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  1. Thank you Marcus, the Key is to take your time, I am sure it will turn out nice
  2. Thank You Nils, I was pleased with how She turned out
  3. This C&C 30 was built as a R/C Sailboat the Scale is 1/2" = 1' - 0" The boat was built using West System Epoxy, Plans for the boat were obtained thru C&C Yachts, the Sails are made of Mylar
  4. Thank you Marcus I greatly Appreciate it Best Regard, Pete
  5. Very Cool, I built the billings kit years ago, and Have scratch built the Etchells several times, I look forward to watching this build Best Regards, Pete
  6. Thank you Patrick, I appreciate youre kind words
  7. This was a commission build of the Farr Yacht Design Volvo Ocean 65 , with Team Alvimedica Graphics
  8. Incredible work Patrick , You sure have become a Mega Yacht Builder, Well done Best Regards, Pete
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