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  1. I've always like the look of this one. It has a handy 5000 rpm top speed. http://littlemachineshop.com/products/product_view.php?ProductID=4700
  2. Is this bench plane on anyone's Christmas list?! https://www.classichandtools.com/acatalog/New-Veritas.html
  3. Good point. I suppose it would increase the cost of the kit though and where should the manufacturer stop? Should they supply the paint as well for example or sandpaper?
  4. I'm given to understand that In years gone by the Bandsaw was regarded as the "king of saws" for the very reasons you've mentioned. I would have thought a modest bandsaw would be far more useful.
  5. I'd like one of these, a fully functional miniature Bridgeport!
  6. Agreed, scraping leaves an almost polished finish on many woods. The problem is most folks (me included!) don't know how to sharpen a scraper properly.
  7. Masonry nails are very hard steel. I once saw an article where a guy had made a complete set of miniature turning tools from them. If memory serves the nails were something over 1/8" diameter and 3 or 4 inches long.
  8. You beat me to it Brian, yes indeed the MF70 does go up to 20,000! Not sure what its lowest speed is though?
  9. I was using a 3/4" cutter in softwood on my mill at 2540, I doubt my smallest 1/16" bit would cut very well at that speed but I've not tried it.
  10. I've cut softwood on my mill at its top speed of 2540 and it's doable with a slow feed but not ideal. There's a nice little Sieg X1 mill and clones out there that run at a speed of 100-5000 rpm which may be a better bet for those intending to cut a wide range of different materials.
  11. I've got a 12" Bandsaw and ripped up some lime into nice 1.5 x 7mm strips the other day. Unlike a table saw bandsaws can cut both straight and curves. Full size drill presses often don't have a chuck that will take very small drill bits and don't run fast enough anyway. A 1" belt sander is great for small stuff and unlike a disc sander you can swap grits quickly.
  12. This is a stunning looking kit once complete. Looking forward to seeing your progress with it. What wood is this first layer of planking and what glue are you using?
  13. Although the most common size of bore is 1" which presumably would require an adaptor there are other sizes available which may fit directly.
  14. I also bought the three piece fly cutter set. Waste of money as I only ever use the largest one I've got! I couldn't afford a clamping set when I first got my mill which is just as well because I made/bought individual clamping elements as I needed them. It's worked out far cheaper. Safety specs - prescription ones are good if you need them. 1-2-3 blocks are very handy 11/2" square to get into tight spaces setting stuff up on the mill. 1" paint brush painted bright red so you don't loose it - great for cleaning chips off the mill vice/table. Make a stop for your milling
  15. Nice high top speed (5000 rpm) on this one. http://www.arceurotrade.co.uk/Catalogue/Machines-Accessories/Milling-Machines/SIEG-Super-X1LP-Mill/SIEG-Super-X1LP-Mill
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