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  1. When the saw came out of the box, did it come with a fence.....(The straight edge used as a guide for your respective timber)...If not I see this as your major problem. By pushing timber through a saw without a fence the material will want to take it's own course . With a fence or guide ,you are in control.All a guide is ( to make up one) is a length of hardwood 25mmx25mm or 1 "x1"cl;amp it both sides to your desired thickness of the finished cut and away you go .....NOTE always make sure the fence is parallell to the saw blade...hope this is of some help....Have a good day and stay COVID safe
  2. Hi my fellow model makers I'm writing in defence of putting sails on models. As we all have seen some models with and some without sails and I will say from the outset apart from furled sails ,a lot look unrealistic. However I have discovered a small clip on YOUTUBE It is a sales clip for Captain Cooks Endeavour and shows the ship with sails. The sails are nearly all in different stages of being dropped or unfurled and none look tight or false. The builder of the model displays a mastery of depicting a model with sails and I have used the clip a few times freezing it at different stages to g
  3. Hi guys, after persevering with threads that come with kits and getting frustrated . I have now discovered waxed thread ( the type used for leather work. ) It comes in all different thicknesses and colors. I find it very easy to work with E.G. threading through blocks etc as it maintains a straight line and sharp point. I do however always drill my blocks out prior to threading, it makes the process so much easier. The finished result ( to me at least ) is very acceptable.I always buy on lineusing EBAY and the thread comes from China at a very inexpensive cost and freight free The c
  4. I think a lot of builders are making it hard for yourself. I always stay well clear of oil and spirit based paints and never us finishing oils like Tung oil etc on my work............There are so many lovely acrylic paints on the market ( just remember it's a model and not a real ship) in saying that, you will obtain a more realistic finish with acrylics and they will be a lot more forgiving for you. To obtain a color as close to the real thing as possible, all I do is go to the local hardware or paint shop and look at the 1000's of color swatches they have. When I have selected the right swa
  5. Beautiful work Peter. The ship is amazing and I really like the old mechanism on the docks . It truly is a museum piece.
  6. Hi to you all on this incredible site. I've been modelling for most of my life, starting at around 7 with Airfix planes and graduating through the ranks to finally wooden boat building (which I think is the epitome of modelling) I'm 70 years of age and always wake with a project in mind. My wife and I have been happily married for 47 years ...no children by choice. She is an artist and I have spent most of my life in theatre designing ,building and painting sets. We live in a beautiful part of South Australia called The Fleurieu Peninsula. Our home is near the ocean and we have som
  7. What an incredible job. Well done . This could be enlarged for a roll in a movie ,the detail is first class. Exceptional work......Jim Cleland Aldinga Beach South Australia I love our hobby..................................
  8. Excellent work Jaager, thanks for your fast response, I'll try it out. Thanks once again
  9. Hi all model makers. I love our hobby ,the only thing that scares me when building is doing the name on the boat and scroll work if needed. I grew up with applying decals to all my plastic kits and that was easy. However , I'm just about nearing the end of the Bluenose by Model Shipways . The build has been a labour of love but always in the back of my mind was the dreaded lettering and scroll work , If you could offer some advice I would be most grateful. Thank you all and happy boat building....Jim
  10. Beautiful work Tim, you must be proud. What is your next kit? I have the Scottish Maid , Endeavour and Bluenose 11.... So far have half completed the Scottish Maid..... It's a great hobby . Been building models since I was a young boy. Now 70. It's the perfect retirement hobby (for me anyway). Once again congratulations on a museum quality build....Jim Cleland.... South Australia
  11. Building ships is not about speed but the journey. Everything is a special build in itself. What a great hobby we have.
  12. Beautiful work , by a master......well done. from Jim in Australia
  13. Thanks Chris ,sorry about the wrong name ....All the best....Jim
  14. Hi, just wondering,(and it may sound quite absurd as I know there are some master ship modelers amongst you ) are there places that sell scale Coming in sheets so a modeler can cut out to size and frame it. Thank you for not laughing as I was just wondering. I have made some over the years but to be able to buy direct and to scale would be amazing. Good health to you all......Jim Cleland.....Australia
  15. Beautiful work Gary. The Benjamin w. is a nice looking craft. I have it on the shelf here in the workshop. Currently building The Scottish Maid but very much looking forward to opening the Benjamin W. box. Retirement is a wonderful time ,I feel sorry for people who don't have hobbies,every dy I wake with new dreams to conquer. Well done once again.....Jim Cleland
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