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  1. I have made a start to the deck planking, this is much more in my comfort zone and this is going to be a quick and easy task. I started with doing the outline and then I added the central line. I am now filling on the gaps using 100mm and 50mm length planks.
  2. I have continued to work on the stern section and things are progressing nicely. The main gun shown is only dry fitted as it will need the rails adding and the whole gun painting before it is fixed in place. I will start to add the deck planking next.
  3. Today I fitted the turntables and tracks to the stern section. It was a tricky task to straighten the copper wire provided for the tracks (it was supplied coiled). I painted the track and turntables metalwork black. I think it looks very nice. I will continue to add the remaining parts to the stern section before I start the deck planking. I thought this picture would show the actual size of the model.
  4. I have made more progress, the hull has been painted but I'm leaving the covers on hull for the time being while I add some deck detail. I have added all the parts to the bow section and I'm currently adding some parts to the stern section. Pictures of the bow section added.
  5. The three main guns require a handrail, but you need to drill a 0.5mm diameter hole approx. 0.5 mm deep to secure the handrail posts. I soon found out that I was unable to drill these holes in the die case metal case. I solved this by adding a 0.5mm thick wooden top. This will not be noticed once the gun as been primed and painted. I have now completed adding the features to the port side of the hull, namely the load lines, portholes, hanger cranes and exhaust pipes. I opted to use some Amati potholes for the open hatches. I also used 1mm plastic strip for the load lines.
  6. Today I worked on installing the hanger deck and associated supports. The task turned out to be much simpler than I was expecting. I printed out a picture of the hanger support arrangement and positioned it under the deck and used that as a guide to add the various hanger deck support pieces. The hanger deck will require some additional filler / glue as can be seen below. The hanger deck grills have been dry fitted at this stage as then need to be removed and painted Iron Grey before they are glued in place.
  7. Thanks Mike It is an interesting build, difficult at times due to the poor quality of the materials and or the build instructions.
  8. I have continued on with steady progress. I have assembled 12 small machine guns, which was quite time consuming given how small the parts were and that I also had to manufacture 24 gun barrels, each 5mm long. I also fitted the bow and stern photo etched plates. Following on from that I added the rolling chocks, propellers and rudders to the hull assembly. Again there was quoite a bit of work involved with these tasks.
  9. I have continued to work on the main superstructure assembly. It takes quite a bit of work due to the poor quality of some of the die cast parts, requires plenty of filing and putty to correct. I have added primer to some parts to help highlight some of the defects The main bridge and funnel assemblies have not been glued as yet, as there is still some more bits to add.
  10. I have spent quite a bit of time on sanding (and filling) the hull to get a nice smooth finish. It is still very much work in progress as I continue to apply more coats of primer and to then sand smooth. It is a task I prefer to do outdoors and the weather is not playing ball today (windy with a few drops of rain). To make the attached photo a bit more interesting I decided to add some of the superstructure parts, noting these have not been assembled or positioned correctly on the deck. They have just been added for a bit of fun, but I think they do add menace to the model. The two
  11. Hi, I have partial rigged Speedy. I have really enjoyed the build of a very well design product but I have no plans to carry on further as I have a commission build project to undertake for a close friend.
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