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  1. I think you got it. Also, many times, blocks get installed on the yards, etc. without being rigged (for example, not adding sails to the model) and thus, the blocks look more realistic with the two holes.
  2. Kev, are pre-bending/twisting the wood? Most of us use heat (I use a curling iron for example but there are other methods) to bend/twist wood.
  3. Welcome to MSW, ECK. Instead of the HEIC format you used, convert to jpg. HEIC seems to be little used outside of Windows 10.
  4. Curiosity not only kills cats but also causes us to pound our heads on our work areas.
  5. Looks good. Hang onto the jig just in case you find a need for it later. I've learned not toss any jigs until the project is done or beyond the point where they would be useful.
  6. Allan, You might check with Siggi on his log. He's prepping for friezes.
  7. Drew, If you haven't done so, do a search and you'll find all the builds for this. If you'll go here: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/17023-quick-find-indexes-to-build-logs-for-kits/ and click on the link for the 1751 to 1800 kit logs, you get a list of all the logs of that time period. Scroll down to Bounty. That list hasn't been updated for quite awhile so you can also go here: https://modelshipworld.com/forum/135-kit-build-logs-for-subjects-built-from-1751-1800/ and search for Bounty and either Artesania Latina or AL. You might have to do it both ways.
  8. As a former tech writer, I can attest to this 100%. Some times, the builders ignore the blueprints also because "they know better".
  9. I think most admirals would kill for one. On the other hand, I'd be worried about standing on it as it would be somewhat unstable which be sure to bring out the wrath.
  10. Well, if they can make it out scrap or sawdust, than it's actually a renewable resource. The question I have is what's created and needs disposal when they make these panels.
  11. I'm now thinking something to ford a stream or a moat. I don't think would have been effective being used as shields against firearms which was tried around that same time. I'll have to find the link.....
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