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  1. I am not in a hurry, I have no problems waiting because I know it is worth it: I just wanted to know if at least the order had been received ..... Thanks for your answers!
  2. Can anyone give me news of the SeaWatchbooks site also advertised on the home page? On December 18th, after having laboriously put aside the necessary money like the ants, I placed an order for the 4 volumes of the Swan Class that I had long wanted to have. Unfortunately I have not had any feedback to date; I tried to send some emails to the address indicated, but nobody answered me. Do you know if there are any problems? I hope I haven't thrown away my savings .....
  3. it's not just lead. is an alloy of lead and antimony. Structurally it is much harder than lead. It comes from some typefaces that were used in old printers that a dear friend gave me
  4. I started building artillery on this frigate. The first idea was to make a silicone rubber mold and pour a two-component resin into it, but it takes too long for each gun. So I decided to make them in lead alloy which has a very low melting temperature. I made the two masters in brass: In the meantime, I started building the carts for the 18-pound guns:
  5. those mini-chisels are handcrafted. I got them, through a dear friend, from an acquaintance of his. I only know that they come from Russia, that they are expensive, I paid for them in advance and they arrived after about six months. But they are excellent !!!
  6. Wonderful model! I really like the choice of colors of the various types of wood!
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