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  1. Hi Richard, looks like you are coming along nicely, I think the Lobster Boat kit was a good choice for your first kit, I was toying with buying this one just a few weeks ago, great looking little boats. I live in Missouri as well, I am in a tiny town close to the southern border in about the middle of the state east to west. good luck with your build, I will be following along. you will find plenty of help here on the forum should you get stuck.
  2. Patrick, your idea to use metal tape on the boiler looks perfect, and I like the glue dots for rivet heads, how did you get them so uniform? my Chaperon is still on backorder but I expect I will be starting mine in a month to six weeks.
  3. Hi Chris, just found your build log today, don't know how I have missed it, I love this era and you are doing a beautiful job, As for your strange modelers affliction I have that exact same problem! If you find a cure for it let me know, I am afraid to count how many unfinished models I have on my shelf.
  4. I have always loved Calypso as well, a few years ago I bought a set of plans thinking one day I would scratch build one. a quick look on e-bay just now I found a set of plans available for $29 they might be of help in your build, which I am excited to follow and wish you the best of luck with it. here is the link: https://www.ebay.com/itm/CALYPSO-SHIP-PLANS/193473045731?hash=item2d0be464e3:g:p4wAAOSwFMZWtT3S
  5. you've done beautiful work hyw! I have been thinking of getting the Ancre book for Gemma for quite a while, so I am really glad to see your build log of her, will be closely following your progress. best of luck on your build!
  6. This is one that I thought looked interesting. https://www.japan-wooden-model-kits-zootoyz.shop/contents/en-us/d2045761169_Wooden-Museum-Model-Kits-by-Woody-JOE.html
  7. Hi Alfonso, Welcome to MSW you asked: "I am wondering if it's feasible in a any shape or form to do this?" I would say yes, it definitely is, you already have the most important thing to do a successful build, your extreme interest. Now we just have to find the best kit for you to start with. Be sure to start a build log, there is a lot of help available to you here on MSW!
  8. Hi Nika, I just found your build log and am really excited to follow your build, this is fascinating stuff!
  9. I'll be looking forward to following your progress, this kit has always fascinated me.
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