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  1. Have I hell. Gotta be honest though, I haven't pushed myself to get back to it either. Thant's gonna change.
  2. Hello everyone My, doesn't time fly! My grandson is 2 now and my daughter is moving out soon. Things should get back to normal in a few weeks. Over the months I have tried working on the kitchen worktops and in the bedroom but for me it just doesn't work. I even put the ship back on the table, but the little fella is always inquisitive and I end up putting the ship away again. With a bit of luck I should be back soon.
  3. I remember many years ago attempting a metal rail around a ships stern. Lots of kinks! Gorgeous job, Beautifully done. Hats off to you sir.
  4. The merged photo showing the crew on both sides of the deck is absolutely stunning. For me it is the best photo. It is not hard to imagine the devastation that shrapnel could make in such a confined space. Bravo Dafi. Beautifully done.
  5. Dafi, thanks for this truly inspirational build. Love what you are doing with the figures..each telling a story. You are MSG's own Olivier Bello ..............http://www.arsenal-modelist.com/index.php?page=shipimg&ship=boullongne∂=cℑ=c1
  6. Square nuts?? One thing is for sure...I now know I am in the land of perfection...absolutely speechless.
  7. Hi Guys Clare...so sorry for not replying to you. I got my kit from the Polish site Shipyard. The frames were all pre-cut. Each frame piece is laser cut and has small tabs that when cut frees the frame from the cardboard. John...thank you for the information. On a general note, I haven't given up on my ship, but my working table became a nursery for my daughters new baby boy. He is 1 now. My how time flies! My table used to have new born baby stuff piled on it, now it has 1 year old baby stuff on it instead.
  8. Hi Clare I began my build after the new year last January. I soon found out that some of the cardboard formers were very fragile. You can see my poor efforts in my signature. I put the ship away because my daughter gave me a new grandson and my working table became a nursery. But things have steadied down now and I am getting the 'itch' again. Nice to see your build coming along. Looking good.
  9. Have you tried Alibaba? Be sure to tick the boxes Gold Supplier and Onsite Check. You can also state the minimum quantities you need. Unfortunately it doesn't give you a price guide.
  10. Sorry I asked. I will be sure to post in the right thread next time.
  11. I live near Haydock and I forgot about this show. Such a pity. I know you posted the date earlier in the year here. Do you know of any pictures that were taken?
  12. I really like the way you use tape to define the shapes required. Whether it be the QG's or planking. I understand now what you meant when you said you wanted to simplify the build. I love it Chuck.
  13. Guy, thank you for the link. Ed, a thorough explanation well explained. Interestingly enough I typed in 'liver of sulfer' in youtube and in the video a lady uses it in gel form. She says it stays stable longer. The video is quite educational. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b160j_DXgRw
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