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  1. Absolutely brilliant I'm still laughing now Martyn
  2. Not surprised this is probably the best site out there Martyn
  3. You should try driving around Suffollk I am thinking about buying a Tank Martyn
  4. Probably some of them get free kits to promote them on the forum. I got asked a while ago to build one of these ripoffs on another forum. Can't print what I said but it goes along the lines of sun don't shine. Martyn
  5. I joined SoS a while ago just to flag up the ripoffs on their and got thrown off. Just goes to show that they know what's going on. Definitely no piracy for me Martyn
  6. My wife and I found a sign on the door of the newly renovated toilets at the boat station in Norwich , I quote, showers out of action please use toilet ? . I think I will pass on that lol Martyn
  7. I was hoping that the Vasa II book which has the full rigging plan was going to come out but it looks like it will be next year before it appears. The rigg for the tops is going to be best guess as none of the masts and rigging survived so the museum is going with what has been recovered in the way of blocks etc to reconstruct the upper riggs. Using the SotS as reference and other ships of that period is probably the way to go. One thing I have found out is the Vasa didn't have pinrails fitted to the gunwales the belay pins were fitted on the rails so on my build I removed mine and drilled the rails a bit of a faf but looks better. Martyn
  8. Hi Snoepert nice to see you back on the Vasa . The rigging plan is totally wrong that Deag supplied . They show blocks for the hallards when they should be pulleys. I was in the same boat but luckily Michael aka mid1400s came to my rescue by sending me plans from Billings kit and Corel plus I also looked at how Dutch ships were rigged for that period. You could also email Fred Hocker at the Vasa museum in Stockholm. Hope this helps Martyn
  9. Please tell me how you know lol Martyn
  10. This is my second mate . He is 10 years old and is very loyal can't go anywhere without him following lol Martyn
  11. Thank you for the best wishes for my wife. She is coming home today 😎 Michael has been real help as the rigging plan from Deag is very basic. Thanks again Frank. Martyn
  12. Cheers for the comments Michael. Sorry for not posting for a while but life has really got in the way. Got made redundant in May so have running around trying to get another job . Then last week my wife got taken into hospital for open heart surgery for a replacement valve so have been running to and from the hospital so not a lot happening on the build and I have lost a bit of mojo to get on with it. On the bright side I would like to thank Michael aka mid 1400s for sending me lots of pictures on the rigging as the ones from Deag are totally wrong. I have managed to rig the bowsprit sails and still got some more ratlines to do but onwards and upwards . Hopefully will get some more done next week. As always thanks for the likes and following. Martyn
  13. Very nice work trouble is the anchor stock is upside down. The curve should be at the bottom. Hope this helps Martyn

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