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  1. Andreas The rip fence which comes on the saw is 1/8 high or 3.175mm high and is used to rip planks. There is a removable rip fence extension that raises the height to 3/4 or 19.05mm for cutting thick stock. Since you are in Germany you should definitely get that option with the saw because if you order it later it's going to cost you 3 or 4 times the price of the extension just to have it shipped over there. The taper gauge is used to rip tapers against the rip fence, it goes from 0-30 degrees. The miter bar is the same size as the miter slide that comes on the saw and is used
  2. Jim,


    I placed this order a week or so ago but have not heard about the postage yet


    Thanks for your on-line order #200817MM14633700 at ByrnesModelMachines.com!


    I am only concerned because orders from the US can take a couple of months to get to Australia and I don't want to be caught in the Christmas rush.



  3. Hans She also sent it yesterday at noon. Do you have another email address we can try jim
  4. Hans Donna sent it again this morning to h.oosterwaal@mcsi-holding.nl let me know if you got it jim
  5. Hans, Donna just did a search and found where she issued a quote for the sliding table on 7 August w/options to pay. She will forward this e-mail.
  6. Check Sherline, they have a 4 jaw self centering with that thread $162.00
  7. Since we opened up the website for 120V machines we have been swamped with orders. Today I put together 24 saws and that's not all we are shipping this coming week. So...please be patient. We'll get them out as soon as possible thanks Jim
  8. Dave If you're buying sheet stock anywhere from 1/32 to 3/8" the 3" .03 kerf slitting blade is the one you'll use most. regards Jim
  9. Finally motors are in. The website should be open tonight for orders. We will get the machines out as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. go easy on us regards Jim
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