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  1. Thanks Kevin, actually I have send them an email recently. They are waiting for the printed deck layers to complete the kits, will place my order pretty soon.
  2. Congratulations to a beautiful build of a impressive and rare model. Before i was reading your buildlog I did not even know anything about Mountfleet models. When checking out their website I felt in love with their Model of the Boston Typhoon unfortunately currently unavailable, but i will keep an eye on it for sure.
  3. Seems to be an interesting kit, I even didn't know that the Vanguard was produced by Model shipways.
  4. The lower counter is now completely covered with boxwood planks and was once coated with Danish oil. I measured the sweep port openings and the positions of the planks for channel wales and top strake from the plan and marked them with the help of the templates on the hull. The next step will be the construction of the four wale planks.
  5. Hi Antony, an interesting ship type very nicely built!
  6. UdoK

    HMS Bounty by UdoK

    Thank you Antony, my intention is to have the updates coming more often again.
  7. UdoK

    HMS Bounty by UdoK

    Hi all, It's time to do something on the Bounty again. The lower transom is planked with the supplied pear wood planks. In order to obtain the lateral bending of the planks, I made a template with the required radius of the planks, soaked the planks in water and allowed them to dry in the template. Before the first belt of the wales had been cut and attached I made some plank clamps from a brass rod, threated rod M 3 and cherry wood.
  8. I' am probably a bit late to the Party, but here a Photo I took on the Batavia which shows the dimensions..
  9. Thank you Robin and Michael for the link, although I have collected a whole bunch of photos I didn't know this one, awesome Pictures!
  10. The positions of the gunports has been determined and the boxes have been glued in place. To add more strenght to the boxes and create a bigger lip for the surrounding planks some extra strips have been installed. In order to determine the run of the wales and position of the gunports all the bulkheads come with laser marks for each wale. Basically a good idea, but due to my decision to close the hull with plywood not many of the marks are still visible. So I had to take the dimensions off the drawings and transfer it to the hull. Before starting the installation of the wales I did plank the concave area above the transom with basswod strips 1x4 and sanded them to shape. After one coat of sanding sealer and intermediate sanding several coats of a acrylic paint (Ivory) were applied. Finally I have prepared the transom wales from a walnut strip 1,5 x 5 and glued them into position.
  11. Thank you for your Likes, construction continues! After planking the stern and closing the gun ports with walnut strips the last remaining bulkheads got filled with plywood and sanded to create the largest possible surface to fix the single planking. Unfortunately a few of the very fragile bulkhead stubs broke off during sanding the hull, but not major issue, will be a easy fix. The lasercut parts for the keel are cleaned up and glued together along with a basswood strip to form the false keel. As the hull below the waterline will be painted the keel is made from basswood, the upper stem and stern parts are walnut. While waiting on the glue to set I have constructed already the gunport boxes for the canon dummis from the lasercut parts.
  12. Hans, thank you for the pictures, I'am really looking forward to this kit.
  13. Thank you Piet and Robin. In the museum shop of the Batavia warf I had the opportunity to inspect the kit of the Duyfken, it is also a very interesting ship. I am already very excited about the Kolderstok kit of the Zeven Provincien which is supposed to be released at the end of the year. The pictures show the model of the Zeven provincien at a scale of 1/10 in the warf Workshop, it's huge!
  14. Thank you Scott, this glue is my favorite too. Before the construction goes on a short look inside the Kits box. The wood is of very good Quality troughout, the Accuracy of the Laser cut parts like Bulkheads, Keel, Stem and Stern parts is excellent. Walnut strips are included for the single Planking and Furniture. The figures and carvings are casted from resin and obviously also very well done. The Assembling guide consists of 6 sheets of Drawings plus a photo-illustrated booklet.

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