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  1. Hi all and thanks for the comments and likes. The Deag Vasa is a super kit to build but is still missing a few details ie the small ports for messages down on the lower hull and the masts are wrong but apart from that it's a cracking ship . I have done some more painting. The carvings that go under the beak are PE and take a lot of patience to get right. To make sure the paint didn't come off it was cleaned with IPA and primed with etch primer then all the details painted on . It will be left for a couple of days to harden up then glued to the beak . Not sure what glue to use as it needs a bit of wriggle room to line up with the backing so CA seems to be out so any help would be much appreciated . Thanks again for looking. Martyn
  2. Totally agree I was very disappointed with the way it was produced and I think they could have done a lot more with facial reconstruction instead of trying to find the relatives. And as for telling us that there where foreign people in Tudor Britain well what a surprise as Britain had been trading with the world for hundreds of years, you don't need to be a history professor to know that. Martyn
  3. Looking forward to seeing how yours turns out Eddie. Painting the hull like they show in the instructions was a no go for me as I like to see the wood under neath plus it was a horrible brown lol . Happy building m8 Martyn
  4. Cheers for the comments Michael. Go for it m8 I am sure you would make a brilliant job of it Martyn
  5. Thanks for all the likes and comments guys A bit more done on the Vasa . The hull has been stained with one coat of natural oak and two coats of mid oak and the nails picked out with black stain. I have replaced the ladders with wooden ones as I didn't like the PE ones you get with the kit . Painting of lots of carvings has now started in earnest, oh my poor old eyes lol. cheers for looking in Martyn
  6. Coming along well Snoepert looking forward to seeing your next update m8 Martyn
  7. From another cranky person who also doesn't use Facebook I am glad you're wife is on the mend and good luck with your build . Martyn
  8. Love the hammock and glad to see you back in the shipyard Michael. Martyn
  9. Cheers mate it took ages to do the scarf joints but really happy with the result. Next job getting the right colour on the hull Martyn
  10. Hi Pav the tool leaves a mark in the wood then I cut them with a scalpel blade just to make them look more pronounced. Thanks for looking Martyn
  11. Thanks for the likes guys. A lot more work done on the Vasa . The scarf joints have all been completed and the strakes fitted. The top of the doors for the main deck and the frames for the bow doors are made of metal and the instructions say to paint them brown but I didn't like the thought of that so have covered them with some thin strips and then stained them with the same varnish that I used for the deck . Next job a light sand of the outer hull and staining, hopefully some time this week. Thanks for following Martyn

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