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  1. I placed a few more frames. In this type of carpentry to be able to set up a frame it takes a lot of time! To give the structure more solidity, I thought of using some steel nails placed transversely at the base of the frames:
  2. While waiting for inspiration, the two mascon decorations remained pending; I decided that it was time to complete them and to make the figurehead as well.
  3. I started square frames. These constructions take a long time, each one is different from the other, each component has a different thickness, in short, a real challenge!
  4. I have finished the installation of the cant frames. I hope I have interpreted well the shape of the rising wood !
  5. Thank you, Allan and Glenn, and for all your likes! The work seems to be going well, even for all the measurements that I look at at least three times before operating .... I have finished the arrangement of the fore cant frames. The arrangement of the fore cant frame n. 11 is very particular because it has a cast timber:
  6. I am undecided whether to continue in this way, as David also suggests in his book, or open the gunboats after fixing all the frames. I wanted to try with the ventilation door .....
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