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  1. Hi ,yes I can confirm that was the Warrior under the tarps as she was going through a refit and restoration at the time. They have added a cafeteria on the gun deck. I visited Warrior Victory and the Mary Rose in 2019 Martyn
  2. Hi all sorry I haven't posted for a while but life and stuff has got in the way. I have been slowly working away on the FD . I have finished the hull and have now put some details on the stern galleries and the sides. As I'm no good at carving I have used modelling clay to make the scary faces and strange fishy things and to make her look old and battered I have put some barnacles and clamy things on the sides. I need to find away of putting some smaller barnacles on the lower hull. Thanks for looking. Martyn
  3. There's certainly a lot of airfields around East anglia, I have three in a eight mile radius from me . Great Ashfield, Rougham and Rattlesden . Rattlesden is now a glider club, Rougham is surrounded by a large industrial estate but they still fly light aircraft from there and Great Ashfield is now a private airfield with a grass landing strip. There's still a few old buildings on the site but mostly falling down and neglected which is a shame. Martyn
  4. Wow thank you for the brilliant photos of your grandad . It's amazing that he was just up the road from where I live and 35 missions. I take my hat of to legends like your grandad. The model is now at the Rougham Tower Museum near Bury St Edmunds, well worth a visit if you're in the area. Thanks again Martyn
  5. Thank you all for the nice comments guys. I don't think I can have another one at the moment Dave as he was one in a million and I think I would compère the new one to him which would be unfair to both of them. Thanks again it's really helped. Martyn
  6. Thank you so much for the kind words. They do look similar. Scamp was a Cairn Terrier/ Norfolk mix . Thanks again Martyn
  7. I have just said goodbye to my little friend as I have had to have him put to sleep because of liver cancer RIP mate and may you chase balls for ever
  8. Hi all . I have been a bit busy on the FD . The planking has been finished and sanded down. I was going to second plank the hull but I like the look of it as she is meant to look all beaten up. Next job planking the decks and capping the bulwarks. All the wood has been left over from all the other builds I have done so this has cost me next to nothing so far and quite pleased with the outcome. I'm not very good at carving so I plan to use modelling clay for the carvings so just wondering what the best one to use . Thanks for following Martyn
  9. RIP Danny you will be sorely missed. Thinking of your family and friends Martyn
  10. Hi amazone the plans are from the Corel Vasa which I built several years ago but I have changed a pop decks to look like the Flying Dutchman. I looked at the ship from the film and thought that looks like the Vasa so it was the perfect candidate. Thanks for following Martyn
  11. Hi all I have now completed cutting out all the bulkheads and kell and have dry fitted to see how they fit and all seems fine. Next job cutting out the decks from some 2mm ply . Thanks for following. Martyn
  12. I would like to give Brian aka probablynot a big shout out to say thank you so much for making me some masks and sending them to me. I look after my wife so we have been self isolating but I still have to go shopping so these will be brilliant. Thanks again Brian 👏🏻👍🏻
  13. Hi all . I have cut out a few more bulkheads and the false keel . I must admit they take a lot longer than I thought but I'm not going anywhere so they will take as long as they take. As you can see from the pictures I have cut them way side the line so I can sand them down to the right level. Hopefully it's going to be a nice day tomorrow so I can cut some more. Cheers for following Martyn
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