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  1. Thanks Bob, I took my time with the 1st planking and it really helped to get a great result. I did find it much better to fit the first 6 planks from bulwarks downward and then to work upward from the false keel with the remaining planks. But I'm sure you will find a method that works best for you.
  2. Stage: Hull Construction Build instructions: 74 Task: Fitting 1st Planking Sanding Parts: n/a Time Spent: 1 hour Status: In progress Build Notes: I have completed the trimming of the stern area. I used my craft knife and took my time to remove the excess material. I am pleased with how the stern area looked once this task was completed. I then started with the sanding of the 1st planking. This has gone very well and I now have a nice smooth looking hull. I used a mixture of different grits, starting with a 240 grit but using 60 to
  3. Stage: Hull Construction Build instructions: 71-73 Task: Fitting 1st Planking Parts: n/a Time Spent: 12 hours Status: Completed Build Notes: I have now completed the first planking stage and I have four full lengths of the planking material left over. I am happy with the result; it is certainly my best effort at 1st planking. The stern area now needs to be trimmed and tidied up before the hull undergoes a good sanding and filling, where necessary. I will certainly take my time with the sanding and filling to ensure I h
  4. Thanks Dave. I did taper my early planks also. I just thought it would make a slightly neater job of the unseen first planking. I have completed the starboard side and I'm about 50% complete on the port side. I did find some of the cross beams had a habit of becoming dislodged also. You have a nice looking model.
  5. I'm making slow but steady progress with my first planking. I ended up fitting a short steeler plank around the bow area as I was fitting planks 7 and 8. In reality this was not strictly necessary but it I think it helped. After fitting the 8th plank I found it necessary to adjust the position of the 9th planking order for it to run along its natural path, as can be seen in the photo below. I tried to leave a gap, at the widest point equal to either 3 or 4 plank widths for the infill. I ended up with a gap of approx. 3.5 plank widths. Fortunately this was no
  6. I have continued on with the 1st planking today and I now have fitted 6 planks to each side. I did a time and motion study on fitting the planks, and concluded it takes around 20 to 30 mins per plank to fit. It did start out at around 30 mins but I have been able to streamline the process to around 20 mins per plank now I'm confident with my methodology. I would expect this task will take between 12 to 16 man hours to complete. I am brushing in a diluted wood glue along the joint line after each plank is fitted, and I have noted a couple of planks are sitting a bit proud of the b
  7. Darrel. I hope you will enjoy the build as much as I am. I'm no expert but I do enjoy posting regular updates detailing my experiences.
  8. Stage: Hull Construction Build instructions: 70-74 Task: Fitting 1st Planking Parts: n/a Time Spent: 30 mins Status: In progress Build Notes: Looking at the build manual photo’s I have counted 17 planks per side, therefore 34 planks required in total. The kit is supplied with 34 off lime planks. Hopefully, I will not make any mistakes with the planking. I am not rushing this task so I think it will take a few days to complete. I did not apply any plank bending when I fitted the first plank as it bent quite easily. In retrospect I think this was a mist
  9. Stage: Hull Construction Build instructions: 70-74 Task: Fitting 1st Planking Parts: n/a Time Spent: 30 mins Status: In progress Build Notes: I have now made a start on the 1st planking. As advised in the build instructions it is necessary to add a taper to the 1st plank. I found the taper needed to start at bulkhead 2 and I tapered from 4mm to a width of 2mm at the bow pattern. With the plank held in position I was able to mark the position of all the bulkheads and then pre-drilled the plank using a 0.4mm drill in readiness for adding the planking pi
  10. Stage: Hull Construction Build instructions: 70 Task: Fitting Bulwark Patterns Parts: 45 (x2) Time Spent: 120 mins Status: Complete Build Notes: After soaking the two strips in hot water for 30 mins and clamping the bow ends around a circular container for 22 hours and then being very happy with the dry fit I thought the actual fitting of the bulwark patterns was going to be pretty straightforward. As mention in my previous post I had to remove the starboard strip and start again as I was not happy with how it was looking. 2nd time around by fitting t
  11. The starboard side is now installed and looks good. I jumped ahead of my plan and started with the port side which is going on much easier. I have fitted it from bow to bulkhead 8 without any problems.
  12. Today's plan was to fit both outer bulwark and to then start the 1st hull planking. Gluing the outer bulwark, however, has proven to be a bit more of a challenge than I expected. I pre drilled the bulwark with 0.5mm holes (as per the instructions) at the joint areas with the bulkheads. I then applied a liberal coating of wood glue to the bulwarks and to the edge of the deck. After I had pinned the first bulwark in place I noted that in a few areas it was not making contact with the bulkheads. I added some elastic bands to assist which did help in some places. As I was not very hap
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