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  1. Maple is a fantastic wood for planking. Not as hard as beech and pear but holds an edge, superb in bending, easy to work with. Minimal grain, white-ish. If you like the colour, you will not regret.
  2. Also check Arkowood. They seem to select the timber they send out quite well. I love beech. It is hard and tough, holds an edge, glues well, sands well, bends fantastically well. Good for frames, planks, keel. Does not split like walnut. I am going to plank two boats at 1:10 scale with it. I like it looks and colour although the pattern is quite prominent. A couple of things though. The wood pattern depends how it is cut, can be elegant little dots (usually) or wide spots (not very nice). Also, wood seems to vary from tree to tree (I know, big surprise here...) I received some
  3. At your own pace Phil 😁 The wood (in your case paper) is patient, so are we.
  4. Bob many thanks, indeed this progress is pretty fast for my standards Keith and Allan, Fanta Zero Sugar is one of those little pleasures that make life meaningful! Now, I stole a few moments to spend in the shipyard. I tidied up a bit and then did a tiny bit of work. The frames are underway, so I wanted to start work on the keel, stem and deadwood/stern. These will be partly visible and furthermore the rabet will need to be curved, so they cannot be made from plywood. Even if I end up painting the boat (quite possible), they still need to be made from wood. I chos
  5. I think another update is in order. Box, many thanks but actually the frames on the photo were roughly cut , they were later finished to the exact pattern. Keith, it was actually very easy to glue the mirror pattern on the back. I am pretty sure there are already significant tolerances in the build, a bit more to the left or to the right will make no difference I think! I just managed to scrape a few moments here and there to work on the boat. I first finished all the frames to the exact pattern using the disc sander and mostly diamond files, which remove a lot of
  6. Do not worry. The smoother the better. You will not regret the work you put in preparing the surface for paint. The primer magnifies faults 10 times, the paint a hundred. 0000 wool is something like 400-600 grit I would think. No issues, both acrylics and enamels will love your smooth primed surface.
  7. Now, I need to correct a couple of mistakes. The actual frame count is 16 as No 17 would be the transom. Furthermore, there only 14 frames in the above arrangement as somehow I missed two! In any case, the templates have been glued to the 6 mm plywood sheet. This is very thick plywood bought from Cornwall models, it is very good quality with no voids, it reminds me of marine plywood although the wood is soft birch. The little Dremel Motosaw is actually doing a pretty good job and is cutting the plywood with relative ease. The frames at 6 mm thick I think will be sturdy enough
  8. Dear all, many thanks for your comments and likes. Unfortunately It took me a while to come back to my log as life has gone into hyperdrive again. All the frames are now in place and strengthened with pieces of wood. The boat is ready to be planked! However, I will temporarily hold the build and concentrate bringing the Launch to the same point. I think it will be interesting, these two boats are completely different in shape and I am curious how the planking arrangement will compare. A few final photos, the log will continue with the (clinker) planking, provided I will
  9. Brian, you wheel came out fantastic! Very impressive and precise work. Your log is a joy to follow
  10. You know how it goes Bob. Good times follow bad times until things go bad again. We just need to enjoy the good breaks and soldier on during the bad ones. Soon you ll be back on your boat, scratching your head trying to figure out the rigging. Stay safe Vaddoc
  11. Beech is cheap Bob, I think around £4-5 per sheet 1000 x 100 mm. Pear, cherry and the other premium woods are much more expensive. If you visit both sites you can check the prices. Yes, it is a wood I very much like. It bends nicely and I like how it combines with pear. Now, for the Deben I used maple which is a fantastic wood for planking. I did not appreciate however that beech, although it bends as nicely, is also much harder. I foresee troubles ahead!
  12. Welcome aboard Bob and Patrick! I am really sorry it has taken me so long to post a reply-life has gone into hyperdrive. Still, I managed to do a bit of work on the boat!The Yawl is ready for planking, so time to bring the launch to the same level. First, I ordered some more wood, this time not from Oliver at Arcowood but from Massive Holz. Once again I find that the former provider indeed selects the timber that is sent out. The latter does not seem to do this as much. I received some sheets that have defects and colour variation which I think should not have been
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