and other notes. It is a public folder. https://www.evernote.com/pub/fangorn/bountylaunch having fun doing this.. slow going though. Guy PS... this is an edit after I posted this.. I should have searched and found: http://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/540-how-to-add-pictures-in-your-posts-and-pms/#entry6199 Explains everything.. for now I will keep the images in evernote..
  9. Ahoy! Well, rather than re-start (at least for now) the AL Bluenose, I felt I needed a warmup to get these old fingers doing what they need to do, it has been over 10 years. I could not resist the reasonable price from MS on the Bounty Launch... so here we go! I pulled out all my old tools (it is amazing where dust is... where does it all come from? ... on second thought maybe I don't want to know..). I cleared my desktop (well.. kinda) and I will start in earnest! Several here already have builds started or finished for this model so I look to learn and participate. I have a MS Bluenose on the shelf too.. I am more than obsessed with Gloucestermen and Fishing Schooners... -Guy (Tom's my alter-ego) Hey dol! merry dol! ring a dong dillo! Ring a dong! hop along! Fal lal the willow! Tom Bom, jolly Tom, Tom Bombadillo!
  10. John, Jim; Thanks for the comments. and I will try to continue. The hull is sound. J.R.R. Tolkien got me through many many nights in my bunk on the "boat" which spent most of its time under the ice or very near various places in the Barents sea that Soviet Subs spent their time.. ;-) guy
  11. All; Oh, most important. This is the AL Model .. rgds Guy
  12. Hi all! First post here and most likely not the last. Name is Guy. (I like Tom Bombadil very much though!). I am currently the Security Systems Director for the University of Virginia, past director of IT. Most of my background is in Semiconductors where I worked for Intel and other Semicondutor manufacturers over the last 20 years. I am at UVA to be able to spend more time with my special needs son Luke, who has a very rare genetic disorder (Mosaic Trisomy 13). You can read more about him here: http://www.livingwithtri13.org/albumluke.html Prior to this I rode submarines for the Navy at the tail end of Vietnam as a Sonar Technician. My last boat was USS Sunfish SSN649 (fast attack). I started this model in 2004-5.. then many things were happening in my family which precluded it moving forward. I was building this using the wonderful documentation from John Earl (who I think is no longer actively building..) here: http://www.modelboatyard.com/bluenose2_articles.html. It has been sitting for a while..well..more than a while. So, I attached some pictures of the current state.. Obviously I need to rework the decking.. I did not know what I was doing.. but the rest..? I have some questions: 1. Should I start all over? picking another version of the BluenoseII? (I love this boat.. I have the book on it by L.B. Jenson..neat book! ). 2. Do kits (the wood) get too old to start again? (it has sat in a very dry basement (sometimes wet though.. dang storms)) but high up on a shelf. 3. I think I "could" double plank this .. ? 4. Continue using John's plans? 5. Pointers? I found this forum last night and spent several hours going through it. What a neat place! Anyway.. look at the attached pictures and let me know what you all think? Don't be too soft.. :-) Many thanks for those who started this forum and those who contribute! I look for many happy hours (especially in the nights which I don't sleep so well.. :-( which is fairly often.. ) building ship model(s). +----------------+ with best regards; Guy Alias: AI1G ... ham Alias: Tom Bombadillo

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