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  1. Check Sherline, they have a 4 jaw self centering with that thread $162.00
  2. Since we opened up the website for 120V machines we have been swamped with orders. Today I put together 24 saws and that's not all we are shipping this coming week. So...please be patient. We'll get them out as soon as possible thanks Jim
  3. Dave If you're buying sheet stock anywhere from 1/32 to 3/8" the 3" .03 kerf slitting blade is the one you'll use most. regards Jim
  4. Finally motors are in. The website should be open tonight for orders. We will get the machines out as quickly as possible. We appreciate your patience. go easy on us regards Jim
  5. Richard Here's the new one https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_States–Mexico–Canada_Agreement
  6. Richard NAFTA expires in a few days. They have a new system replacing it. I have no clue as to what it will be like or the cost on your end. But, if you want to send the whole saw back I'll update it Jim
  7. We are now out of the 18" tables for now Jim
  8. Richard 2 days and it's back on it's way to you. Are you sending the whole saw or just the table assembly Jim
  9. Joe Everything that fits on the standard table will fit on the 18" table. Only difference is you don't have to remove the fence to use the sliding table and the xtra 3" on either side of course. I have 3 of them left until I run tables again. Probably 6-8 months Jim
  10. Jorge Check back on the previous page, the info is there Jim
  11. Gene Ok, so if you're ripping planks 1/8 x say 1/16 first surface your stock on a thickness sander or buy sheets that are 1/8. With our thickness sander you can easily surface your stock to 1/8 or .125 + or - .001 which should be close enough. Don't surface your stock to 1/16 and rip the planks on the edge. Your going to sand the hull when you're done so always do it this way. Look down the side of the stock and start on the side that is the straightest. If both sides are bowed take a small plane and square up one side the best you can. Now set up the saw with a 3" .03 kerf slitting blade and the mic stop if you have one. Move the fence so it's 1/16 from the blade, eyeball it or use a scale and then set the mic stop to 0 and move it to the fence. Take your stock on the straight side, lay it up against the fence(fence extension removed) and run it through the saw. Measure it with a caliper and adjust the fence with the mic stop. Now start cutting your planks. Keep light pressure on the stock toward the fence with your left hand just south of the blade and push it through with the right. When your stock gets close to the blade use a push stick. I use a piece of scrap stock and push it all the way through till it falls off the back of the saw. You should be able to rip your planks + or - .001 this way Jim

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