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  1. Looking very good, Bill. Enamel for airbrushing should be the thickness of milk. I start with 1:2 thinner:paint and then thin more if necessary. Nic
  2. Looks good to me. I'll be following this. When you're done, you will get a 10% discount on the next kit you get from us. Nic
  3. The problem is that the other end of the line is glued to a belaying pin and rope coil. So I had to find an inconspicuous spot to splice the new line to the remains of the old.
  4. DISASTER! While using a battery Dremel to clear a hole, it accidentally caught one of the brace lines, ripping it asunder And here's the broken line and block that was ripped off
  5. Looking good! For white paint touch-up you can just spray a little white onto a piece of wax paper and then paint with it. The gloss paint is for the bare wood, like the tiller, mahogany and stand. Nic
  6. I decided I'm tired of weaving through the rigging, so I diverted to the Jib staysail halyards and downhauls, which are out in the open. Call it a mental break....
  7. OK, staysail rigging done, back to braces. At this point, all that's left are the top 3 pairs on the mizzen.
  8. "it would not keep anyone from going over the side it would just ensure that they went over head first." HA HA HA I can picture that
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