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  1. Worked has continued on my Scottish Maid build. I have now completed the 1st planking and got the finish nice and smooth with plenty of sanding. I have also planking the main deck and fitted the bulwarks and stern counter. I used 70mm long deck strips and also used a pencil to simulate the tar between the planks. I've just commenced the 2nd planking and will be using 100mm long planks, offset between each row.
  2. Welcome back Sid. Its a coincidence that after stopping a couple of years ago I have just restarted with a new build.
  3. With much filing and sanding the bulkheads have been successfully faired. I spent quite a bit of time on this task and I was constantly checking how the 1st planks would fit on the bulkheads. I have now started the 1st planking. Once again I have taken my time ensuring the planks are correctly bent. I fitted the top plank first, using a small jig to locate it 3mm below the deck level. I then fitted a second plank at a point along a line where it terminates nicely where the stern post fits. I also used three small plank offcuts to space the second plank at the mid point.
  4. The main deck and bow deck supports have now been glued to the keel assembly as I decided I would prefer to plank the main deck in situ. Based on my previous deck planking experiences I'm planning to use 80mm long deck planks, using either a 3 butt or a 4 butt shift pattern. I have also started work on building some of the deck fittings, and I have been adding little bits here and there to improve the general appearance of these items, noting these items are still work in progress. I have also opted to paint the eyebolts required for the deck hatching black, as can be seen. My next task will be fairing of the bulkheads in readiness for the start of the 1st hull planking.
  5. The first task was the dry fitting of the bulkheads, mask supports, and decks to the false keel. I was pleased that everything seemed to fit without any additional work. I then marked out the dead area at the stern end and proceeded to reduce the width down to 1mm at the edges to ensure when the planking is completed it will be the same width as the stern counter. I then glued the bulkheads, mast supports, bulkhead supports and lower decks to the false keel. Even though the two lower decks will not be visible once the main deck and deck fitting are installed I decided to go ahead and plank the two lower decks as I wanted to experiment with a couple of different planking methods.
  6. After a long break I have returned to the world of model ship building. I decided to start with a simple build so I purchased the Artesania Latina kit for the Scottish Maid, revisiting the first ship I (badly) a few years ago. I seem to recall the instructions were a bit vague and the translation to English leaves a lot to be desired in places. I noted the kit was missing the deck planking materials, which I had noted other builders had also commented on therefore I purchased some suitable deck planking material from CMB. I plan to enhance some aspects of the build.
  7. Hello David Now that I've retired I have plenty of time to work on my boat build projects
  8. Build Index Hyperlink The wales have now been fitted to the hull. I have also assembled 10 cannons and glued them to the main deck. I have also glued more of the deck fittings. I have now glued the rear upper deck in position which I can start to plank once the glue has dried.
  9. You have a nice looking build. I seem to recall the skid beam pillars being a right pain to install.
  10. I found some time to continue on with this project, which I'm dovetailing with my HMS Pegasus build. I'm currently waiting for delivery of subscription pack 2 before I can move on with the main HMS Victory build so today I worked on the launch. I started by giving the hull a good sanding and then applied a primer. I then fitted the wales and also applied a couple of coats of white paint. Once the paint had dried I then proceeded to remove the launch from the build jig and then sanded the excess jig wood so I'm now left with the basic launch which is now ready for me to add all the internal fittings.
  11. Build Index Hyperlink I removed the hull shaping studs and then completed the main deck planking. I'm just waiting for delivery (hopefully tomorrow) of the varnish I've ordered to protect the deck planking. I have also spend some more time sanding the hull. I just need to get some primer which I intend to apply to the hull to pinpoint any remaining defects which may need additional sanding (or filling). I'm also debating weather to jump ahead and fit the copper plates before I move on to installing the various deck fittings. I did decided to take a small excursion away from the instructions to enhance the build by installing some bulwarks around all the gun ports that are hidden by the upper decks. I have also painted the wooden frames red so everything will look better after the upper decks have been installed. In the attached pictures I have included some with the upper decks dry fitted.
  12. Build Index Hyperlink I have been able to spend some time on the boat build today and I've finally completed the second planking. I'm happy with the end result and the hull will not require too much sanding or filling. The next task is to build the cannon assemblies which need to be fitted before the two upper decks can be fitted. The bowsprit opening has been cleared I cleared the gun and oar port openings as I progressing with the planking The top of the stern counter planking has been correctly shaped in readiness for the fitting of the stern fascia, later on in the build.
  13. Build Index Hyperlink I have made really good progress over the last couple of days and have completed the second planking of the hull. This will now require a bit of sanding to get a fully smooth finish but overall it has not turned out too bad. I now have to continue with the second planking from the top of the wale line to the top of the gun port strip. I expect this will be time consuming work as I have to clear the gun ports and oar openings as I go along. I am now really looking forward to starting the next phase of the build in the next couple of weeks. A trick of the light makes the stern area looked bowed shape, but this is not the case
  14. Build Index Hyperlink Work is progressing slowly on the second planking and I would expect to complete this task sometime in the next week or two ás I am taking my time. View from the Stern View from the Bow Side on View

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