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  1. One amazing build and one your should be very proud of. Your build log has really helped me improve my modelling skills, especially with some of the rigging aspects. Yesterday I bought a DSLR camera (an entry level Canon 4000 complete with a 18-55mm lens f/4 - 5.6) which I hope will enable to take some better photos for my next build. For the closer details I suspect I might need to invest in an macro lens (35mm or 100mm f/2.8 Macro). I would be interest to know what lens(s) you use for taking your photos. I will probably invest in some LED Lights for as well, something like these LED lights. Thanks The UK Glenn
  2. I have plenty of free time while I wait for James to complete the HMS Sphinx prototype build and for Chris to release the kit for pre order. Yesterday I bought an entry level DSLR camera (Canon EOS 4000 with a 18-55mm f/3.505.6 III Lens) so hopefully I will be able take some better pictures for the HMS Sphinx build log. I have had a quick play with the camera and taken some pictures which I thought were worth sharing. This is a picture of the empty shipyard with a tidy desk. I have ordered a new desk with plenty of some storage facilities which will come in the next few days. Hopefully this help me keep the shipyard cleaner and tidier during the build process. I also have new cutting mat ready to use. The next few pictures show the Cutter Alert in her new location. I managed to break some of the kit stand but thankfully one of the older wooded stands was an ideal fit. I have the IJN Yamato to keep the Cutter Alert company. I am still looking at the improving the exposure when taking pictures with the new camera. In this picture I managed to get the exposure better for the outside. The Duchess takes pride of place in the dining room. I did order and receive a very nice glass display case. However the display case did not look right so it is now collecting dust in my garage. I ended up using the Speedy kit to help improve my modelling skills, as I made quick a few mistakes during the build and initial rigging process. I have kept the model in its unfinished state.
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