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  1. A little pit more progress today. I have used a 0.8mm drill on the 20 off swivel guns and clued the swivel gun handles into position. I will delay fixing these gun assemblies to the build until I'm ready to finalise the fitting of all the deck items. I have also fitted the belaying pin racks to the hull assembly. I did follow the advise the manual and used a pin to provide additional support. I'm planning to build and fit the channel assemblies next together with the gun tackle eyebolts and cleats.
  2. Hi David Great to hear from you again. I have been away from model boat building for a couple of years (or more). I was really excited by the Chris Watton design and as I was move my work area in to my conservatory (from the garage) I took the plunge. It is a great kit and I really happy to be back building. I look forward to watching you progress with Diana.
  3. I plan to fit all the swivel guns. I also read that they may not have all been fitted but I think it will look more impressive with all guns and cannons fitted. I also thinking about rigging all (or some of) the 4lb cannons. If I do so I will build a rigging jig to make the task easier.
  4. I have started the assembly of the 20 off swivel guns. I am just waiting for a delivery of a new set of micro drills (due later today) as I have snapped all my 0.8mm and 0.6mm drill bits before I can complete this task. In the first picture you can also see the steps painted side steps, in readiness for installation. In the second picture you see one completed swivel gun assembly, prior to snapping my final 0.8mm drill bit. I used some 2mm tape, marked with the position of the steps to help position the side steps. Finally I have also assembled the two ladders and test fitted them.
  5. I found Speedy copper plating quite relaxing. My HMS Victory build had approx 3000 copper plates to fit and that did become a tad tedious at times but the end result was worth it on both builds.
  6. Catheads and timber heads have now been fitted. I did pin the timber head (part 122) to provide additional support. I also used a 6mm dowel to ensure the is room for the bowsprit to be fitted between the timber heads.
  7. It is a great design which I'm sure you will enjoy building. I always think adding the deck fittings really starts brings the build to life.
  8. Thanks Derek. It has been a very productive day. I will start the mass production the swivel gun assemblies later this week. I have tended to paint the parts before removing from the sheets, and then touching up where necessary.
  9. I have fitted the bow main rails and the three bow vertical rails, some of the photos were take before the vertical rails and been attached to the main rails. I would say that this was the most difficult task to date with this build, it took a while to find the best methods for painting and then fixing parts to the hull. I ended up pinning the main bow rail to the hull, noting the pin will be hidden once the catheads have been installed. I have built and painted the catheads and they will be glued in place tomorrow. I have also assembled the majority of deck items and placed in position (not glued). The two deck pumps (shown on the photos) just need to be painted and fitted to 4mm x 40mm dowels. The 4lb cannons can be seen in the first photo, on the window ledge. -tab=comments#.url
  10. Here is an update of my progress. The first two pictures show the swivel gun bases (unpainted) fitted to the capping The next couple of pictures show the swivel gun bases painted black I initially painted the swivel gun post supports yellow, but as I had incorrectly positioned them I was not happy with the results as shown in the following picture I added some wood filler to the gaps and then painted the gun post supports black. It looks better. I have painted the stern area a mixture of yellow and black. I have filled in the hole on the bottom left of the picture I have added the 3 off stern board rails, the stern capping and the 2 stern crutch boom patterns. Finally I have checked the fitting of the 3 off bow frames. They all fitted OK. I have shown a picture with one bow frame in place during a test fit. The slots were tight and took some of the yellow paint of the bow strip. They will be repainted.
  11. I have now added the swivel post support timbers (painted yellow ochre) to the upper rail. Having read the manual for the next part of the build I have realised the swivel posts should sit flush with the top edge of the capping. I positioned mine to be level with lower edge of the capping. I probably could remove and reposition but I think I may leave them as fitted, in case I damage them. I have also drilled the 4 off haswe holes using a 2mm drill. Next up will be the fitting of the swivel gun bases to the capping. I have just noted, looking at the photo below, a couple of copper plates with some ca glue which will need removing.
  12. I was not totally happy with the natural wood finish of the hull above the copper plates so I applied an oak wood stain but was still not happy so I decided to paint the hull using my yellow ochre paint. I think it looks better now. I have also added the capping rail and upper support rails and the decoration looks really nice. I have already painted the fender patterns yellow ochre and I will fix them to the upper rail patterns in due course.

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