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  1. Regarding the brushed on glue method, I am not building this kit but assume it would work well for any kit so I was wondering about it. Do you dilute with water? And what is a good ratio of glue to water to use? Thanks, Dave
  2. New price of $540 now. This should bring the total including shipping via UPS to under $600 for most USA locations. Please let me know if anyone would like more photos or other information. This kit is just too big for me and I have plenty of others on the shelf so that's why I'm selling it. Thanks for looking! Dave
  3. Amati/Vanguard Kit #1300/04 in new condition. Nothing started, everything is exactly as received when I bought this a few years ago. I have added some additional packing material to keep everything protected inside. Price is $600 plus actual shipping cost. It will ship in the original outer box which is 40" x 18" x 9" The total weight is 34 lbs.
  4. I ordered one of these a couple months ago and it had some issues with damage during shipment. Just wanted to say that Matt took care of everything for me, excellent customer service from HobbyWorld USA!!! Dave
  5. Just a quick question. To make my build board I have a nice flat piece of 3/4" thick plywood plenty long enough but only a little over 10" wide. From the photos in other build logs it looks like that should work fine, but any reason it wouldn't? Thanks, Dave
  6. I've cut out the bulkheads for the front section and a few random others and it seems to be going well. As I do more I am getting comfortable cutting a bit closer to the lines. Still leaving extra on the outer surface but hopefully not too much. Here's a photo of test fitting them. Please advise if any adjustments should be made before I continue to process with the rest.
  7. Thanks all....very helpful advice....will proceed with cutting more of the bulkheads out this week.
  8. Hi all. I've cut out my first bulkhead. I left about slightly under 1/16" outside the line (was aiming for 1/16" but ended up a little closer). I did not leave extra at the tops of the bulkhead extensions. Is that OK or should I leave some extra wood there as well? Also, I wasn't sure how much if any extra to leave on the insides of the bulkhead extensions and across the top of the flat part. Where I've marked it with the blue arrows in the picture is where I'm not sure about. I don't want to create more work than necessary later unless it's going to help me get them all to the correct height
  9. Thanks so much Chuck, I know it's not easy making videos like this. They turned out great, very easy to understand and see everything and you explain things very well!
  10. I've been experimenting with different sized scroll saw blades and practicing, about ready to make some real cuts soon. I noticed that Stuntflyer Mike recommended in another build log cutting just slightly outside of the lines which I'll try doing. That was nice timing because I was kind of wondering about that. I had to order some new blades since most of mine were partially used so it may be a few more days before I start. In the meantime I'll look at making the base supports out of some 1/2" MDF I have in my shop. Dave
  11. Starting my member build log! I have received my first shipment from Syren Co. and the parts/wood all looks great. I am building the yellow cedar version. I am looking forward to a great experience and to learning a lot during the build. I have a lot of nice 1/4" baltic birch ply in my stash that will be what I use for the keel, and I just received the lite ply for the bulkheads from the recommended source for ease of cutting on those parts. A couple of those lite ply pieces are pretty warped and I'm not sure how much to worry about that. I'll start with the flatter pieces though. So I just ne
  12. Thanks for asking that, that's exactly what I needed to know as I already have a supply of birch ply and only need to order for the bulkheads. So 6 plus maybe an extra for mistakes or warping is what I'll order. Dave
  13. What kind of improvements is Dusek making to the Mamoli kits? Better wood and/or instructions or other changes? Nice to hear that in any case. I looked at the website and don't see it described although the photos look nice.
  14. Thank you so much for the detailed photos and descriptions. I've been a little stuck on my Niagara rigging for a while and while there are many other excellent build logs, yours is easiest for me to follow along with. I really appreciate it. Such nice work and photos too.
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