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  1. John Don't know what everyone else does but this is what I do. If you're cutting planks say 3/16" wide x 1/16 thick what I do first is cut my stock from a billet on the band saw about 7/32 wide x 2" . Then I run them through the thickness sander down to 3/16" so now I have a piece of stock 3/16 x 2" + or -.001 on the 3/16 thickness. Then to the saw with a 3" .03 slitting blade and cut the planks 1/16 thick. After you glue the planks on you're going to sand them so the 1/6 thickness really doesn't matter much regards Jim
  2. Actually I wouldn't approve using the saw as a flat plate. You can get a granite surface plate in many sizes which are flat within .0003. I have an 18 x 24 plate I got at an auction for 25 bucks, flat as a pancake. You can glue on it and make a mess and clean it off with a scraper and lacquer thinner. Won't harm the plate at all. If you shop around you can get a new one 12 x 9 for about 30 bucks. Here's a 12 x 18 on Amazon for 100 bucks and free shipping. weighs 90 lbs. https://www.amazon.com/TTC-Black-Granite-Surface-Plates/dp/B0058JW9PW/ref=sr_1_17?dchild=1&keywords=
  3. Which blade are you using, what wood are you cutting, is the fence square, is the blade sharp, does it have resin on it, are you cutting the planks on the width side or thickness side? Jim
  4. Don The holes range from .016 - .059. They are drill sizes 53 - 78 Jim
  5. So, what sizes would you like the holes to be if I made a new one Jim
  6. Scrubby The best way to square the fence is with a dial indicator if you have one or have access to one. The first set of instructions is for an indicator. The second set is for the machinist square. Dial Indicator 1. Remove the fence extension, four 4-40 cap screws located at the corners, use a 3/32 hex wrench. 2. Clamp indicator to miter or cut a piece of hard wood 1/2 by 6" so it fits in the miter slot nicely and fasten the indicator to the wood. 3. Loosen the front four, 4-40 cap screws on the front of the fence bar with a 3/
  7. As far as pin vises go.....Starrett. Not cheap but they'll last a lifetime and the drills won't fall out. Moody also used to make a good set if they're still around. Jim
  8. Anthony Good chisels are expensive. I have a full set of Pfeil intermediate chisels, expensive but I don't think there are any better than that. Have had them for 25 years and still as sharp as new. I also have a miniature set from the Russian fellow that sells them on this forum somewhere, they are also excellent. My 3rd set is from Lee Valley in Canada, Hirsch micro carving chisels. They are also excellent and I use them the most for all the tiny stuff. In my opinion, stay away from the cheap budget tools. regards Jim
  9. Jt If you're building her as launched "Uss Constitution Super Frigate of many Faces" by William Bass........Hard to find "A most Fortunate ship" by Ty Martin "The 44 Gun Frigate Uss Constitution" by Karl Heinz Marquardt Jim
  10. I use only Cleveland and Guhring Parabolic drills in the shop Jim
  11. This is a set of machinist angles on ebay. You can set any angle with these up to 45 degrees, most sets usually have a 1/2 degree angle also. They are 34 bucks regards Jim https://www.ebay.com/itm/10-PC-CBL0306-Machinist-Angle-Gage-Block-Set-in-Box-Made-in-China/233797935287?hash=item366f7160b7:g:XxYAAOSwrEJfv86M
  12. Auxiliary Tilting Table To mount the tilt table on your saw you must first remove the fence extension if you have one. The tilt table utilizes the same mounting and alignment holes. Position the tilt table on the fence so the dowel pins are aligned with the corresponding holes on the fence. Once you have it in place, insert the four 4/40 cap screws to secure the tilt table. The fence should now move freely from 0 to 45 degrees. To lock the tilt table at any angle, lock the two 8/32 cap screws at the pivot points front and back. Two hex wrenches, 3/32 and 9/64, are suppli
  13. Andreas The rip fence which comes on the saw is 1/8 high or 3.175mm high and is used to rip planks. There is a removable rip fence extension that raises the height to 3/4 or 19.05mm for cutting thick stock. Since you are in Germany you should definitely get that option with the saw because if you order it later it's going to cost you 3 or 4 times the price of the extension just to have it shipped over there. The taper gauge is used to rip tapers against the rip fence, it goes from 0-30 degrees. The miter bar is the same size as the miter slide that comes on the saw and is used
  14. Jim,


    I placed this order a week or so ago but have not heard about the postage yet


    Thanks for your on-line order #200817MM14633700 at ByrnesModelMachines.com!


    I am only concerned because orders from the US can take a couple of months to get to Australia and I don't want to be caught in the Christmas rush.



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