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  1. BlueJacket has the lobsters. They are Britannia castings, 1/2" scale. i painted them in Army Helo Drab, then dry-brushed flat red. Followed by gloss clear.
  2. Very credible job, Nathan. A little putty and you'll have a fine hull. I can recommend these fillers: Auto glazing putty Bondo Wall spackle plaster if Paris I would stay away from carpenter's fillers, they dry too hard to sane evenly with the softer basswood. Nic PS - nice to see you last week.
  3. Actually, there is a 4th option - re-cut the handles. But being so delicate, I didn't want to risk it. So my option #3 is to put the end of the oars somewhere where it is not easy to see that the handles are missing, like under a thwart.
  4. Did I say they are delicate? While sanding them, two handles broke off. This leads me to several choices: 1- get more lasered oars (advantage of working here) 2- only show 2 oars on the boat 3-get creative and find a way to hide the error I'm deciding on #3. I think it will work.
  5. Next comes the oars. They are lasered in 1/16" basswood, and are very delicate. Raw piece and sanded piece.
  6. Now for the thole pins. I'm making them from .020 brass rod. First, I cut them long and install them through the caprail. Next step is to trim them to length. I'm using a 1/16" x 1/8" scrap of wood as the guide. And here's the trimmed thole pins.
  7. A little sanding to bevel the stem, transom, and bottom so the sides can lay on a flat surface. Trim the first side, and add the other side, remove from building jig and sand to final shape.
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