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  1. She is getting very close to the end. I did mess up in this final stage in some places though... now water needs to dry and I can seal the thing 😊
  2. I will have a close look with kit contents list to make sure I’m good to go and order what’s missing/wrong etc. Thank you both for heads up gents, appreciate it.
  3. Thank you very much for input mate. I was just looking at your logs and saw upgrades. They deffo be very helpful during my build.
  4. She’s finally arrived yesterday. I am over the moon with kit contents, but dislike plastic deadeyes so much... same with metal lifeboats. Looks like adding details could be much easier had they included wooden elements. If anyone could point me in direction of wooden counterparts, I’d be grateful. While I’m waiting for my glue to arrive, I’ll have a look once again through other build logs, I’m sure there was more elements to replace/upgrade. Regards Tom
  5. Hello all. I’ve been looking at kits again after completing my little Hannah (well,nearly, I’m still waiting for resin to finish water and need to clean the bottle). I really like old ships, with sails and rigging etc. Since I’ve only built Hannah (and it took me nearly 5 years) it’s fair to say I’m very new to the hobby. I do have some experience with other models - wooden aircraft and plastic minis - so I thought I might as well jump into deeper waters when it comes to my first proper build. I have been reading various build logs here for last few days and couldn’t make my
  6. Thank you for your input mate. It certainly makes the choice easier. I looked through various kits and couldn’t make my mind up. Now I just need to make shopping list and order the kit. Your log will be of great help I’m sure. Looking at your starting and the final photos, it was worth the effort as she looks amazing. /offropic: I never played Warhammer - I had one demo game in store, but didn’t really get to it. I still like painting though, last year I put my minis into GW painting competitions and even won first stage of Everchosen 😊.
  7. Thank you. It was very stressful indeed. One of masts bent so much I thought it will break. I also got hull fogged up from CA glue, which annoyed me more than anything. I will be adding some epoxy glue to imitate water and to try and cover it. Other than that she is done. I also nicked some wooden box from my mrs to make stand for it. I’m hoping I’ll be able to post her last photo later on today.
  8. I would be thrilled if it was my model mate. Well done, amazing work. What would your overall rating of this kit be? I am about to get my own. Regards Tom
  9. Just having some more time with little Hannah. I finished all the lines and managed to make few mistakes on the way. I figured out it will work ok if I glue some threads to metal pieces to keep the sails positioned nicely. It was a shame that I couldn’t fold her afterwards so had to redo few bits. Also I broke the piece on the bow again and had to solder it back into its place. I hope it will hold. Now the most stressful step - attaching her to the stand in bottle. I just hope I won’t get a call to work 😂 Regards Tom
  10. Good evening all. It has been a while since I last posted here. Only few days ago I dug our my old project with intentions to finish it - it was exactly as I left it in its plastic box. Of course it couldn’t be easy - I’ve lost instructions. I did look on the net, I wrote post here and messaged few members I suspected might be able to help me. And help they did, I had fantastic response. Thank you all gents, especially you @Gaffrig As it stands, I need to tie few more knots and ship will be ready to go into bottle. I forgot how tiny she was, must admit this evening was qui
  11. Nice one mate. Would you be able to take photographs of instructions for Hannah and send them to me? I want to finish mine, but lost instructions. cheers.
  12. Sorry for late reply gents. Igor for now I can say it is not going at all ... I didn't touch the box from last update, planned to get it done this weekend, but time with family and trip to seaside just consumed me. As to the sails, am not sure yet. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd like my ship to look real, with scale details etc, but must admit - I kinda like sails from the kit . Not that it really matters that much with my first build, but if I won't source another material and make them look better, will use what's provided. Hyposphagma thank you for very informative post. Great idea with
  13. Hold on mate, we have something wrong here. As long as it was fun build/you've learnt something new/enjoyed it - don't be (almost) embarrassed! I have seen quite a few logs that were unfinished, modellers complained that kit is impossible to build thanks to brass parts, too big guns and few other bits. You've done it, that's all that matters. If you don't like this one, you just might be too hard on yourself. I know that well - I always complain that I could have done something much better, but we always learn . Your input to my log was very valuable and helped a lot too! I will have to cat
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