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  1. Hi Try DeltaCad. Simple, inexpensive and used widely for what you are doing and ship modeling to boot. see:https://www.deltacad.com/ It has been used widely here as well. Guy
  2. Hi Nic, I am not too far in shaping the hull. It would be nice to have a hull with a bit more meat at the front end if you are willing! I had stopped trying to shape the hull trying to figure a way around not using bondo or filler... I'll send you an email! brg Guy
  3. Nic, I just have not had a chance. I posted before you answered. I am going to try to build as best I can. I am still going to try to add wood to the bow and work it into a smooth shape. Apologies if I came across the wrong way. Models are just that .. models.. not EXACT replicas. Thanks for the reply. Guy Eric, I am not going to try to re-drill the masting holes. I am going to adapt the existing. This will make the ship a bit shorter but who actuallly measures a completed model? Except of course the builder who prides himself/herself in a job well done and the joy in the journey. :-
  4. Charlie, Yup.. And a lot cheaper to boot... next time! At the least, Bluejack "could have left the hull a lot larger than they did .. sure would have saved a lot of head ache... and starting over. Guy PS.. Your Sultana is coming along great!
  5. Hi Eric; I just sent a note to Bluejacket as I have the same kit as you know (I am frustrated a bit with it being an engineer and wanting prints to match the wood in the kit). 1. The prints do not match the wood provided in the kit. a. the hull does not match the drawings b. the templates as defined in the instructions if used with the prints will not work, especially at the stern. c. The deck (nicely done) does not match the prints (the stern post hole is about 3/8" off toward the bow on the wood) And seems to be too far forward on the wood given. The prints seem more
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