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  1. Very nice. Following your build with great interest! Niklas
  2. Hi! Following your build with great interest, and I like your choice of woods. Did you use glue for the reinforcements? Niklas
  3. Hi Mike! Been following your display case build and I am very impressed! Now looking forward for some Cromwell! Niklas
  4. Hi Finally found some building time on my Rochefort. I made a promise to myself to do all the frames before summer ends and have only two left (not including the scary ones at bow and stern…) After that there will a lot of faring to do. Here’s some quick pics where I am right now. Niklas
  5. It all looks very good! I'm also impressed by the building speed, and still so accurate! Niklas
  6. Tony, all four are interesting projects. I`m enjoying the Rochefort even if it´s a little more than I can handle, still I understand that Naiad is tempting. If I had the skill I'd might go for that one, but it's your choice. Don't know if this helps: I use my small scanner when I need copies for frames etc, but took the original plans to a professional copy place that printed out unfolded copies. Perhaps not super accurate but I can live with it. Your way of doing it is of course the best way to get it as perfect as possible. Niklas
  7. Hi! Slow work but have finally found a way to build the frames. I've seen others doing the lower parts first and it makes sense. Here's some first results:
  8. Hi Per. Just catching up. This is an interesting build, I really like this kind of boat! But I would probably have given up after that earlier mistake...btw: How did you unglue the wood? Niklas
  9. Yes, a very nice work place (hopefully the printer don't mind some dust...) I will follow this build with interest!! Niklas
  10. First frame done. It needs sanding I but will save that for later.
  11. Hi all Had to take a brake from building but now I appear to be back again, hopefully with some more regular updates. Finally done with the keel. Now on to do some frames! Niklas
  12. Mike, just catching up on your excellent build. Your'e making a beautiful Cromwell! Niklas
  13. Thanks Håkan! I have done some models before, both kits and scratch - not all completed I have to admit. I'm from Stockholm, maybe I should fix that in my profile somehow.
  14. Thanks all. Still milling my way through the rising wood and stuff. Mike: well, to be honest I just do what the plans tell me to do... But I think that some of the frames need the extra strength, same thing at the stern:
  15. And here a quick update. Having fun with my latest and favorite toy, the milling machine.
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