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  1. Thank you Kurt for the detailed explanation of what has worked for you over the years! I've had the same questions lately. Dave
  2. Thanks so much! This will definitely get me started. I really appreciate your offer of help also! David
  3. Hi Darrell, I'm going to take another stab at getting serious about the masting and rigging of my Niagara. Can you please tell me what is needed or what you used anyways to replace the rope and blocks using Syren items, if you have an estimate of that? Thank you and thanks for your log....it is giving me some good inspiration! David
  4. Hi Dave:


    Go to the home page of this forum and view the sponsors list. You will find Chuck's company listed as Syren Ship Model Company. It's a great site.



    1. Dave B

      Dave B

      Thank you Bob!  I just received my first order from them and it all looks great.  Lots of blocks and line for my Niagara.  Almost done assembling my Servomatic... looking forward to using it.  Thanks again,


  5. I know you finished this a while ago, but I've been away. I am planning to get back to my Niagara in the hopefully near future and I'm ready to start the rigging. Your work is amazing and will be immensely helpful and inspiring to me. Thank you for sharing and the great photography too! Dave Barnard
  6. Dave B

    Duke William 7

    Thanks for the compliment! That is my favorite feature too. Dave
  7. Thanks Patrick and Rich! Yes, 13 years is a long time and it's really hard to believe it's been that long but that's what the notes I kept say. But just wait until I resume building my USS Constitution after this. I started that one back in the 1980's! Dave
  8. Looking really nice! Thanks for the excellent descriptions, pictures, and suggestions. I have this kit, will probably do it next, and I wasn't around for the previous Granado build logs you mentioned so yours will be a nice reference I can tell from the quality of your work. Dave
  9. I am working on the jib boom and flying jib boom parts. The plans show two of something called a "dumb sheave" at the ends of each of these. The plans appear to show (in the close up view) that these refer to a hole and/or slot through the part, vertically. One looks like it is right at the end, kind of a vertical groove in the end of the part, with the other dumb sheave being a hole just before the end. Is this correct? Thanks, Dave
  10. Dave B

    Halifax 2

    Thank you for the compliment and thanks for looking!!!
  11. Dave B

    Halifax 6

    Thank you for the complement! I agree it was really a fun kit; too bad it's not being produced any more.
  12. Nice German kit, unique style of construction, very fun to build. Followed Bob Hunt's practicum which I found to be very helpful. My second ship model.
  13. Craftsman style kit of Lauck Street Shipyard back when they were producing kits still. My third ship model.
  14. This was my first wooden ship kit.
  15. Another Niagara build log.... I'm Dave, from Columbia, Missouri. This is my fourth ship model project. My first, the Marseille by Mamoli, I built about 30 years ago and it turned out well for my first kit. Then I started the USS Constitution kit by Mamoli when I was in my 20's and got frustrated and put it away (it's still in my closet). I didn't build any more ship kits until I bought this Niagara kit 13 years ago. After planking the hull and deck I again got sidetracked as our children were born and I put it away. In the past few years I have completed two kits, both with the help of Bob Hunt's practicums, his Halifax kit and also the Kammerlander Duke William kit and I think these both turned out nicely. Of course, there were step by step instructions so it was easy to just follow along and produce a good result. So a couple months ago I decided to try a bigger challenge and complete my Niagara kit. I have been trying to get some good photos and I'm having some trouble getting them to look as good as I want but here are a few, showing where I'm at currently. I have benefitted from all the other Niagara build logs here, so thanks everyone for your assistance. Patrick suggested I do a build log so here goes. My main issue at this time is that the instructions don't really provide a lot of guidance as to the order to do the various steps in the masting and rigging. I'm hoping I have done everything I should before starting on them. I have done the rough shaping of all the masts and yards and I think I will continue to refine these and try to make them look like the plans show with all the various little parts attached to them. So that's what I'm working on now. I happily welcome any comments and suggestions! Dave B

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