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  1. Next is working on the harpoon crotch. I didn't like my attempt at cutting it from a sheet of basswood, so I used a 1/16 dowel and some scrap reed from the thwart knees.
  2. Well done! There's a note in your customer file that you will get 10% off the next kit you buy from us! Nic
  3. My guess is flying so they can billow out a bit. Of course they would have been attached to the stay with rings.
  4. To raise the anchor from the top of the water to the cathead, they probably used a fish tackle attached to the fore top. look at my post on Dec 17th here: https://modelshipworld.com/topic/19500-red-jacket-by-mrbluejacket-bluejacket-shipcrafters-scale-18-1-196/page/8/
  5. o the next step is to drill a hole for the pin for mounting. Very difficult to hold the oarlock and drill at the same time. Looks like another jig to hold the oarlock. Although this worked OK, it would have been better to drill the hole first, then bend the oarlock. Hindsight is such a bummer sometimes.....
  6. Next I tackled tha making of the oarlocks. The instructions say to twist and bend some wire to make them, but I thought I could do a more realistic job. I made a jig from a small piece of dowel and two wire pins, spaced correctly. Then I used thin strips of Britannia metal to form the oarlocks. In about a half hour, I had all ten that I needed. All I have left to do is drill the bottom and insert a pin to mount them. I'm kinda proud of that! One or two might need a tweak.
  7. And 8 days later, after moving my daughter from one apartment to another (I can't believe she had that much stuff) I got to do a little more work. Hinged mast step is done, as are the thwart knees. They are made from reed, which I sanded down in half (think "D" cross section), then painted black, and cut into 1" lengths. Soaked in water, they bent up nicely, and I could clip the excess just below the caprail.
  8. Always secure knots with a drop of either diluted Elmer's, or Titebond, or fabric cement. Stay away from using CA for knots. It works, but over time, where the stiff CA ends and the soft rigging starts, it will eventually fracture. Think bending a paper clip as an analogy.
  9. Had some time to add the thwarts and do more painting. Using a brush means I'll have to go back and do touch-ups here and there.
  10. Hello Nick,

    I added the Yankee Hero to the Gallery. Very thankful for your constant support.


    All the best to family and staff,

    Bill T.

    PS: I think I am hooked. BTW I will do the Revenue Cutter with Copper Plates. I will place my order Monday for plates, I hope I am not going into the abyss beyond my skill level. However I am a little competitive (LOL)...

    1. MrBlueJacket


      Look up the Revenue Cutter by Sjanicki, he coppered his, too.



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