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  1. My sails are spinnaker cloth Pete. I'll probably make another set of sails sometime soon out of cotton (maybe a couple to compare different materials) but the current set move her along just fine. You asked me how I bent the sail line tubes - I annealed the tube the same as you did and bent them round a pulley wheel that I had lying around. Flaring the ends was a different matter though and I might have to see if I can borrow a flaring tool for the next ones. I'm reluctant to buy one as it won't get a lot of use.
  2. Hi Pete That would have been one big Bluenose! I have an Emma sitting in my hallway :-) She sails well although I only sail her in the sea having no access to a local lake; I'm building another two or 3 this winter for friends and we'll do a bit of racing.
  3. Absolutely fantastic Ed. Thank you for the masterclass in ship modelling. Like others, I can't believe it has been 6 years but it has never been onerous; indeed it has been a pleasure watching it all come together. Your expertise in all aspects of ship modelling has been a joy to follow.
  4. restrung my banjo

  5. I've got full size plans for a boat, kayak and stand up paddle board here at up to 18 feet x 5 feet Gaetan. If I can get that size printed in Turkey then I'm sure you could get them in Canada.
  6. for any Brits that are watching this thread then the StewMac router base is available from Woodworks Craft Supplies for £46.40 http://www.woodworkscraftsupplies.co.uk/stewmac-precision-router-base-p-1336.html They say they're having a closing down sale so might be worth a look to see what else is available.
  7. I have much the same as Gaetan suggests but I have to admit I bought the diamond plate to keep the water stones flat. I use it as first stage for everything now!
  8. Merhaba Aydın! I've just found your build log (I've been away from the forum for a while) and you're doing great! I've only made 2 RC boats so I don't have that much experience but I made sure that all internal seams were watertight by using thickened epoxy fillets on the internal seams - along the keel line, the chines etc. I also coated the insides with unthickened epoxy and fibreglassed the outside of the hull - more epoxy. Both boats get a fair bit of use in the summer (I made them for my grandchildren) and both are bone dry inside. Looking at your pictures though I'm not sure how you'd go about filleting the seams, it all looks quite full inside that hull! Anyway, good luck with the rest of the build. I'll keep watching.
  9. They look magnificent Ed! Also congratulations on getting the book published!
  10. Your work never disappoints Karl. I wish you good luck that it all goes smoothly and I look forward to a beautiful build.
  11. What did I do in my garden today? I took the boat out of it.
  12. That first thin coat of primer is a right pain in the butt isn't it vaddoc! I always seem to have the same problem - hull looks lovely, get some primer on and then get sanding again. At least it shows you where the work is needed.
  13. Like many others I have followed your build from the beginning and have not stopped admiring your exquisite workmanship. Many congratulations on finishing this beautiful work of art. I'm going to miss the updates but I suspect I'll be looking back through the log for inspiration and maybe just to admire your work. Thank you Karl for sharing this build with us.
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