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  1. My non-existent sailing experience couldn't give you a definitive answer to your question, Nikiforos, but I do know that others who were building the Bounty launch at the same time that I was did mention adding a bowsprit and jib-sail to their kits. I can only imagine that there would have been many different rigs, depending upon design and usage, among other factors. Cathead opened up a discussion on the matter here, which you may find useful.
  2. Forge onwards, Niki. I believe that you can still turn this into a very acceptable little boat.
  3. In a completely unrelated topic, the price of oil sits at around $65 per barrel.
  4. Thank you for making that clear, Dziadeczek ... I was very confused.
  5. You'll be needing a tiny, tiny vacuum cleaner next, Patrick. (Or a tiny, French maid)
  6. A teeny-tiny model boat inside a teeny-tiny model boat !! What a concept !! So, if Genesis is 1:300, then what's the scale of your gaff-rigged yacht ?? Keep up the great work, Patrick.
  7. Just to tie the count up, I'll vote bow. Over to you, Caroline.
  8. I'd agree with Mark on the two ships from astern ... but I also really like Vossie's first pic.
  9. Those are words that should be reserved for the really good builders here on MSW ... not myself. You are way too kind, Nikiforos. I thank you.
  10. She looks magnificent, Matthias !! I love the mirrored baseboard - great idea.
  11. Nah. Yours looks too good, CH. I think you would have to drop it a couple of times ... mebbe kick it against the wall some.
  12. I just wish to point out that I have never read this thread, nor have I looked at any of the pictures. Whoever "liked" your posts using my log-in is a dirty rat. I'm going to hide now. Possibly in a mountain cabin. Or possibly somewhere else.
  13. In Theodore Roosevelt's book "The Naval War of 1812" (one of the very few books on naval tactics that I have read to date), he goes into extensive detail on the manoeuvrings of the combatants in many encounters. He even includes a number of sketches to help explain, such as this one:
  14. Speaking as one lone voice, I will not be purchasing from Model Shipways ever again. I abandoned my USS Constitution build, primarily due to two factors. Firstly, I wanted to convert the kit to an 1812 variation. Probably due to my lower skill level (and patience), I struggled with this immensely. Secondly, as has been pointed out, almost every aspect of the MS kit has to be scratch built. MS largely provides just the strip wood. A third factor for me was that, despite a number of writers saying that MS customer service is very good, I did NOT experience this at all. Indeed, quite the opposite. On the two occasions when I contacted them for additional wood, my queries took in excess of three weeks before the goods were even shipped. And that is not counting for transit to Australia. Multiple e-mails were required on my behalf to get progress on my requests. On one occasion, I even received a rather curt reply back from MS, stating that "these things take time". This was after having re-submitted information on my order (which MS somehow lost) and not getting any response for three days (working days, mind you ... I took the time differential AND weekends into consideration). There are plenty of quality model suppliers on the market (OcCre, Caldercraft, Syren etc etc), and in future I shall be spending my money with them, instead of Model Shipways. (I would love to one day re-attempt a build of the USS Constitution ... but that day may have to wait until Chuck releases a kit of this beautiful ship) [RANT MODE OFF]
  15. OcCre supplied a decent base with their Apostol Felipe kit ...
  16. Happy Birthday from me also, Nenad. (Even though I'm a day late)
  17. Nice work, CDR. I sure wish my excuses were even half as productive as yours !!!
  18. Just a thought, Heinrich, but you could do her with mast stubs ... a la the Admiralty models of yore. (Now I'll just return to quietly following and enjoying the amazing research that you, Hubac and EJ_L are doing.)
  19. Some time back, I produced this effect by scratching random, longitudinal grooves in my planking with an Exacto knife .... ... the grooves were then filled with a standard HB pencil, before I applied a few coats of wood stains, lightly sanding back in between. As I recall, I used Old Baltic, Golden Teak and Oak stains from Feast Watson. If you are at all interested (at the time, I never thought anyone else would be), feel free to check-out my Bounty Launch log in the link below. Start about halfway down pg4 ....
  20. Jeez. Kits have certainly evolved since the Airfix kits that I last built as a kid !!! Looking good, Slog ... real good.

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